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  1. EricJ

    And, it was going to be the official “subway” of Epcot City, between the residential/farming spokes and the downtown “hub”, while monorails handled the downtown traffic.
    (As we see in the model for “Progress City”, in the WDW ride.)

  2. janie

    except thats a picture of dl peoplemover!

  3. Patricia

    My family love the people mover in Florida we always split into two groups, one with those old enough to get on Space Mountain and those less adventurous and smaller kids headed for the sky, not quite space but exciting enough! It had everything you could want, no queue, a wee breeze and you could go round as many times as you like with a quick wave to the Controller….Happy memories.

  4. Bill

    I worked at D-land for 3 years starting in 1970.
    Chuckled at the terms used in the article “never failed…”, “reliable”.
    Maybe…as long as we didn’t get more than 3 drops of rain. “101” was the radio code for an attraction being down, or inoperative. We didn’t get a lot of rain in Anaheim, but if we got the slightest sprinkle, I’d hear the radio call “People Mover is 101”.

    That didn’t happen on my submarines.

  5. Star Wars Sithea

    Loved the Disneyland People Mover. Was the only ride (at the time) that really made me feel like I was just a person participating in the daily life of the future, strolling through a future world. Am really hoping they bring it back in the Tomorrowland refurbishment.

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