Disney Confirms ‘Little Mermaid’ Show Isn’t Leaving Hollywood Studios

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voyage of the little mermaid

Credit: Disney

If you have been paying attention to the Disney news rumor mill this week, you have definitely heard that Voyage of the Little Mermaid at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has had it’s signage removed.

The Disney community was quick to jump to the idea that the stage show was not returning to the Disney theme park. Since Hollywood Studios re-opened, Voyage of the Little Mermaid has not taken a voyage at all! We haven’t heard Ariel belt “Part of your World” from her rock, seen the neon fish performance of ‘Under the Sea’, or had those neon lasers shining all over us.

Disney has confirmed with Inside The Magic that the billboard is:

“…simply in the process of being refreshed and is expected to return within the next week.”

The attraction has seen little updates during its 30-year reign and it makes total sense that Disney is taking this time to refurbish the sign. It’s important to note that although we heard rumors, Disney never said that the show was closing and since the sign is coming back, we can infer that the show will as well! Although we do not have a specific date for its return, since the sign is coming back we have no reason to believe the show won’t as well. Of course, things are always changing at Disney and we will keep you updated on any official change!

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voyage of the little mermaid
Credit: Disney

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So it is looking like we are not a ‘Poor Unfortunate Soul’ and we are indeed going to get to continue to go ‘Under The Sea’ once more.

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