Comments for Disney Sued By Mother of Autistic Boy Over Face Mask Policy


  1. Richard Scott

    While my heart goes out to the child and family I do hope the suit gets thrown out. In today’s environment the family should have had the foresight to check before showing up. If the child in unable to fully comprehend why they weren’t being allowed in the store than reason would say they likewise would be less apt to follow other guidance in relation to the pandemic and therefore are more likely to be a carrier. I feel terrible for the child but the rules are in place for everyone’s safety, including his, and the world is already way too litigious.

    1. Peter

      Well said!

      1. Greg

        I agree

        1. Jorge

          Your “rights” end where mine begin. Simple as that. I say that as a person with disabilities. I have nieces and nephews in the spectrum and their parents haven’t had a problem with masks yet, but they believe in discipline and make the wearing of masks a game with them.

          1. Kim

            No. Nobody has the “right” to force another person to wear anything they do not want to in public period. Yes Disney does have the right to refuse service as they see fit but your rights do not take precedent over anyone else’s rights to wear or not wear anything. This is not the Middle East hun. You can’t force another to give you safety.

          2. sean

            I am going to disagree forcing someone to wear a mask especially with disabilities is cruel and makes ADA a joke. I honestly hope Disney pays millions. I have a disability and shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask and suffer. I think the government has overstepped the boundaries and once reelection is over the things will change. This is a political game if you think a piece of fabric is going to save you wear it yourself and leave me the hell alone its awful being disabled.

          3. Matt


            Are you CRAZY??? THERE ARE TONS OF LAWS REQUIRING PEOPLE TO WEAR CLOTHES… ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN!!!!! You can’t walk down the street with your Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dumbs out! And like every store and restaurant has a sign that says they can refuse the right of service to people for not wearing appropriate clothing!!!!

            Have you ever been outside your house before?

          4. Paul

            The mask you wear is not primarily to protect you from other people, it is meant to protect other people from you.
            Since you can 100% be a carrier and not know it, by not wearing your mask you are putting other people at risk due to selfishness.
            Wearing a mask is not political. It is medical.
            The virus couldn’t care less what political party you are.
            Masks are uncomfortable for everyone, but it’s well past time that people stop focusing on what they want to the detriment of everyone else and start helping to look out for your neighbor.

          5. Luciferett3

            Try telling my 21-yr-old non-verbal severely autistic daughter that! It’s not always about discipline! Sorry, but that was an ignorant comment.

      2. Lindsay Breakey

        You people are so ignorant! All lives matter, even those with disabilities…what planet are you from?!

    2. Jaime

      Then u don’t know an autistic kid if your saying that because then you would know that it a sensory thing is why some autistic kids can’t wear masks.

      1. Tad

        No one has claimed that some autistic children have sensory issue which prevent them from wearing masks. Disney, a privartely owned company, has clearly stated their “rules” regarding masks. From the ADA website “The ADA does not have any rules that address the required use of face masks by state and local governments or private business owners.” Look it up if you don’t believe me. If you know your child has sensory issues you need to familiarize yourself with the “rules” surrounding the places you plan to visit. This lawsuit will go nowhere, their money hungry attorney knows that and is hoping for a settlement so he/she can collect their 30% fee.

      2. James

        The sons “fun day” does not outweigh the health and safety of others. If someone knows their child can not tolerate the mask and there is a policy in place, it’s simple, you do not go there with your child. This falls on the parents not Disney. This is a frivolous lawsuit and a waste of time. Even the Americans with Disabilities Act is not on their side.

        1. Jill Pandra

          Health and safety of others? The chance of survival of COVID is 99.9% and actually much higher. Give it a break – the virus is here – give up trying to fight it, and move on with life.

      3. Angela

        I am autistic. Our sensory issues do not give us the right to put other people at risk.

        1. Dana Tobin

          thank you! while not ASD, i have a similar learning disability and i feel the same way!

        2. Susan

          Then you are a fool. You need to stand by everyone else. I have a personal as to why I cannot wear a mask and I say shame on Disney. Boycott Disney.

          1. Betty

            Unfortunately people with special needs have had a raw deal from the time of their birth. Education for us “regular” people has helped.
            But that does not mean and never did mean that rules like wearing a face mask does not apply to them!

        3. Connie

          Here, here people with autism shouldn’t be exempt from wearing face masks simply cause they’re autistic. People with compromised immune systems (like myself) are more vulnerable to deadly viruses. If she’s suing Disney for not allowing her autistic kid into the store without a mask then I have the right to sue her for putting my life in mortal danger as for all I know that child might have covid-19 and she might not even know it!

          1. Liz

            Agreed. Im in a similar spot and although can’t go to Disney right now, I know my limitations and deal with them. Not wearing a mask in public is super not ok. If people can’t deal with these weird and temporary rules, they should stay home. We are all in this together and need to stop the spread.

