Comments for OpEd: Disney+ Should Add ‘Disney’s Halloween Treat’

disneys halloween treat

Credit: Disney Fandom


  1. Ken G

    I remember this too! And yes, bring it to Disney+!

  2. Aaron Reese

    I love this special and still have it on a VHS from a an old Disney Channel broadcast. However, its successor, A Disney Halloween, is the superior special imo. It should come to D+

  3. Camden

    This was my favorite thing to watch growing up in the 80’s. If I remember correctly, they made two versions of it and my family loved them. This is a great idea Disney! Please add it so my kids can enjoy it too.

  4. Tammy

    Yes! Bring it back! My kids and I are currently watching really bad copies of it on YouTube would love to show them an authentic version. And the earlier one when the mirror hosted, not the later one with the bad pumpkin puppet.

  5. Caleb

    Yes please!!!!!!

  6. Jason Froehlich

    Been saying this for YEARS (well, prior to D+, for a DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital release). Even have attempted to contact Disney with MAYBE one response. I have a “remastered” YouTube rip, but it’s still pretty hard to watch.

    They need to also release its sister special, A Disney Halloween, and–pending rights–their spooky song compilation, DTV Monster Hits.

  7. Chris D

    They need to add Disney’s Halloween Treat and A Disney Halloween. I have put this in their feedback since Disney+ went live.
    But also, last month Disney+ had ‘Skeleton Dance,’ now I can’t find it there. And they need to make it easier to find their Halloween related content in general. Can we get a category? The world is ending!

  8. Melissa Brooks

    yes …i keep checking Disney+ for it…i watch the YouTube version with my kids. They need to add it so everyone can know about it and enjoy!!!!

  9. Halloween Fan


    But the special you link to is actually “A Disney Halloween” (1983) special. There were many differences between these two specials.

    But… there are also many, many specials Disney+ needs to add for its Halloween lineup. Not only do they need to add Skeleton Dance, The Haunted House, Mad Doctor, the Gorilla Mystery, and Pluto’s Judgement Day shorts, but they also need to add these classic Halloween shows… and yes there are differences between these even though many reuse the same segments:

    Walt Disney’s Halloween Hilarities (1953)
    Our Unsung Villains (1956)
    The Mouse Factory: Spooks & Magic (1972)
    Disney’s Halloween Hall o Fame (1977)
    Disney’s Greatest Villains (1977)
    A Disney Halloween (1981)
    Disney’s Halloween Treat (1982)
    Disney’s Scary Tales of Halloween (1986)
    A Disney Halloween (1983)
    Disney’s Greatest Villains (1983)
    Disney’s DTV Monster Hits (1987)
    Mickey’s House of Villains
    Once Upon a Halloween

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