Disney Dazzles With Freezing Fun in 2020 Holiday Commercial 

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Walt Disney World holiday commercial

Credit: iSpot.TV

The start of Fall is only a few weeks away, which means the 2020 holiday season is almost here–and Walt Disney World is already getting in the wintry spirit with the premiere of their all-new holiday commercial, which is full of frozen and socially-distanced fun!

The new commercial just premiered and comes only days after the Disney Parks Blog released another holiday video giving a sneak peak of the winter festivities to come to the Walt Disney World Resort and the fact that the holidays will be beginning at Disney World on November 6 this year.

This new commercial focus on the “magic” of the Walt Disney World and lists many of the exciting and beloved attractions to the iconic theme park resort. See the video below:


“Magic is here, magic is tradition, magic is joy, magic is flying elephants, magic is flying, magic is Mickey,” which are all of the messages every Disney Parks fan knows to be true. Of course, given the recent pandemic, these are also all ideas that many fans have been deterred from.

However, in the video, the company makes a point to include social distancing by demonstrating how its park guests wear face masks while in the parks. In fact, the actors in the commercial wore masks throughout the entire commercial, except when eating, which has been a mandate in the park since its reopening.

Walt Disney World holiday commercial
Credit: iSpot.TV

As we all know, the Walt Disney World parks, along with many other theme parks, have been suffering drastically since the pandemic. As we previously shared, due to financial losses that have come from the pandemic, the company has temporarily called off the construction of several of its major projects/ride renovations, including EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth and the Mary Poppins attraction in EPCOT’s World Showcase.

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