        4. Edmund

          If a person doesn’t like rules that can save lives and they are a privately owned business then maybe the people that have an issue with this should not attend these places.especially if they cannot comply.

      4. Bite Me

        Ooh im autistic everyone cater to me. No. Follow rules or get bent.

        1. sean

          masks are dumb and stupid this is America not a third world country this should never been allowed look at sweden they didn’t force anything screw America screw disney

      5. frostysnowman

        So then they should stay at home – better safe than sorry.

      6. Randy

        Parent’s fault — don’t take your kids out, there’s a pandemic going on morons. Dismiss that case with penalties to the parents — Disney uses autistic attorneys and they don’t understand why they have to defend this case.

      7. Betty

        Unfortunately people with special needs have had a raw deal from the time of their birth. Education for us “regular” people has helped.
        But that does not mean and never did mean that rules like wearing a face mask does not apply to them!

    3. SG

      I agree with you too. Patience people, this won’t last forever. When the safe and effective vaccine rolls out in the next year or two the masks can come off. Then we can go back to spreading the common cold to each other!

      1. J.

        I wouldn’t hang too much hope on a vaccine. For example, no one was ever able to successfully develop a viable vaccine for CoV-2’s precursor CoV-1 which caused the SARS issue in 2003. Coronaviruses are notoriously difficult in this respect. If a vaccine were to be rolled out “in the next year or two”, that would be problematic as well. The average new front-line vaccine takes 10 years in development. Would you really feel safe lining up for something that was fast-tracked like that. In any case, we have flu vaccines now that aren’t that widely used. I have my doubts about how many would actually bother getting one.

        1. Victoria

          As a mother with of autistic children, I can understand both sides. One of my sons is fine with wearing his mask short term and the other still has issues with even having his face touched. This is something we have worked on daily since this pandemic began because my more sensitive son also has asthma. Our lives have pretty much consisted of work, therapy, doctor appointments and home the entire year so far. It has been pretty depressing because there is not much set up for children with special needs, even in the school systems. We are being patient and responsible staying away from the public do to these sensory issues. But the question needs to be asked, how long are we expected to hide our children with special needs away because they cannot handle the feeling of a mask on their face? This is not a “disciplinary issue” it is a “sensory issue” and more than just kids with ASD have it.

      2. sean

        Masks are here to stay for a lifetime since we allowed it even with a vaccine if you think normal is. coming back well good luck enjoy you dump I’m leaving America asap

      3. Cathy

        I have 3 special needs kids. Two on the autism spectrum. My son can go anywhere and wears his mask, no problem. My daughter is almost 18 and functions on a 2-3 year old level. I just keep her out of public areas where masks are required. I do a TON of shopping on Disney.com. No one denies me entrance there 😉

    4. Marti

      I completely agree with you. I almost feel like parents are intentionally bringing children that cannot wear a mask in order to test Disney’s resolve on whether or not they are going to back up their guidelines. Disney is doing the right thing and trying to keep their visitors safe, all it’s going to take is one person who claims they got coronavirus at the park to get them shut down!

    5. Tori

      Well, seeing how it’s a federal law that people can’t be discriminated against because of a health condition that they have, which this child does, they’re legally exempt from wearing a mask, if they can’t. I hope Disney gets the book thrown at them, and has to pay up big. Let it be known that no matter the size of the company that they can’t infringe on someone’s legal rights. This virus has a 99% survival rate, more than the flu, it’s not going to be the end of the world if an autistic child doesn’t wear a mask inside a store. As long as they’re adhering to the 6ft social distancing, everyone should be good. Doctors even say that. Masks aren’t as important as social distancing is. I have medical reasons that make me unable to wear masks and I think that it’s wrong, everytime I get discriminated against because of it.

      1. Kirsten

        The federal law you refer to is the ADA. The ADA stated on their website, as explained above, that there is NO mask exemption for people with disabilities. Public health comes first. Hope this helps!

      2. Jeremy

        It’s also infringing on my rights to be protected against the virus. I don’t want to be anywhere near a unmasked person in public.

        1. Joey

          Then you should stay home.

          1. Phorky

            I can’t believe how many people have been brainwashed into fear of a flu. You didn’t have a mask on from December-March when the virus spread, but now in September you think the mask is doing something?? Lol it is just a placebo at this point.

        2. Phorky


      3. Tad

        Sorry Tori, but the ADA doesn’t apply. From the ADA website “The ADA does not have any rules that address the required use of face masks by state and local governments or private business owners”. If you have a condition visit the ADA website so you understand your rights, but refusing to comply with a mask mandate is not one of them.

    6. Eileen Conley

      I have an autistic child and I have a friend with 3 severely autistic children. Our kids wear masks. I do have a suggestion for any parent who is having trouble with the masks, try a face shield. Our kids deserve protection from this virus.

