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  1. TacoCat

    I hope this is thrown out of court and she is laughed out of town. What a crock this is. I hope Disney bans her from the parks for life for this stunt.

    1. Daisy

      Exactly! The substance she was trying to bring in was ILLEGAL! Disney clearly states their rules. If she claims the Florida Sherriff’s Dept. treated her “horribly”…then sue them. Another money-sucking lowlife trying to cash in on Disney. SMH

  2. MyBooBear

    What a crock of horse manure! Her and her lawyer are just just looking for easy money.

    1. KJ

      exactly!!! funny how now that the left driven anti-cop rhetoric is in full force, the cops were meanies. Last year they weren’t

      1. DeeDee

        Oh get real!!! This is just a Karen being a Karen looking for a cash grab, nothing more.

  3. KJ

    ah yes let’s now change our story and complain about cops 14 MONTHS later when we now hired a cop hating attorney whose #1 thing is “I can’t breathe”. Grandma.. lay off the pot.. body camera footage doesn’t lie. bye felicia

  4. Pat

    CBD Grandma picked a popular one for her attorney (or he picked her?). Ben Crump, multi-millionaire lawyer from Tallahassee, FL is best known for representing Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, the poisoned children from the Flint water crisis, and the plaintiffs behind the 2019 Johnson & Johnson baby powder lawsuit. He is also the attorney for the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and most recently Jacob Blake. His reputation for obtaining large settlements (which he pockets in the range of 30%) is well known. If the claim of a body cavity search is true, CBD Grandma may be in line for a payday.

  5. A

    I hope she wins! CBD is sold in Florida I know because I’ve purchased it and I’ve brought it to Disney with me. Shocker! Lol I’ll stick to my cbd over opioids any day.

  6. Linda Ruffini

    Disney World is a private entity. They may disallow anything they so choose into the Parks. Since the item was illegal in Florida on that day, the police had a right to arrest her. Since Disney is Private, and they list what is allowed and not allowed, they have a right to refuse entrance to anyone carrying banned substances, I see two separate issues here. Disney had a right and an obligation to refuse entrance legally and to report it to the authorities. And since Disney itself bans these substances, they have a right to follow their own policies, even if the drug was legal in Florida at the time. I agree that this woman saw $$$$ when she decided to sue Disney. No one else in her party was banned from entering.

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