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what not to do at disney


  1. davis

    oh cms esp get cursed out like people we get you spent alot of money but so did every one else! Your not privlaged bc your here! Please stop thinking you are! I also hear lots of awful language remember where you are i do not care if your child knows those words some others might not want there kids saying em! And please if you need to repamand a child walk away somewhere please do not make a scene i know plenty whom had a rough day and i also have helped plenty whom want to get on a ride and make a scene! Btw its little johnny bday is a reason to celebrate not for me whom was a security job to be your ward nor get you in the backdoor to rides nor is any other cm! Its magical enough your at the parks get a button pin and a cupcake at a restaurant and be happy okay…. sorry for venting but i thought it was the right place for it and have a magical day!

    1. Cindy Caine

      I am not at disney i wish i was but universal is same! The guests think we are all knowledgeable, all magical all the time and think they deserve it! While i love my job and helping guests like you said i am going to do that bc its my job not bc asked or your making a scene…. btw scenes made here is one way ticket to getting kicked! Just bc we are the parks w hhn and not for kids does not mean you get act like a drunk jerk 24/7 then why did you come! This list is as well as your davis is sad it happens at wdw let alone any theme park! Then they want to know why people can not follow mask rules etc. I am grateful to itm and anyone whom does get rules are rules and this article… you save us a day of worry and we could do our jobs with a smile! Btw do not forget there are cameras EVERYWHERE!

  2. here are my top 5 things of what not to do at Disney in particular order, 1- throwing trash, no excuse there are trash cans everywhere 2-placing your children on your shoulders during parades and shows, 3-taking flash photos when instructed not to, 4-running with your strollers in crowds, 5- not going to end of row after repeatedly told to do so.

    1. lydia

      2 is a safety hazard and thats the cm not doing their job as well. If there is no cm near by to tell em yes common sense but cms could also do their jobs better something is def lacking in training or caring to do job right! Back when i was a cm you followed rules strictly or else you were fired!

  3. Jill

    Please don’t ask for a refund because it rained. We don’t control that.

    Don’t stalk a front desk cast member because you didn’t get your outragious demands fulfilled at check in. It’s terrifying.

    Think of your children. It’s excitement overload for all of you. Naps will help all of you enjoy it more.

    CM’s are real people. Please treat us with respect.

    Please bring your manners with you.

  4. Gina

    The last time we were at Disney World it was not the patrons using fowl language. It was a Cast Member. I am in a wheelchair and we were getting in line to ride Splash Mountain and my son was not tall enough to ride, but I still had him in my lap while we waited in the que. The Cast Member called me a B—- when we would not get out of the que with him. (I thought that they provided an area for children who did not meet height requirements to wait while the other members of the party rode the ride.) My husband finally left the que and waited for the rest of the family to enjoy the ride. That Cast Member spoiled the magic for my family that day.

  5. prince charming

    When my wife and i went to a pizza resturant at WDW, my wife politely request that the employee put the pizza in a box. The employee then called her a MF. We spoke to DVC customer service and that employee was standing in the unemployment line the next day.

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