      1. Kali

        Don’t these parents want to protect their children, too? I mean, it’s one thing to say that the masks reduces transmission to others, but it also reduces transmission to the wearer, so why wouldn’t a parent want the child to wear a mask (or at least a shield)? My autistic child refused to wear the mask at first, so I made mask wearing into a practice that fit his thinking. Knowing that he is rule obsessed, so order and regulations are extremely important to him, I made it about following the rules. Now, my only challenge is getting him to stop having apoplectic fits when someone nearby isn’t wearing a mask, so it also gives me an opportunity to teach him that everyone doesn’t follow the rules but that he still should. Now, he thinks he’s the mask police, even busting me if I so much as open the car door without my mask in place. Hey, it beats having the coronavirus! Plus, it’s infinitely better than spreading the virus to countless others if asymptomatic, and it’s definitely better than teaching my child that he should use autism as an excuse not to follow the rules, accept social norms, or as entitlement for demanding special treatment. Doing so is actually further handicapping the child. I do, however, understand if a child is severely autistic, and it would be all the more reason to keep that child protected at home. Disneyland will be there.

        1. Phorky

          Masks are useless. The virus was spreading before 2020. Don’t let your government lie to you. An airborne virus that has spread around the globe already cannot be stopped. We have achieved herd immunity already because the virus spread before we tried to stop it.

        2. Tara

          Except Disney is very specific that it MUST be a mask and not a shield. It must also have ear loops and not be any other type of face covering.
          They need to allow for ALL types of coverings.

    7. Hillary


    8. Susan

      Put yourself in their shoes. What if it was your child? What about your other children?

    9. Natasha

      Sorry but that’s not how it works. Disney allows children under 2 not to wear a mask because they don’t understand and may suffocate under it.. what do they think children or adults with severe cognitive impairments and disabilities would think? They also have a mind of a 2 year old or worse. So what’s the difference? ADA laws are there for a reason and this made up request is not a law. It is in fact illegal to do this abd it’s time for a collective law suit against people with disabilities and time to offer alternate masks options like a shear head covering.

      1. Nan

        ADA doesn’t have mask exceptions so no this isn’t illegal. If you have issues with wearing a mask because of a disability stay home, it’s as simple as that. And I’m sorry but there’s such a thing as Disney Store online. If the family has the money to be able to take their child to the physical store and a ridiculous lawsuit, they have the money to spend it online. If they know their child can’t wear a mask then they shouldn’t take them to a place where they know masks are mandatory. Parents need to do their research about masks policies in businesses especially if they know that their child has issues with wearing masks. It’s about personal responsibility. That’s like if I were to have a peanut allergy, ate peanut M&Ms then sued Mars because their peanut M&Ms nearly killed me when all the warnings were there and I chose to ignore them. The stores have their policies, if parents choose to ignore them or think their child will be the exception because it’s their birthday or whatever, then they need to act like adults and accept the consequences. In this case, no mask no entry. Like jesus christ, how can people he so selfish they put their instant gratification before other people — they are CHOOSING to go to the Disney Store, a lot of the employees don’t have a choice but to put their health at risk to make a paycheck to support themselves or their families. If that child was asymptomatic that would have been disastrous for the employees and anyone else in the store. Not every underlying health condition that would make this virus potentially lethal is obvious. All this pandemic did was prove that people only care about themselves.

    10. Cindy

      Well said. Why not wear a face shield?

    11. Bibi

      Very well said.

    12. Jill Pandra

      you are a very inconsiderate person. To bad you don’t live in the 1940’s or you could be friends with Hitler. Kids and adults with developmental disabilities don’t understand the need for masks, and should be afforded the same opportunities as typically developing peers. Before you say that COVID is a “deadly virus,” please understand that the current fatality rate is lower than pneumonia and masks were never a requirement for pneumonia.

    13. Lindsay Breakey

      Are you hearing your self talk!! You are the diffenition of a biggot!
      Complete discrimination is coming out of your mouth! I bet you got vaxed with the experiment already too because you sound brainwashed and scared. Thats no reason to discriminate against people with disabilities. All peoples lives matter!

  2. This is a matter of public life and death. Keep the child home . The mother could have made a fun activity for the kids to have a shopping day online and explain without blaming her son. Masks are a reality now. What is to become of us if we can’t adapt?

    1. Rachel

      Since you are willing to help out. I can leave my son at YOUR house so I can go to an actual store. So, you do understand my son doesn’t understand “shopping online” All he says are “eeee” sounds and he is 12. If he’s indoors too long, he steps on his sister’s head, hits me. He is STRONG. So! We would love for you to go into our shoes. Be prepared to be in a lot of pain and a house that is destroyed.

  3. TacoCat

    If you know your child has a problem, don’t take them to a place where they will have a problem. I’m sorry this is your life now , but deal with it.

