Comments for Is Disney Closing Voyage of The Little Mermaid? Photos Point To Yes

voyage of the little mermaid


  1. EricJ

    Obviously virus concerns, but it does underline that this attraction is basically a relic from the first 90’s Jim Henson sale when the park was still new, along with Muppetvision 4-D and that brief live stage show.

    There weren’t many 90’s Renaissance titles for the park to exploit, and the fact that Little Mermaid and Beauty & Beast had suddenly been breakout hits again was still a novelty for the company–
    But now that we have the Magic Kingdom area, the “first” Obligatory Mermaid Attraction’s become redundant.

  2. lydia

    My friend wrks in courtyard they are doing renos due to covid and no shows might as well…

  3. SG

    I love that show, live performences and audio-aminatronics as well. I hope its just renovations. I’d hate to see it go.

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