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cast members at dca


  1. Asher

    I hope they allow face
    Shields for guests with disabilities.cdph and cdc
    Guidelines in place now allow face covering exemptions. I hope gov newson does not alllow theme parks to open without that in place. If employees don’t like they can work remotely or in isolation or seek employment elsewhere. For those who say wait till the pandemic is over. That could be months or years.

    1. Jables

      So you can go to a *theme park* for *fun* you want these employees to work remotely… How exactly does someone who works at a theme park work remotely?
      Or they should quit their jobs because you’re impatient?
      Got it.

      1. PJ

        Right? It’s like they are already finding fault. And expressing their wants and needs and NOT concerned for other well being, just what makes them HAPPY go figure.

    2. J

      Maybe you should stay home if you don’t like the idea of wearing a mask. You want them to make exceptions and then when something bad happens to you or your family, then you would probably blame Disney or the governor for not doing enough.

      1. PJ

        Exactly, only peeps that can go by a FEW SIMPLE RULES ALLOWED

      2. Steve

        The same can be said for those that want to ware a mask… if you are scared why can you stay home? Then you say ware it to help others but don’t take into consideration those that legitimately can’t ware a mask!! Things aren’t always black and white… don’t shame someone just because they don’t think wearing a mask saves life’s or helps at all… we are all so quick to point fingers and say you need to change but don’t tell me I need to change…. go outside… look around and think for yourself and things will be so much better for you!!!

        1. Ken G

          It is a rule. Plain and simple. Just as if Disney had a rule that says someone can’t walk around the parks in bare feet. Sure, some dummy could say “I have a disability so it’s hard for me to wear shoes or anything on my feet.” – Ah, sorry. No Disney for you.
          Why can’t you except this is a rule you agree to to get into the parks? Just like anywhere else.
          No shoes – No shirt -No mask – No service.

      3. Audrey

        I could tell you wearing a mask for 8 hrs in the heat is very hard so unless you can do it you may want to wait until it is cooler. You cannot walk and eat at the same time. This is enforced at Downtown Disney and will be enforced in both Disneyland and DCA. I know we all want to go but we must adhere to the rules. You may want to plan later rather than now.

    3. PJ

      It has nothing to do with employees NOT liking it! The Face Mask Rule is at all Disney Properties with NO Exceptions for the protection of the Guests & Cast Members. So, if you have health issues wait till the park has NO RESTRICTIONS to avoid disappointment or being turned away. They also won’t let Guests wear Gaiter Masks (the ones that cover your face and go down your neck. Hope this helps

      1. David

        Thats a really hard one as ADA technically protects those with a health issue preventing them from anything. Disabled Americans have a right to be able to enjoy the same experience as everyone else. So I will admit I am split on this one as Disney seems to be violating the ADA, but their reasoning of a pandemic could also be reasonable. I am not a lawyer, but have dealt with the ADA within my business dealings.

        1. Jimmy

          The law retaining to Ada is that they must make reasonable accommodations as long as it doesn’t endanger others. Since we are in pandamic and allowing people go mask less the accomediations would endanger others so Disney does not need to make exceptions.

      2. cog

        If Disneyland and dca open. Yes face mask should be 100% Mandatory. No exemptions unless sitting and eatting. If you can’t wear a mask. You do not need to be in a disney park!!

        1. Other J

          Good luck trying to dictate what a private company can and can’t do👍.😷👍

    4. David

      I am really interested in what WDW did with not allowing this medical exemption. I am interested in the legal troubles associated with this. While I don’t disagree or agree with their stance, its really hard for me given that the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) protects those with disabilities against exactly this. That’s why we have elevators and ramps, larger bathroom stalls, handicapped parking. Disney even has disabled access into rides for people that cannot medically wait in line. I personally have a hard time with them turning anyone away because of a real proven medical disability.

      1. Greg

        The ADA has an exception for endangering the health of others. If accommodating someone means others would be put in danger you’re allowed to discriminate. Since giving someone a mask exemption would put everyone else in danger they’re allowed to have that restriction.