  4. Sica P

    So some of these comments are really inconsiderate, but they are generally accurate. I am the parent of an autistic 8-year-old child who has twice attempted to shop at a Disney store near me. I went in with the full understanding that the child must wear his face mask at all times. My son absolutely hates his face mask! He wore it for about 3.5 seconds before immediately letting his nose out. The first thing that Disney employees did was notify me that he has to be wearing his mask and then offered me a face shield which we tried to get him to use. He didn’t like having anything on his face so they let me know that they would happily shop for me if there was anything I was looking for but we could not remain in the store. Of course I was very disappointed and embarrassed but I understand the reality of my child. He cannot wear a mask over his mouth and nose at all times.
    I know that there’s always a chance that I may not be let into stores, malls or any other place as a result. This makes it particularly difficult because my husband works for a hospital and is often gone 12 or more hours 5 days a week or more. I also have two other children (one a newborn). However, every single time I’ve needed to shop at Disney and not been able to get inside they’ve always made an accommodation so that I could get anything that I needed. I think that’s all we can ask for. I understand it’s hard, I’m feeling it constantly! I wish I could go into a store with a child that would keep his mask on but the reality is my child won’t so there are a lot of things that we can’t do. Is it unfair? Of course it is! Unfortunately that’s life, and as my mother famously said to all of her children “life is unfair and then you die.”

    1. Jenn

      That’s nicely said.:)

    2. Shawnee

      Your reply is the best one I have read. My older brother lives he is special needs and it was hard to get him to wear a mask. Even then he would take it back off just like my toddlers. Can you imagine trying to go grocery shopping with a 35 year old man that behaves like one of your kids and a 3 year old and a 2 year old because he can’t be left at home alone and you live in a town where you can’t get groceries delivered? Yes I feel bad for this woman’s son but she could have asked if they could try to accommodate her and her son like they did you and yours.

  5. Emcg

    Rules are for everyone and I feel for you but masks are to protect people from you. If your child had the virus and sneezed or coughed in the store the virus could spread. Plus not wearing a masks could also make it easier for your child to get infected and then he could infect his whole family. The rules are for the safety of everyone. Disney can make rules for their stores and parks and if you can’t follow them you will have to wait for the rules to change. Can’t see this suit moving forward.

    1. Anonymous

      The Disney Store already offers accomodations for those unable to wear masks–it is their online shopping website. ADA accomodations don’t mean that everyone else is put at risk due to your disability. Reasonable accommodations need to be made and that has already been done. They don’t need to come inside the store and put everyone at risk.

  6. Disney didn’t embarrass this family, she did. In a normal world companies should be required to go above and beyond to make its customers feel safe and welcomed, but unfortunately a global pandemic is not a perfect world. We should all be making sacrifices to keep the people around us safer. And if for whatever reason you can’t comply with the policy set up, don’t go there. Stay home, or if you must go somewhere else.

  7. None of your business

    Good! I hope the family pursues this and doesn’t back down. It’s so stupid. People don’t even wear them correctly anyway, and what about your eyes? Those are technical openings for possible sickness too. If we are going to really do this, we need to do it right, which is unrealistic so stop with all the ridiculousness. Obviously there are those who abuse the system and rules and cause hell for all of us. But there are those who truly can’t. Just like we have to be patient and tolerant of those wearing them for whatever their reason/conviction is, you all should be tolerant and patient with those who can’t. None of your business why, btw. I’ve heard more stories of people getting covid even after wearing masks. And I’ve seen way too many people have the mask haphazardly on their face and it’s somehow like a ticket for themselves to enter somewhere, but it’s not even worn properly. What about the gloves? Suddenly that’s not an issue anymore. For those who actually believe all the CDC says, you have serious problems haha. Think for yourselves, be smart, and be respectful. It’s a very much fear and selfish culture. Be different. Speak out. And don’t back down for truth…not media truth. Your own convictions. Sure, covid is bad. No one wants it. But it’s just like everything else in this world. Sucks when you get it. You’ll get over it. It’ll help your immune system in the long run, and, if you’re immunocompromised or high risk, you shouldn’t go out anywhere, any time, anyway…if you’re that concerned about this one thing. Crap is always out there every day of the 365 calendar year.

    1. Rowyn

      Um, one we don’t breath through our eyes. We breath through our mouths and nose.
      Also, it is the right of ANY company to REFUSE service to anyone for any reason- such as not wearing a mask. If it is their policy, wear one or go somewhere else. My autistic little brother wears a mask AND has sensory issues. He still does it.
      This lawsuit will go no where, because they can refuse service to anyone not wearing a mask- and they should.

    2. Michelle

      You realize that the mask does not protect the wearer, correct? When you wear a mask, you protect others from yourself. Since you can’t sneeze/breathe/cough through your eyes, they are not a factor.

      1. sean

        you really think a piece of cloth is helping unless your wearing a respirator the particles of covid travel thru the mask Karen

      2. Gina

        Is that piece of cloth magic? Virus can’t get out but it can get in??

