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yehaa bob


  1. Thomas

    Such sad news. When I visited WDW in 2016 with my brother from the UK we had one day when we decided to not do much and came back to Port Orleans Riverside where we were staying and Bob was just starting his set for the night. My brother had a cocktail and I had a glass of wine and Bob just made the night for us. We got to talk to a lot of people there from around the world and the men all had to pretend to ride horses round the bar while he sang ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’ or something like that. We spoke to him during the break for the classic photo pointing at the camera, and he was so friendly, asking us about our vacation, what we’d done, what we had planned and also about his experiences visiting and performing in the UK when he was younger (we’re from the UK so it wasn’t just a random anecdote) and just added to the whole experience, and I still have his signed photo framed on one of my bedroom cabinets. I hope that when things get back to some sort of normality they would think about taking him back on, if he would want to, he’s an absolute asset who always adds to people’s holiday experience.

  2. Jennifer Rundle

    Aw, that’s so sad! 🙁 My dad started as a musician with EPCOT in 1982 and the performers/artists can be put in tough spots. Maybe when attendance resumes to more normal numbers he can too…?

  3. Georgia R.

    My son and I were so looking forward to starting our vacation with seeing him for the 1st time when we visit next October for the big celebration. Bob, I wish you the best. Maybe you may be returning after all this hallabaloo comes to an end.

  4. prince charming

    As Ronald reagan said, a recession is when your neighbor is unemployed; a depression is when you are out of work: and relief is when Cheapo Chapek is out of work! Chapek is penny wise and dollar foolish.

  5. Michelle D

    I just cancelled all my WDW trips for the next 12 months. I also just bought a UOAP. WDW magic is the great group of CMs and YeeHaw Bob is a treasure. I was looking forward to spending my birthday at his show.

  6. Danielle Fukumoto

    This is absolutely so sad! We have not made our way to WDW, but he would have made it our top priority. We wish him the best and hope he can make it back when we are able to travel. These times are so heartbreaking for him and all of the cast members who have been affected. Our ❤ is with you all.

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