    5. cog

      If Disneyland and dca open. Yes face mask should be 100% Mandatory. No exemptions unless sitting and eatting. If you can’t wear a mask. You do not need to be in a disney park!!

    6. Ken G

      Those are the exact people who should not be going out in public unless absolutely necessary. And face shields DO NOT protect the way a face mask does! It is about protecting your eyes rather than wearing softly googles.
      I have both and I can tell you when using a face shield when I have done wood work, taken up tile, etc. the dust still gets in unlike a mask.
      And if it gets it, it means your breath can get out. Stay home!

    7. Kevin

      Thanks for looking out for the employees who make both parks magical for us guests. If you have any concerns either ask the governors office or Disneyland Corporate

    8. Disney mom

      How about you just stay home and try to remotely get a brain.
      Mask will be enforced 100% for the safety of everyone but most importantly for their employees. Stay home if you can’t wear a mask.

  2. Aly

    Wearing a mask from entrance to exit is miserable for me and my small kids. I hope they allow masks requirements to let up while outside and distanced.

    1. PJ

      Don’t make plans to come because that is NOT happening Masks are mandatory as long as your in the park and you are allowed to take them off when you are stationary eating and or drinking

    2. Dsneygirl

      If you can’t play by the rules for now stay home. It’s not the end of the world. We’ve been doing it for months in Florida with 100° Temps.

  3. Alyson

    Wearing a mask from entrance to exit is miserable for me and my small kids. I hope they allow masks requirements to let up while outside and distanced.

  4. Sarah

    They should enforce masks throughout just like Walt Disney World until vaccines are test and readily available next summer. If you cannot wear a mask, you really shouldn’t go. I would be worried about you getting or spreading Covid since it is airborne.

    1. Asher

      Vaccine and therapeutics are planned to be here by the first of the year or shortly thereafter. In terms of people lying about medical conditions, LEGO land ca is planning on requiring a generic drs note with no specific diagnosis but says a in accordance with the cdph and cdc
      Guidelines that a person has a medical condition that prevents wearing a face covering. I would hope Disney and universal would do something similar. I have written Disney and their associate labor union and the the governor and cdph about this.

    2. Jessica

      It’s not airborn

      1. Kristine

        Yes, it is airborne! On what planet have you been living? All the medical professionals are saying that it’s airborne; especially if sobering is yelling; laughing, or otherwise forcefully expelling air and droplets from their lungs. SMH!

      2. PJ

        Please, yes it is, someone who is a carrier sneezes , in an elevator etc. for all that don’t want to wear masks it’s in the droplets from Eyes, Nose & Mouth….

      3. Pamm Anderson

        For downtown Disney I wear a mask under a shield, it was appreciated by some of the cast members. All guests must wear masks for your safety and theirs. 🧚

    3. PJ


    4. Natasha

      Ok sheeple! You don’t really think Disney would consider opening if they truly believed this virus was such a deadly airborne pathogen like the bubonic plague? Ha! Lol! Wake up! There is no deadly virus! This is a bad flu at best! Just like the seasonal flu which sadly kills very sick and very old people If not young people which is worse than this flu which most don’t even know they have because there’s no symptoms! This is nothing more the sniffles for most! CDC finally told the truth fur once and that’s why it’s opening because the money is running out and the jig is up!

      1. Cece Apple

        The Cast Member’s at the DCA turnstiles were from IT, and doing routine maintenance. There is no plans at this time to open the parks soon. Calm down, stay home, and wear your mask in public.

