Comments for Amid Cancelation Rumors, Construction on Reflections to Continue

reflections a disney lakeside lodge

Credit: Disney


  1. lydia

    bc thats dvc not 100% different budget! Which makes sense bc dvc is cont dl property why wouldnt they cont reflections its always going to be on the docket like any project just some get pushed but it doesnt mean it never gets done! Its like epcot it will get done bc there was no 50th garentee to begin w! No hotel ever has a actual opening date just an est. As a person whom loves wdw and dvc i am use to all this bc thats disney it gets done vs other places were its anyone guess!

  2. Walter

    Ruins the area.

    1. davis

      Your extremely wrong! There is nothing in that area but 2 rundown attractions not in use. They moved the surrounding spaces at both fort & wdl the space is waiting for something weather it be the dvc only water park promised or this the space was open and sitting there!

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