        1. Paul

          The mask is to help stop your water droplets from leaving your body through normal breathing. The masks DO help minimize this. Saying that because it’s not magic and 100% effective men’s we shouldn’t do it is just plain stupid.
          Do you look your car or house doors to help prevent getting robbed? Do you have magic locks that 100% prevent anyone from ever getting in? No? Then you should remove your locks right away since they are useless.

  8. Marti

    I completely agree with you. I almost feel like parents are intentionally bringing children that cannot wear a mask in order to test Disney’s resolve on whether or not they are going to back up their guidelines. Disney is doing the right thing and trying to keep their visitors safe, all it’s going to take is one person who claims they got coronavirus at the park to get them shut down!

    1. Harry Barracuda

      Or to try and extract money; or make a scene for their fellow “freedumb”-loving friends.

  9. Michelle

    There always has to be that one moron and NOYB didn’t disappoint. If you don’t like the rules, stay home!

  10. Rose Gray

    That’s Stupid And Pathetic That Disney is being sued. People obviously can’t FOLLOW the Rules or Read $THAT YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MASK. and only certain people are allowed To not wear Masks. I don’t feel sorry for people who can’t follow rules or Laws

    1. Eileen Conley

      I have an autistic child and I have a friend with 3 severely autistic children. Our kids wear masks. I do have a suggestion for any parent who is having trouble with the masks, try a face shield. Our kids deserve protection from this virus.

  11. Christine

    We are living in a different world right now, and while I understand the boy is special, right now wearing a mask is the right thing to do! No wins in this if her son catches Covid in the Disney store she would probably try to sue Disney! Smh! Leave Disney ALONE!!

  12. Crazy

    If this lawsuit goes through people are going to be faking illness just to not wear a mask. The mask is annoying yes but it is there for the safety of everyone. I can just imagine if her son sneezed or coughed on things and touched everything or worse he caught covid. If your kid cannot handle a mask then now is not the time to be bringing him to stores. Policies are in place and Disney says this. Its super hard to social distance in that store. The parents need to practice mask wearing with their son and try things out. Get him a fun printed one and maybe it would work. But no these people automatically only care about themselves and seeing.

  13. Jose

    It’s sad but we don’t know the conditions of anybody..it sucks we all got to wear a mask..but I say if one has to wear one then everyone has to wear one no exceptions. If you start making exceptions for one then we could just all say we can’t wear a mask.I feel bad for the boy,but this pandemic really sucks..I to have a condition and im giving no slack whatsoever…I’m stuck with a mask until pandemic is gone..sorry if I offended anyone..

  14. Jamie

    I’m mostly sideglancing the parents at this. The mask issue didnt just happen over night. It’s been over 6 months.

    My son is autistic and he understands the importance of mask. I have set him and his younger sister down several times and explain the importance of wearing the mask correctly.

    Was it easy? No. Sometimes I had to remind them that the mask wasn’t a toy or that they did not have it over their face properly. I brought three masks for them so they can have a choice about which one they could wear on a certain day. They are now reminding when I have to go out that “Mommy, you need to wear your mask when you take out the trash,” which I smile and comply to.

    I feel for the kid but at the same time I do not pity the parents. They know what their children is like and they know what is going on in the world. I don’t know about them, but I would do anything and everything in my power to make sure my children are safe and protected. If I got to take them out, they were a mask. Otherwise they stay at home.

    1. Gigi

      Perfect comment

    2. Tara

      You have to wear a mask to take out the trash??? Do you live in an apartment? I certainly don’t need a mask on from my door to the end of the driveway.

  15. Liz

    The ADA is clear on this issue. Reasonable accommodations must be made for people with disabilities. Not wearing a mask is a health and safety risk to everyone around that person, especially others with disabilities, it is not considered a reasonable accommodation. Disney, or any other store, is not required to allow people without masks into the store because it is a hazard to employees and other patrons.

    Not wearing mask is a health and safety risk, it is not a reasonable accommodation and is not protected by the ADA.

  16. Stephen Maxwell

    I can see both points of view here it is very difficult for people who have health needs but stores have a duty of care to other guests.

  17. Michelle

    It sucks that the child didn’t get to go into the store and doesn’t understand why, but the mother put him in the situation. The workers enforced the rules of their store, and it is your fault if you get “embarrassed”.The only people supporting this lawsuit are anti-maskers. Surely you people can see that while you personally dont think masks should be used, a store still has a right to refuse services, and disabled people are not exempt from masks under the ADA. Your personal feelings towards masks doesn’t make this lawsuit any less frivolous.

  18. Deana

    Disney does make accommodations for those unable to wear a mask for medical reasons they have to go to guest relations with proper medical proof the person then can wear a shield or another type of accommodations can be made butust have proper medical proof.