      2. Other J

        Bubonic plague was definitely not airborne……check your facts. Hint: fleas played a role. Also tell that to the almost 200000 people that have died. Oh wait…..they’re dead. 🙄 Also, people misconstrued those numbers. They all still died of Covid but some had conditions that hastened or complicated their deaths. People walk around all the time not knowing what type of silent illnesses they have.
        I personally am glad they’re opening and will happily wear a mask to keep OTHER people safe.😷

  5. Jane

    To each his own, but I won’t be going any time soon. Too many people find out too late that they were positive, but asymptomatic. Too many people lie about medical exemptions for masks simply because they don’t like wearing them, even though that puts everyone around them at risk. Too many people still don’t practice proper hygiene and too many people won’t believe this virus is real and horrible even for children. Too many people are OK with a percentage of illness and death… until it happens to them and they post their regrets online. Also, those bringing children are literally consenting to possible exposure for them, not knowing or not caring about the possibility of future health problems that can arise from having the virus, even if they don’t die from it. If more people took this seriously from the get go, we could have gotten it under control by now but nope, too many people only think about themselves and don’t bother to find out actual facts. You all have a great time while you can, I’ll continue with all of my happy memories until I feel that it’s safe to go back.

    1. Tim

      The actual facts that the CDC just revealed is 6% died from covid. Less than 10,000 people. 12,000-60,000 people die from the flu each year. Are we going to do this for the flu each year?

      1. Common Sense

        Republican propaganda! 100% of the deaths from COVID-19 are from COVID-19. COVID-19 is not a flu it is a virus. Stop watching FAUX news and educate yourself!

      2. JAY

        Less than 10,000 people? 6%?? 6% of what? Not only are you horrible with math, you must not be able to read since you obviously have not read ANYTHING in the news.

      3. WS Mavrik

        I guess you’ve never seen a death certificate. I have three here for my father, my mother, and my sister. My mother’s states that she died of cardiac arrest on the first line for cause of death. The second line said due to lung cancer. Without lung cancer she would have lived longer. People like me have heart disease. I’ll live a long life if I’m not infected. If I’m infected, studies show that I have a 15% chance of dying. That’s what happened to 94% of the people. Living fine with their condition. Died because they were infected with Covid 19.

    2. M

      I agree with you!

  6. Diana

    The science and data clearly show this virus isn’t dangerous for the VAST majority of the population. If you’re elderly or have pre existing conditions, stay home! Everyone else should be allowed to choose if they want to go out or not, with or without a mask!! The only reason COVID has gotten this response is because of the election. Had this virus showed up last year or next year, it wouldn’t received the same attention swine flu did. This whole thing has been horribly blown out of proportion and the MSM has needlessly incited fear. It needs to stop! NOW!

    1. D

      ….and this is why the government has to step in. People are so selfish and inconsiderate! We are called the UNITED States for a reason. We used to be taught to love and care about our fellow Americans! For me, Disney was the last public place where everyone seemed to be on the same page.

      1. PJ

        Thank you

        1. Michelle Strother

          Right now Disney isn’t going well at all. They are being sued by a construction company they hired. Today I found out that Netflix is suing them also. Disney’s future looks pretty grim right now.

    2. PJ

      You can do all that, you just don’t go where they require wearing masks, where they are caring about your fellow man and being responsible

    3. Natasha

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Gov Gruesome is not only lying to us he is torturing us and he is doing it on purpose. This is how he operates; we have seen it many times before and we are seeing it again. He “gives” and then “takes away,” pulling the rug out from under Californians randomly, arbitrarily, as if he has the right to do this, which he doesn’t.
      There is simply no way ANY county can meet these new guidelines, especially given the documented fudging of “case” numbers that has been done and will continue to be done as long as the phony “state of emergency” lockdown continues to benefit our politicians and bureaucrats. And it HAS benefited them greatly: They have been very busy and productive in the past several months checking off the items on their left-wing, money-grubbing, punitive, civil-rights-removing political agenda. Anyone who cares to look can see that, and many have seen it, because (DUH) it is right there in front of everyone’s eyes.
      In any event, “cases,” also known as “positive tests,” should NOT be the standard by which public health policy is made. The politicians and bureaucrats use “cases” because they know it evokes in the public’s mind mental imagery of people very sick with COVID, when this is simply NOT TRUE; the vast majority who test positive and thus are referred to as “cases” have NO or MINOR symptoms. The correct standard we should be looking at, used historically by epidemiologists, is rate of decreasing hospitalizations and death, a number that has been plummeting since late April.
      And, by the way, as Katy Grimes has pointed out, we see from the latest CDC “adjustment” of death-by-COVID numbers that the ones previously touted, some 150K (or more!) were WAY, WAY, WAY off. A number of under 10K deaths from COVID19 for the entire country is a significantly different number, isn’t it?
      The liars and their lies are unraveling now.

