Comments for UPDATE: Disney Cruise Line Expected to Restart Cruises at 70% Capacity

disney wonder mickey

Credit: Disney


  1. Tom

    If Disney plans “to only allow a limited amount of people in the terminal at a time… to control the gathering of arriving passengers,” won’t the people just gather elbow to elbow outside? Where’s the Covid spacing in that?

  2. Brandon

    I’m ready to cruise NOW. I’m not afraid of this overhyped virus.
    Just like the flu only a small fraction of people show symptoms and an even smaller fraction die from it.
    The current world wide death rate vs positive testing rate is less that 3%. With is the same with most viruses.
    This is 100% political.
    And needs to end.

    1. Melanie Durham

      I’m so happy you THINK you know what you’re talking about Dr. Brandon! IT IS NOT POLITICAL! Wake up!

  3. SG

    70%?! That’s crazy. You’ll be cozy with the asymptomatic. Hope you’re young with no chronic illnesses AND are lucky. Personally, I don’t like Russian Roulette. I’m waiting for the vaccine and virus 0-<5%, especially here in the USA where we still have the highest rates in the developed countries!

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