  19. Melissa

    Whether you’re a masker or anti-masker, per thr ADA rules themselves – each state has their own governing clauses, btw.. The store has to make a reasonable accommodation to this, which includes, shopping online with delivery and also curb side pick up for brick and mortar stores.

  20. Bite Me

    Im glad they got kicked out. People need to have respect for others. Wear a mask is an easy task that helps others around you feel safe. I wouldnt want any nasty kid to be around me without a mask. I dont care how old you are you are not exempt from following rules. Dont leave your house if you cant follow rules. Stupid breeders going to ruin this whole world cause they think their kids deserve special treatment. News flash they dont.

    1. your mom

      hell i wouldnt want you near me your evil

    2. Cathy

      Calling people “stupid breeders” is not respectful in the least bit.

  21. Anonymous

    If the child has problems wearing a face mask properly, then the parents should keep them home. So ridiculous 🤦🏼‍♀️

  22. Megan

    Let’s see. To wear a mask or not wear a mask. I say, it’s my body, it’s my choice. You can’t force me to wear a mask if I dont want to. Just like all you libtards that say you shouldn’t have to carry a child if you don’t want to. You body, your choice, right? Then it’s MY body and MY choice. The masks are completely ineffective at filtering the virus in the first place. Sorry, but it goes right through. Do your own research and you will see. Stop listening to what the media tell you. You all are idiots to continue to take ev everything they say at face value. They are liars. They are using manipulation tactics against you and you are too dumb to see it.

    1. Annoyed

      I have really bad news for you about shirts and shoes. And pants or a skirt. You have to wear them in public.

    2. Paul

      This is the problem with the whole “think for yourself, do your own research” argument I keep seeing pushed…
      Unless you are a virologist, how can you possibly do your own research? Do you have your own lab in your basement?
      No you are gonna try to go read someone else’s research to understand something you know nothing about.
      Case in point.
      Masks/face coverings are not intended to “filter the virus”.
      They are intended to help minimize the risk of spreading the virus through the water particles you exhale when breathing normally.
      That’s it. Nobody is saying you need to wear a mask since it acts just like a fully enclosed hazmat suit.
      They are saying to wear the mask to help you stop spreading the virus during your normal breathing and talking routines.

  23. T

    I’m sorry for the child who does not understand but why can’t he wear a mask? Does he wear other articles of clothing? There is no real medical reason for not wearing a mask for the good of everyone and so their beloved Disney can remain open.

  24. Lily

    Who is it that Disney promotes their products to? I thought it was suppose to be children. What is the percentage of children now with special needs? Talk about a pandemic, I would think autism would be considered one. Are you going to tell me that Disney cannot set aside an hour or two for the children with disabilities to come in? Especially, after they got so much press over all the great things they do for kids with disabilities in the past. I mean even if it’s just one day a week, will that really kill their revenue? I know people are scared right now but their are children out there with real every day hardships that are life long. Have some sympathy!

    1. Jenn

      I would think the cast members would not be happy serving folks without masks-part of what gives them reassurance to be back working is knowing everyone is covered up.

    2. Ashari

      Yeah, it might. They just laid off 28,000 people. Including 400 imagineers – the people responsible for designing the parks. So I would say revenue is very, very critical right now. Mom, you embarrassed yourself and your son. The my body my choice regarding masks argument has been played out and it didn’t work. Because it’s bogus. If you don’t have a mask on, and your sick, or increases the risk for those around you. Therefore you are actually saying, my body, your choice. And you simply don’t get to make that call.

  25. Cooldudeasf

    That’s like throwing ice on the floor to make yourself slip in a restaurant and steal money. It’s so overused. You can’t expect to go anywhere without a mask. Just wear a custom mask. Sue them some other way for discrimination. As soon as they throw the word “retard” around, trust me, you’re good to go. You can’t just sue everyone and expect money to be thrown at you. It sends a bad message to other families with disabilities, that you’re just using the system because you know all the loopholes.

  26. Cooldudeasf

    That’s like throwing ice on the floor to make yourself slip in a restaurant and steal money. It’s so overused. You can’t expect to go anywhere without a mask. Just wear a custom mask. Sue them some other way for discrimination. As soon as they throw the word “ret***” around, trust me, you’re good to go. You can’t just sue everyone and expect money to be thrown at you. It sends a bad message to other families with disabilities, that you’re just using the system because you know all the loopholes.

  27. Sarah

    Disney have made their policies crystal clear from the start. If you can’t or won’t wear a mask, Disney properties aren’t the place for you right now. If she chose to torture her child, that’s on her.

  28. Robert

    This Child should be safe at home not in a crowded store. If he cannot wear a face mask he not only exposes himself but puts everyone’s lives in danger.

  29. frostysnowman

    If you can’t physically wear a mask, don’t go into stores that require mask wearing. The store refusing entry to this family does not violate the ADA. They should have known better, shame on them.