  7. Tyler

    I can’t believe how many Karen’s showed up in these comments.

  8. TD

    Went to WDW in July a week after they re-opened. They did a fantastic job keeping everyone safe, and very strictly enforced masks regulations. If you don’t want to wear one, or you want to make up an excuse to not wear one, don’t go. The parks are perfectly safe, and quite frankly, safer than your local grocery store. And no, the masks are not that difficult to wear from opening to close….we did it for 10 days straight with ages ranging from 2-58.

    1. PJ

      Thank you, another reason why it’s ok to have a few rules in place for cast & guest

  9. David

    For Asher
    I’m glad to know that you don’t care about anyone else but yourself. If you can’t wear a mask then maybe you shouldn’t go to the park.

  10. David

    I’m glad to know that you don’t care about anyone else but yourself. The masks and cast members are there to make sure that everyone is safe including you. If you can’t wear a mask maybe you shouldn’t go to the park.

  11. PJ

    FYI ALL GUESTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK (with no exceptions) They will NOT argue, you will be denied entry or removed from park. There is NO exceptions! So, if you have health issues, children that will NOT keep them on etc. you need to save your visit for when the Virus 🦠 is hopefully under control. AND! you can remove your mask when your eating or drinking BUT, you MUST be at a table etc. NO WALKING around with food or drink without mask on, it will be enforced. I was concerned as a California Born and raised person that ALL of the entitled individuals will try to get around, over, beyond, avoid the rules set fourth to protect not only themselves but, the cast members. It’s so like this area to ALREADY start complaining on this feed and they are NOT OPEN YET! DISNEY WORLD has been open for months with a few incidents of non complying and guests were removed BUT, almost ALL people are complying and Thats why they remain open and people from all over the World vacation there. BUT, again I will repeat.., Californian’s are already starting in! just by the comments on this Blog. And this is what ruins it for everyone else! And, the people that are responding negatively are Adults so, where do their children learn the behavior? The privileged, wanting their way, their right etc. so sad for the Happiest Place on Earth! Stay Home People (if you can’t have your way don’t go, you’ll just end up a Karen online)till the park does not require masks and the virus is under control. Let the people that know that the rules are set in place for all of Our Cast Members and themselves come and enjoy a safe place to play ❤️🏰 thank you

  12. Elizabeth


    1. PJ

      I don’t think anyone is making rumors that Disneyland & California Adventure are opening, I think they are mostly complaining about mask wearing, and throwing misinformation about the virus. AND, then there are the Disney Peeps behind the rules showing concern for their fellow man and Cast Members. Right?

    2. PJ

      No one is doing that

  13. I stand with ‘Jane’. Just plain ol’ common sense. Wearing a Mask is becoming an IQ Test! I live blocks from Disneyland and I’ve driven by and all around the hotel areas and Downtown Disney and it felt like I was holding the hand of a dear person while they were in the hospital.
    The Lego Dragon can be seen over the bridge and it’s so familiar! I can wait over here and see how it goes. If I can’t wait any longer, my Blinged-Out Mask is all ready to go! MASK UP!

