The Cast of Frozen Surprises a Healthcare Worker

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Cast of Frozen Celebrates NICU nurse, Kellie

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Thanks to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! television program, the cast of Frozen was able to surprise a healthcare worker who works in a neonatal intensive care unit.

How Has Being a NICU Nurse Changed During a Pandemic?

From Hartford in Connecticut, Kellie Merner has adapted in her field as a NICU worker due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. In a segment hosted by Frozen‘s Josh Gad, she was announced and honored as the program’s #HealthCareHero for navigating how to adapt in these challenging times. This is what Kellie had to say about these changes:

The biggest change has been our visitor policy. Parents are no longer allowed to visit their babies together. Which is challenging, because they can’t have that bonding experience together with their babies.

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Planning a Disney Frozen Wedding During a Pandemic?

Covid-19 has also changed more that just nurse Kellie’s occupation. It also changed some major plans she had set for her summer. Kellie and her fiance were supposed to have a Disney Princess themed wedding in June, that has now been postponed. Due to her and her fiance’s love of Frozen, there were supposed to be some nods to the film that were going to be tied into their wedding theme.

Frozen Cast Helps NICU Nurse With Wedding Tradition
Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

How The Cast of Frozen was Able to Help

Olaf, we mean Josh Gad, then introduced the rest of the Frozen gang to help relieve some of Kellie’s wedding blues. Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Jonathon Groff joined the virtual meetup to help. The cast of Frozen decided to help Kellie with a bridal tradition of something old, new, borrowed, and blue. For borrowed, Kristen Bell decided to let nurse Merner borrow her Golden Girls puzzle. As for something blue, Idina Menzel is gifting Kellie with a special made Elsa dress that she performed on stage with Taylor Swift! The whole cast was pleasantly surprised with Idina’s gift. Jonathon Groff gave Kellie a plush Olaf. They saved the best for last, which was gifting Kellie with $10,000 and care packages for her co-workers, courtesy of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the Boomer Naturals company!

Catch the heartwarming video below:



If you could nominate a #HealthCareHero that you know, who would it be and why?

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