Disney+ Numbers Shock Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

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Disney+ has been for many of us, a saving grace during this pandemic. Having to stay inside more than usual, it was great to be a Disney+ subscriber and watch both new and old content on the new streaming service. Disney+ has given us the ability to watch Broadway musicals with the original cast of Hamilton, and brought us cinematic features like the live-action Mulan right to our homes. The platform is constantly updating itself and adding content and has instantly become a major contender in the streaming service game.

Into the Unknown Disney Plus

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What did Netflix have to say about Disney+’s success?

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings sat down with CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin this morning to discuss the new streaming platform. When Sorkin asked Hastings how he thought Disney+ was going to do in its first year, Hastings thought “maybe 20,000,000”.

20,000,000 would be amazing. For reference, HBO Max released a streaming service that only has 4,000,000. But how did Disney+ do? The site has gained over 60,000,000 subscribers and counting within one year.

Hastings mentioned that it took Netflix 10-12 years to get to that benchmark.

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Why is Disney+ so successful according to Hastings?

Disney+ has been releasing constant content in it’s direct to consumer platform to engage new subscribers. Hastings mentioned that combining that with the branding of Disney is going to take you a long way. But Netflix is not going down without a fight. Of course, Netflix is another great streaming service, and Hastings says give them 5-10 years and they will be an even stronger competitor to Disney in the family market when it comes to content.

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Check out the interview here.

So what do you think? Is Disney+ going to pass Netflix in terms of the most popular streaming service? Let us know below!


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