  30. Jenn

    Millions of businesses require masks to entire their facilities. It’s simply not optional at this time. Disabilities or not. Yes, we all think it stinks. That’s the effect of a pandemic. Unfortunately those who can’t handle it for whatever reason will have to stay home until rules are relaxed. I hope this lawsuit is shamed out of court.

  31. patti

    Just because you have autism doesn’t mean you don’t have covid or cant get it. That family has to put a mask on that child.

  32. Susan

    Then you are a fool. You need to stand by everyone else. I have a personal as to why I cannot wear a mask and I say shame on Disney. Boycott Disney.

  33. Susan

    Disney should be ashamed of themselves for how they treat people with disabilities. They gave been going down the tubes for years now with that mentality. I hope this lawsuit teaches Disney that Disney has zero rights to dedicate to anyone how they handle their personal health. And for all of you who don’t agree, put yourself in their shoes. What if it was your child? You would have gone with the same expectations to get in so don’t say anything against this family – you should be supporting them. And to those of you who keep shouting stay at home you obviously are so fearful to go anywhere without a mask you are the ones who need to stay home. There is little to zero solid scientific nor medical evidence that fabric masks work. In fact over 5,000 doctors have signed letters and petitions to the President to completely do away with the mask mandate in any state anywhere. If you are more comfortable wearing the mask go for it. But your fear ends where everyone’s constitutional rights and freedoms begin. BOYCOTT DISNEY UNTIL THEY LEARN HOW TO TREAT HANDICAP PEOPLE!

    1. D. Thomas

      Susan, I agree 300% on how Disney has been Dealing with ALL DISABLED PEOPLE 😡😡I’m not talking about this young families problem, DISABILITIES IN GENERAL. I am 55 yrs young and Handicappable. I use a 4 wheel mobility scooter because my walking is Slowly getting Worse. 4 days Before Disney closed its gates because of this Coronavirus bug, I was in the park. I was going on my last ride for my day being there and that was the “Millennium Falcon.” I personally don’t like people or even Cast Members moving my scooter because mine has a Canopy (recommended by one of my Many Drs) on top. If you don’t know how to drive with one on & know how to judge the spaces when you turn or move, you can do some Serious Damage to my scooter & that’s EXACTLY what happened to mine. A Cast Memeber moved my scooter to another area of the rides exit & low and behold, I come back to a Noticeable Damaged Scooter & Canopy. You wanna talk about being Angry. I couldn’t get down to City Hall Fast enough to show them what one of THERE EMPLOYEES DID TO MY PERSONAL PROPERTY . I was livid. Nobody & mean Nobody took responsibility for there action in damaging my property. All they did was give me a piece of paper to fill out & that they’d send it over to the right area that deals with problems like mine & that they would call me back within a week or two. Well not one peep out of them & then the Shut down of Disney happened. 7 months later. Not a peep still. I’ve had it so much with Disney. They are making it harder and harder to be able to be Disabled and visit there parks.

  34. Connie Mac

    Hold Hard People!

    The ADA does NOT give people with disabilities the right to spread viruses to others. As someone also protected by the ADA I have a compromised immune system I have the right not to get sick. I have the right to go into a store without fear of getting sick because someone else believes that they should be exempt merely on principle. If she really took the threat this virus presents not only to her son but others seriously she’d turn it into a game for him: the longer he wears the mask outside the house the greater the reward he receives when they get home.

  35. Klech Remart

    Its a store thats privately owned. One of my daughters is autistic and can’t handle wearing a mask. Sorry but ever the ADA cant force a private business to allow them in. Iv had it out with 2 of my friends who have autistic kids as well have several lawsuits in court over this shit and while id support any one suing over there kid being discriminated against when i talked to them about it they both showed me webpages where they had gotten the ide to take there kids out knowing they would get turned away so they could sue even knowing they couldnt win places like disney will settle and they will get paid. The plans have been laid out by a couple law firms who said “we will get u a settlement even if not an outright win” the idea is laid out for parents out of work to have a steady income for there kids bills. I get the idea of doing what u have to so u can support ur kids but not in anyway will i support using are kids and there disabilitys to make money. Im not saying this mother is one following the same plan but considering these “friends” tried to convince me to do the same i wont put it past anyone. this could be a genuine case of not knowing the company policy or in unfortunately could be another case of knowing the company policy and deciding to use it and the fact that a company like Disney will settle out of court to avoid being all over the news and they’ll still get money no matter what. It’s sad but it is happening not everyone that’s in this situation is doing it intentionally but enough are that every single person that doesn’t have to be suspect at this point and that is possibly one of the saddest outcomes of this entire mess is people that are using their family members that are disabled especially if they’re out of work to find a way to make money by any means necessary yeah I get it you’ll do whatever you can to make sure that you have enough to support your kids but the ones that are involved in this mess are pathetic and frankly should have their kids taken away and locked up for the abuse of the disabled that they’re participating in. The ones I know that were involved I simply presented recordings of the conversations and a link to the website to the defense attorneys. If you ever find out that someone you know is participating in this intentionally I’d advise you to give them up sadly there now participating in the worst abuse of their disabled children and family members that I can think of yeah you know what you want to do anything to take care of them but you shouldn’t be dragging them through these kind of situations for monetary gain even if it is for their own sake and care I’m sorry.

