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Why Universal is more popular than Disney?


  1. cindy caine

    please as someone whom loves disney works for universal stop this my park is better than or more in demand than yours! The fans do this and its ridiculous all cast all managers we encourage each other bc are there for each other its a madcap world of big business! We are all not above the arrogance of stupid the companies are but unite for the fact we love the parks!

    1. davis

      Preach on universal sister!

      1. Darth Helpful

        Anyway, everybody already knows Gatorland is really the best.

      2. cindy caine

        Darth esp wo hhn we are going to the gators iknow this is a wdw site but our #s arent so great either! I heard the gators and ghosts of st aug are doing better than we are.

    2. Kelly Connerton

      This is a well written and balanced article. It is a matter of my park is better than yours. The article points out the difference in how people are treated and that is a primary driver for most when making a choice where to go or not go. Disney’s abysmal treatment of its annual passholders, the inability to contact Disney without a significant hold time, and loss of value of the tickets ( not allowing fireworks, meet and greets, no park hopping, and the need for a reservation along with the ticket) Without lowering the price of the ticket. Disney absolutely deserves the criticism.

      1. rosie

        universal is having the same experiences and we had people w covid no one cares to note deaths bc of volcano bay etc. Disney is at the forefront bc its disney! Which proves its more loved than you but like i said in another article literally written right around this bc itm does that when theres nothing to report cindy is right its my park vs your park but no one does this but the fans! Even the heads of disney and uni are friends and its friendly comp! No one cares and fansites feed it… like obviously by the fact i have said to each his own multi times here!

  2. Paul

    Universal is simply a better park. Better Coasters and overall thrill factor. Disney is Pictures with Mickey and Turkey Legs

    1. Mark

      you know your on a disney fan site be careful w your comments!

  3. Stan

    Disney has turned into a Nanny organization telling you what to do, when to do it and how you should think about it. Universal is a return to normalcy that people want to experience. Universal will get my money.

    1. lydia

      i rather be nannyed and safe then run a muck at the park w covid scares and run down rides!

  4. Ryan Serowinski

    Disney is absolutely screwed right now, because for the following:

    1. Universal reopened before Disney World

    2. Universal didn’t lose the Marvel theme park rights, despite reopening its Floridian resort before Disney(the owners of the Marvel brand)

    3. Disney doesn’t have as many characters as Universal(mainly third party characters like thoses from WB’s Scooby-Doo, Nick’s SpongeBob, and Fox’s the Simpsons) and no sites of selfie spots(they should had easily brought back “Bo Peep”, “Mike Wazowski”, “Frozone”, “Darth Vader”, “Star-Lord”, “Gamora”, and “Olaf” to appear for selfie spots like the ones seen at Disneyland Paris), the only way to see them up close with touching or hugging will be in cavalcades

    4. Hollywood Studios is nearly deserted, with a handful of their popular shows(despite some of them overstaying their welcome, and a rumor of one them being permanently retired), but at least two of them were replaced with alternative shows

    5. All construction was suspended, but at least returned to work at some point, but I’m hoping for the work to be immediately rushed and have 75% of the upcoming attractions to be ready by 10/1/2021

    Why Universal is Lucky:

    1. They’d reopened before WDW

    2. They didn’t get rid of the Marvel theme park rights, nor characters the two most unpopular franchises and had faded to obscurity(with very few fans and one of them had a successful film out last Summer), Barney & Friends and Dora the Explorer, in which the latter two franchises should both be permanently retired from the resort(and YET, Disney took out Sofia the First and Jake from Hollywood Studios, before Universal would even talk to Mattel and ViacomCBS respectively to phase out the two not as popular franchises from the resort for good)

    3. Has a much more variety of characters for guests to take selfies with(and to no surprise that no care was given to bring back She-Ra(even if she would have a face mask on) and Everest from Abominable back to the resort), including the Minions, Shrek, the Trolls, the Seuss gang, and to everyone’s surprise the Marvel heroes(in their Party City costumes rather than top quality costumes that Disney had been known for their appearances at Disneyland(and with a limited option of Spidey, Capt. America, and four of the X-Men) and much more

    4. Continued work on projects like the Jurassic World coaster that has yet to be announced, rather than suspend work all together

    5. Kept its worst ride “Fast and Furious Supercharged” open until recently, but unfortunately to the dismay of the ride’s haters, the closure is just temporary and isn’t a permanent closure(in which should had demolished the show building for a Floridian clone of the Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash dark ride that’s coming to Hollywood possibly next year)

    1. Ryan Serowinski

      *without touching them

      1. Jay

        If you go to Universal you have less SLW in your face and you can escape the real world.

