Comments for Just Announced: ‘Star Wars’ Annual Passholder Event!

Annual pass event


  1. davis

    really a celebration for merch…. how about a real celebration on merch cast con and outlets are reopen i do not have to pay disney prices anymore for disney merch… thats worth celebrating not this and i love batuu!

  2. Kris R

    Anyone want to place any bets on how many seconds elapsed between when the doors open on this and when the merchandise appears on EBay?

    1. TacoCat

      You are so right. My thoughts exactly. But, Disney doesn’t care, they will make their money.

      1. rebel orange bird

        They do care may loose their aps due to ebay! Even esty folks if its too close to wdw logos they get in trouble disney lawyers will go after you… folks here even said they lost aps due to disney lawyers do not spread stuff bc you do not know better! Besides no one is waiting for batuu most of us bought it already or got it at target now! Its really dumb to do and i agree w davis!

    2. janie

      Taco disney cares it just takes em a while and kris if your waiting your late to the party bc batuu has been on ebay since we opened in dl!

  3. Robin

    Your article did make Mention of this sale at Downtown Disney, but are we also entitled to the 30% discount

  4. Jan

    I won’t be going as Star Wars isn’t one of my must have items. Now if it was Orange Bird that would be a totally different thing!

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