Comments for Could Aulani Implement Guest GPS Trackers After Governor Approval?

mickey and minnie aulani

Credit: Disney


  1. Dylan

    So instead of vacationing in a hotel room for 2 weeks, I could now go to the pool on vacation for 2 weeks, but still on house arrest. How will this improve the economy in any substantive way? It’s still a 2 week house arrest.

  2. J.

    Wow, that’s a little scary. No thanks. It’s also hard for me to imagine anyone shelling out the cash to get to Hawaii to just sit around the pool at their hotel.

  3. prince charming

    I would put Go. Ing in jail where the crook belongs and the economy of hawaii will be better right away. Gov. Ing said that he would allow Japanese citizens into Hawaii before letting mainland Americans arrive. What a slap in the face to all the men who died at Pearl Harbor!

  4. Ahnsael

    So what prevents a guest from just taking the device off and leaving it in their room when they go out? And if one plays by the rules, what’s the point of even going just to quarantine for two weeks and then go back home?

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