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Beast's Castle

New Fantasyland, including the spectacular attraction Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, opened at Tokyo Disneyland and the Imagineering definitely gives us the adventure Belle craved. Get ready to step into the little town in France and be transported into Beauty and the Beast.

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Disney Parks Blog released a video starring Imagineers Jim Clark and Ted Robledo, 2 of the key Imagineers that brought Belle’s village and story to life at Tokyo Disney Resort. Before you even watch the video, Disney Parks Blog says:

The newest area of Fantasyland will immerse guests in the world of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Beauty and the Beast.” Belle’s village will make guests feel like they’ve dropped into the beginning of the classic film and are getting ready to follow Belle on her adventure. The centerpiece of the area, Beauty and the Beast Castle, will hover above the land and house the new attraction, Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast.

Close-up Look at Beast\'s Castle
Credit: Disney

And once you watch the video, all of that is true. So let’s take an exclusive sneak peek into Belle’s Village and the behind-the-scenes of Beast’s Castle at Tokyo Disney. Plus, we will discuss why the land as a whole allows you to become Belle and experience Beauty and the Beast for yourself.

Belle’s Village

The opening song and scenes in Beauty and the Beast are some of the most memorable in the film. Watching Belle walk through the “provincial town” in France while the classic song begins, “Little town, it’s a quiet village” immerses you into the storyline immediately and now you get to enter the story in the flesh.

Imagineer Jim Clark stated:

“So when Guests enter Belle’s Village, they are going to feel like they are walking through the beginning of that classic animated film. They’ll see Maurice’s Cottage, they’ll walk past Gaston’s Tavern, and the Bookshop”

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Credit: Disney
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You are able to enter the village just as Belle did an immediately enter the Beauty and the Beast film. It is as if you are walking through the opening number and discovering everything including the Bookshop where Belle discovered the book that held stories of “far off places, daring sword fights, and a prince in disguise!” And yes, that is also the plot of this film.

A large brick building
Credit: Disney

The buildings that you see here at Tokyo Disney Resort are special because Imagineers were able to animate the 2-D creations from Beauty and the Beast and being them to life in a fantastical and still animated way at Tokyo Disneyland. Although these buildings are brand new, their facades allow us as Disney Park Guests to believe they have been their for hundred of years. That is the magic of Imagineering.

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Watch a walk through of Belle’s Village on opening day here from Youtuber DAPS Magic:

Become Belle

So now that you have walked through Alan Menken and Howard Ashman’s Belle, the film must continue. New Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland will then carry the plot on and you will head into the forrest as Belle did. The land has been Imagineered in such a way to naturally lead you through the stages of Beauty and the Beast. Once you leave the village, trees will surround you mimicking the forrest, and the Beast’s Castle will loom eerie in the background. Although the castle is spectacular once you get close to it, Imagineers have the challenge to make you forget that and feel the same way Belle did as she approached the terrifyingly abandoned kingdom.

Credit: Disney

As you get closer, the castle grows in size and the tree’s disappear, pulling you in. This only intensifies the desire to ride the new attraction, Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast.

Beast\'s Castle
Credit: Disney

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Once you approach Beast’s Castle, just like Belle, you must enter (the queue). Enchanted Tales of Beauty and the Beast is the next step in carrying on the plot of the film and your experience as you deep dive into Beauty and the Beast. You will notice the ride does not begin in Belle’s Village as the film does, that is because you already walked through it. The ride carries you through the rest of the film with the latest technology in animatronics with a trackless vehicle that will dance to the music of the classic film.

Check out Youtuber Disneyphile’s POV of the new attraction:

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Are you ready to ride Enchanted Tales of Beauty and the Beast and enter the world of Beauty and the Beast? Let us know your thoughts!

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