Comments for Disney Fans Launch #ThankYouPhotoPass Social Media Movement

thank you photopass


  1. Jess

    The image you featured is actually of a Photopass Cast Member who just got the call that she lost her job of 8 years. Many of her fellow photographers also got the call today. Thought you ought to know, whilst Disney executives returned to full pay.

  2. Karen

    My daughter WAS photo pass. She got the call today and was told her role has been eliminated. So yeah…no more photo pass.

  3. Sam Chung

    In decimating PhotoPass, Disney has made PhotoPass photos of my family priceless. The saddest irony is the memory makers who give guests the reminders of their once in a lifetime trips are the first ones sacrificed by Disney. Thank you, PhotoPass. Thank you for all the enduring memories of our time at Disneyland. I personally will miss you all. Thank you for your friendship and kindness. Wishing you all the best in an uncertain future. PhotoPass is priceless.

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