  36. Griffin

    Shame on these parents for first of all wanting to bring their child with or without disabilities to a public place during a pandemic without protection!!!!! As a mother myself and also being a nurse, It is amazing that a mother puts the importance of going to a park over the health of her child!!! Who in their right mind would want to take that risk of their child’s health. Is the chance for herself to go see Mickey Mouse so much more important than the health of her child!!! Shame on her!!!! I am pretty sure if she is that ignorant to taking the precautions needed and also required by the government/state/CDC/ etc… , she is probably the person who would fight to not wear the mask and then turn around and SUE Disney (god forgive if ever)-her child were to contract the virus!!!!
    Now on the flip side of another pedestrian going to the park, what about their rights!!! Why does any other person have to be at risk because this mother is only focusing on “her rights”, what about the elderly visiting the park doing their part during a pandemic wearing their masks trying to keep themselves from getting sick!!
    We all have right!!!
    What people need to realize is these parks are not forcing you to go there. It is your CHOICE to go and like anywhere else if you want to go to an establishment/restaurant/Clothing store etc…., there are rules and if you want to go that’s the rules!! Otherwise find somewhere else to go that fits your needs/ or in this case “your wants”!!! What this child NEEDS, is a mother that puts their safety before a day at a park!!!
    There are many rules going to Any/ALL theme parks/ places for entertainment, no matter where it is, there are rules in place for the safety/security for people as a WHOLE!!! If they were SUED every time someone complained because they were inconvenienced or wanting the RULES YO accommodate them, there would no longer be any parks/ theater/etc to go to, because it would not be safe for anyone!!! Or they would shut down from being sued so much for peoples ignorance and selfishness, for wanting everyone to bend for how they want things and I am sure the $$$$ rcvd in these lawsuits has no part in being the reason for pursuing a lawsuit to begin with!! But that is a whole other issue in itself that I am not going into!
    I truly hope the father of this child has the sense to take control of this child’s wellbeing, and out of the hands of someone who is more interested in going to a park/ during for $$$, using
    her rights” as a publicity drive!

    1. It was a Disney store, not any park.
      I can tell by your grammer that you are not a RN. You must be a CNA. Please stop using “I’m a Nurse”, because it’s insulting to those that actually are. We work very hard and attained our degree through years of College, and are on the front lines everyday. Although it may not be “stolen valor”, it certainly feels that way.

  37. They must have the dumbest lawyers known to man, because this has been brought up time and time again…..it doesn’t matter.
    Disney didn’t humiliate her family, SHE did, by not following the rules. My grandson has SEVERE Autism, so my Daughter doesn’t bring him places that he has to wear a mask, it’s that simple. This lady is not the only one that has to make sacrifices and compromises, we all do. She will lose her lawsuit, and that is a promise. ADA attacked Disney right out of the gate and immediately found out that Disney CAN enforce the mask rule. Period. ANY lawyer who has half a brain knows this.

    1. I agree. The mom also had the option of just buying something for him and bringing it home. The ADA law only applies when an accommodation can be made without posing a serious threat to the health and safety of of others. While it is sad that the child may not be able to comprehend the health crisis right now, it is, sadly, the state of the world today. Perhaps she should have a a way explain the pandemic to the child in a way he could understand.

  38. Billy

    It always seems most of these court cases come from up north. With that said I don’t like the mask but if I’m in someone else’s house I follow the rules. If I don’t like the rules I don’t go. It’s just lazy people trying to get something for free using children as an excuse . I feel sorry for the child but you are at a DISNEY store you know everyone’s going crazy about mask you know you have to wear it if you can’t don’t go real simple if I were the judge I’d make her pay Restitution to Disney for everything it cost getting ready for the trial . I really am sorry for the child but we canceled our trip because my 3 year old will only wear a mask about 30 min at a time

  39. Jimmy

    First and foremost this whole mask thing is way out of control. A healthy person wearing a mask under any circumstance I’d ridi. A CHILD wearing a mask under any circumstance is ridiculous. They’ve admitted that asymptomatic carriers don’t exist and oh yes, the spike on Covid? All mask wearers. This disproves needing a mask ever. NOW the issue at hand. I worked retail for decades and I’m well versed with the ADA and I can tell you that the lawsuits for businesses openly defying it for “Covid” will probably be in the billions. No employee is ever allowed, under any circumstance, to question a disability or its requirements. Period. So for Disney to punish not just a child but a whole family? Publicly? Yeah this is gonna be a big payout, and it should be.

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