    2. cindy caine

      enjoy your blue tint universal glasses there even us employees do not wear em!

      1. Dean Martin

        Speaking as a DVC member, AP, and FL resident. Lets face it… The magic is gone… No park hopping… No popping into a themed wdw resort for a day then dinner… No pool hopping. It will be interesting to see if Disney can even hire all of their cast members back. We have been going to Universal.

  5. Natalie Sugg

    I just went to Disney this week and although the reservations are a bit annoying, I can honestly say this trip was my most enjoyable trip. They did it to restrict the amount of guests in the park, which is smart. Disney has done a fantastic job with all their new health precautions. I felt safer at Disney rather than a publix or Walmart. Everybody wore their masks, they constantly sanitized the rides, hand sanitizer and hand washing stations were available everywhere, 6 feet marking were everywhere, bus assigned seating, health announcements, plexiglass dividers in the queue & buses, smaller rider capacity, absolutely no crowds! None! Plus the wait times were exceptionally low. Disney although took a long time to open you can tell they truly care for the safety of their guests. It saddens me to see they are not in high demand but they are doing covid the right way. Disney has done an amazing job! I felt extremely safe there and felt like I was not at risk of getting covid.

  6. Susan

    Until the mask mandate is permanently removed and the parks can fully reopen without restrictions of any kind, both Disney and Universal should remain closed indefinitely.

    Also, Disney had been going down the tubes for years especially with how they treat handicapped people and with the new reservations system of tickets. Disney literally only cares about the money and have been upping and upping their prices to the point they have priced out the local residents.

    1. mark

      every park in the country has a mask mandate and park passes to get in even the local zoos attractions etc. You need passes to get in! Are you serious w your blind comments right now!?

  7. Jeff Riley

    I like both parks, but believe both are different. For me Universal is a short term visit, 3 or 4 days are fine. Disney, based on number of parks is about 10 days. Right now it’s an easy choice. We normally go to HHN, but when it was canceled we tried to reschedule to Disney. The lack of Park Hopper, and Dining Plan made Disney a no go. Easy choice, back to Universal.

  8. Lisa Yetman

    I cannot vouch for Universal, since I’ve never been. I’m not much of a “thrill rider”. My grown sons have been …in the past.
    Yes, there are issues with the way Disney World is handling their COVID opening. I would be interested to find out what the percentage of COVID contraction is for Universal patrons vs. WDW patrons. Safety is Disney’s FIRST concern-always! – so they want to make sure Guests have a good time and a safe time while in the parks. Yes, their operations are rather limited now, but they did open later than Universal – smack dab in the middle of the Florida resurgence of COVID! Can you blame them for watching out for their Guests – when the government is still hesitant to do the same?

  9. Jordan

    Go to Disney right now and I dare anyone to think “this was an enjoyable as ever!” Its a shame at how its a fraction of what it was months ago. You need to plan when you want to go weeks out, half the food is closed, you can’t get food unless you pre-order, the biggest ride in recent memory is impossible to get on unless you arrive early. Its tragic to see. Be better, Disney

  10. MrsWeasleysTwin

    I’ve been in love with and obsessed with Disney my whole life. It’s always been my happy place. In the last 10 years I have come to love US parks also. I don’t think people need to be offended by this article. It is simply an analysis of why Universal parks are thriving more at this time.

  11. cindy caine

    i am sorry that all of you whom think we had it together and are better bc we opened 1st is out of their brain… besides that does not make us better! We screwed up by not waiting my whole section at wrk just went back after 3wks! There been people getting sick and universal does nothing! Oh wait they fire people! But wdw what they do whats right put capacity limits on so people are safe…. cut hrs so did we! Got rid of events so did we! Need to wear a mask oh wait we might be asking folks to wear sheilds yea so much better…. talk the talk but to say one is better than the other…. seriously loosing your minds!

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