  14. Shawn Kent

    I’ll be sure to carry extra masks and some super glue.. lol

  15. Russell Acosta

    Were in a serious pandemic. A highly contagious and deadly pandemic.
    This is not the time to attend amusement parks. If any, amusement parks carry a lot of germs. Also people a too clustered together while in line, for food and for rides. Masks would be mandatory while all rides. I can’t tell you how many times I felt someone secretions of their fluids out of their mouths while riding space mountain or any fast coaster.
    Also, the hand rails are littered with germs along with droplets from humans.
    It’s just one year that’s washed, things will become normal again once a vaccine is administered.
    Society has become a bit spoiled with indulgence and decadence. Read up on the years of 1918 thru 1920 with the Spanish flu that killed millions. They did not have grub hub or Netflix or fast food joints. We all need to deal with it as we are all in this together. Hang in there. Stay safe.

    1. Matthew

      Amen to that Russell!! This serious deadly pandemic has already claimed the lives of .01% of the worlds population. So let’s stay home and keep hiding under our beds until 40 million more Americans lose their jobs!

  16. David

    I am very excited to see things coming along. My wife and I had been planning an October trip, and were sad that we dont have opening dates yet. We were at WDW right before they closed, and then went again right after they re-opened. It was a somewhat surreal experience given the crowd levels, and the experience was still fantastic! Would like to get to enjoy that same feeling at Disneyland. I actually may end up going back to WDW in October if Disneyland has not reopened yet.

    Note on mask:
    We went for 3 days in the pure heat of July in Orlando. I had no problems as tall having a mask on the entire time. It seemed like 98% of the crowds also had no issue with this as the rest stations were not even being used. I was also surprised to see children as young as 2 happily wearing mask. If your Kid or you cannot do that, then just don’t go. I 100% expect Disneyland will adhere to the same measures as WDW, if not even more restrictions given the state of California’s caution.

  17. marvin sequeira

    Disney really needs to to b careful cuz many cms are still uncomfortable going back to work. Disney is nonessential at this time . Its corporate greed all they care is about money. Wealth bfore health. Shame on disney. Smh

  18. marvin sequeira

    Its corporate greed. All they think about is money. Shame on disney. Smh

  19. Stitch0922

    I went to WDW for 4 days in August. They are heavily enforcing their mask policy in the parks, the hotels (we stayed on property) and everywhere in between. I live in Florida so it gets pretty hot here. The day we went to MK it was a heat index of 110!!! That being said if you find the right mask its not that bad. Going to Disney was safer than going to the grocery store and we came back just fine! We are going again in 2 weeks and then again 2 weeks after that! My issue is no park hopping even though we pay for it (annual passholder). They should allow a version of park hopping, i.e. if we finish in one park they should allow us to forgo the rest of the day in the park we have a reservation for and allow us to pick up a reservation for another park!! Its common sense to keep your passholders happy. Now back on topic, I hate wearing a mask, i suffer from fibromyalgia and it makes it hard for me to breath but I wanted to go to disney so bad that I sucked it up and dealt with it and it honestly was not as bad as I thought. My recommendation would be to constantly get your free water and some kind of refreshing body spray and you should be good.

  20. Gloria

    I am so ready for both parks to open. I have missed my second home, especially since I was going two or three times a week.
    I have complete faith that both parks are ready to open and have taken the necessary guidelines to keeping us all safe.

    1. Indy

      Don’t dust those APs off just yet. I’ve heard November as a possible opening. Also heard Candlelight has been cancelled so don’t expect to see that.
      And for those of you spouting that 6% number, please do a little research and understand how cause of death is listed. If someone is stabbed and the knife hits a lung and the collapsed lung leads to death. Guess what is listed as cause of death. BOTH a knife wound AND collapsed lung. So this person would not be part of the “only listing knife wound as cause of death” percentage. If you get Covid that causes pneumonia that causes an infection and leads to death. Guess whats listed as cause of death. Pneumonia and Covid. So they would not be part of that 6% of Covid only, but they also would not have contracted pneumonia and not have died. You have to add all those percentages up.

  21. Roger Ricalde

    Ill be so HAPPY to get back to work and do my thing.

  22. Disney mom

    How about you just stay home and try to remotely get a brain.
    Mask will be enforced 100% for the safety of everyone but most importantly for their employees. Stay home if you can’t wear a mask.

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