Comments for Disney Confirms Which Projects Are Moving Forward, EPCOT Not Mentioned

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  1. Ryan Serowinski

    Let Guardians and Play! be open by this time next year

    1. Davis

      they need to wait for the 50th and nothing else was going to happen till 2022+ so i do not know why we are in such a panic over epcot!? It will get done sheesh this is how disney always wrks!

  2. Tacocat

    Nothing like tearing everything up and then just leaving it.

    1. Vincent Caminiti

      I would have liked to see a Mary Poppins something in England. Such an iconic movie with a great message and music. Disappointed that Disney has scrapped it.

      1. EricJ

        But not half as disappointing as Mary Poppins Returns.
        Be glad they’re not making an attraction of THAT one, which this was.

    2. John M

      Six flags (at least in NJ) does this all the time.

    3. Spiffsin

      Have you met Pop Century The Early Years? lol

  3. SG

    I’m sorry but, this article told us nothing, nothing new.

  4. Peter

    OK, EVERYBODY were your mask! We are being taken for the biggest BS ride ever, and WHO {m} is responsible for all of this??

    1. Reality

      Really – how many sick – how many dead – and you are so inconsiderate to wear a mask and social distance for the good of everyone including you – you are probably one of those complaining about schools not being totally open, eating out, retail fully open, bars and entertainment open – your foolishness makes things worse for everyone – and before you scream about your rights – think of the many things that we do daily because it is what is right for everyone – traffic laws, seat belt laws, conduct laws, etc. – if you are employed you have rules at work – get over yourself and do the right thing – look at the many news reports of people who thought this was all a joke and now have spouses, children, family members, and friends dead or critically ill who are begging people who think this is all a hoax to reconsider – would you rather be alive and feel foolish or a dead idiot –

      1. prince charming

        I am sick and tired of someone making any story a chance to bring up masks. A year from now no one will even remember the foolishness of wearing masks.

      2. jamie

        prince charming i hope you get sick tomm! Tell all your saying to someone whom lost someone all 300k people that will be at 500k by the end of the year dead!!!!

  5. Derek Oliver

    I bet that Splash Mountain refurb is years away, if it ever happens. Which I hope it doesn’t.

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