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Disney Star Wars Hotel

Credit: Disney (left), @bioreconstruct (right)


  1. Papito

    Nice idea. I like it. Im no star wars fan but i love space-themed things. Star wars up my anus at every turn is not cool. Maybe Disney should have opened up the Deluxe resorts to guests instead of caving to the BLM thugs and having an NBA season there. That move cut out many tourists from coming to the parks. The company is sabotaging itself from within. Ive never seen a “leader” in the theme park industry make so many wrong moves and be the very last to open. They deserve whatever they get.

    1. Mike

      There is no shortage of hotel rooms right now at Disney. Getting much needed revenue from the NBA to rent those hotels was very important to helping Disney financially.

    2. Jay

      What a weird place to get political!?

    3. Susansucks

      And you know when a worthless idiot like “Papito” uses the word ‘Thug’, he means another word. One that begins with the letter ‘n’.

    4. Ashley

      What a strange way to tell the world you’re a realist but ok

    5. Michelle

      yall see this dude saying “blm thugs” just say you’re racist and go

    6. Staci

      I’m glad you don’t like Star Wars. I hate having things in common with a racist. Your ignorance is showing. And I hope one day your daughter marries a black man and becomes a Libral Just to despite you. I hope that man changes your forever and you become a better person because holy cow you looking like a whole toilet filled with vomit. May your life be filled with growth from now on. Please get educated.

  2. James

    Wouldn’t these be necessary openings for emergency exits? Maybe not used for actual windows, but hidden for an emergency?

  3. Kira

    I’m pretty sure code requires hotel rooms to have windows for emergencies. They’re likely for that only and hidden behind an emergency exit, blacked out, or otherwise disguised. Similar to the emergency exits on the hogwarts express.

    1. EricJ

      And ventilation needs, if nothing else.
      The windows will be screened over, like the “virtual portholes” on the Cruise ships, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used when they need to be.

  4. Cory

    Emergency egress building code. They’ll likely hide them, but 2 exits are required for any habitable space.

  5. Imagineer81

    I’m a Project Manager for an Architectural Firm in California. These are for compliance with Fire Code requirements, as a few others have speculated here. Some states are more harsh in their requirements than others, but there is a minimum standard that applies nationally in the interest of life safety. In all likelihood, these are part of an emergency egress system, probably to access a small corridor located behind the full length adjacent to all the rooms at each floor. The “windows” the guests are looking through are still screens, but are within the closed environment of the building. During an emergency, these screens could automatically open out to the corridor, allowing guests to evacuate under extreme circumstances, and travel to the egress corridor beyond to safety. The windows we are seeing from the outside are for the Firemen to access, evacuate, and rescue guests from that space. They would likely only be used if that emergency corridor was compromised for some reason. But since code requires us to design for the worst-case-scenario, we have to assume that half the building has collapsed, there’s no access to emergency exits, and there’s a raging fire growing inside. How do you get the guests out? Provide windows big enough for a fireman to enter/exit in full gear and carrying Grandma Linda over their shoulder.

  6. Tacocat

    This looks ridiculous. So, you are supposed to “pretend” to be in space. Really?

    1. EricJ

      If it’s good enough for an Epcot restaurant, it’s good enough to sleep in.
      (Um, they ARE still making the restaurant next to Mission: Space, right?)

    2. Alfredo

      so, when riding a simulator you like to be literally in the place? or you pretend?

      1. TacoCat

        So, you are willing to pay $$$$$ to stay in a dark windowless room, and pretend you are in space. Why don’t you just go sit in your closet. Same thing, cheaper.

  7. Ahnsael

    So other than the “excursion” to Galaxy’s Edge, are guests not going to be allowed to go outside for some fresh air? Immersion is one thing, but…hopefully people can choose to experience not being cooped up inside. For those who want 100% immersion, great! For those who just want to take a walk outside, hopefully they will have that option.

  8. Sandy

    The best possible solution is a window/tv screen combined and you choose real view or space view.

  9. Sierra

    Honestly the windows might just be for fire code. Most hotels need as many windows for that sole purpose. I feel like there will be a one way effect that will show outer space.

  10. Jennie C

    I’d wager the windows are due to building and fire code regulations for means of egress. Knowing Disney, they will knock it out of the park with theming them.

  11. Dave s

    Hotel rooms are required to have 2 means of egress… windows. They could put removable video in those spaces, just like a window, but showing ” outer space”. Can’t wait to see the immersion illusion they create

    1. TacoCat

      I guess you will get to wear your little space suit jammies too!

  12. Linda Ruffini

    My first thought was a power failure. This would give access to light. Also, a room with more than one person could have a non-Star Wars fan. If the view was interchangeable via pressing a button or some other means, this would be a plus.
    In an emergency, the window could function as an escape route.

  13. Victor

    My guess is they aren’t real windows but rather panels that can be removed for evacuations in an emergency. Disney is super attentive to safety and that would make sense.

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