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  1. EricJ

    Young girls don’t think of princesses in terms of “Forced marriage for political expedience”. Cynical relationship-bitten grown women do, when they want to rue every optimistic thought they had in childhood.
    (Which is why Anna is a “klutz”, because female scriptwriter/directors wanted to portray optimistic-dreamer girls as babbling caffeinated lunatics leaping happily into the arms of Mr. Wrong, unless smart pessimistic independent ones warn them out of it for their own good in time.)

    Since most 7-12 yo. girls DON’T want to kiss icky boys, they think of “Princess” in the more abstract sense of being in the best position ever to show who they want to be–Whether it’s the right dress, having your own pony, or, the big appeal, magic powers.
    Disney’s own marketing was well aware of that: I remember World of Disney’s stores trying to market their princess aisles with a display of what each princess “symbolized”: Snow White was sweet, Belle was smart, Jasmine was independent, Tiana was hardworking, Ariel was curious, etc.
    That’s because they have CHARACTERS in a story to sell, y’see, and aren’t trying to prove something to the world about their own messed-up lives.

  2. Thomas

    I don’t know about being good role models for young girls, but for a gay man absolutely! They know how to sing, they know how to go out on their own to find what they want, and usually end up with a really hot guy! But the one thing they all promote is hope and there is nothing wrong with a bit of that, especially in the world we’re currently living in. We hope to live in a world of tolerance, we hope to be able to hug our loved ones as soon as this covid thing is, not over as I think it’ll end up being as common as the flu, but as soon as it’s under control. What’s wrong with a bit of hope? All of the Princesses hoped for a better life than the one they currently live in, however they picture that life to be.

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