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Outdated WDW attractions


  1. Stephanie

    I would love to see the ride in the Mexico Pavilion get a Coco theme. It’s so perfect for that!!!!!
    I’ve wanted the Tomorrowland speedway to be themed to Sugar Rush for a long time now. It may make more sense in Disneyland if it was made a part of Fantasyland. I wish there was a candy shop next to it like the one on one of the Disney Cruise ships.
    In general, Tomorrowland has issues because it needs to be updated so frequently. Maybe it should go way into the future with ideas about living on Mars or just go with science fiction ideas about traveling through space.

    1. Love those ideas, Stephanie! Tomorrowland is a tough one because if you take things too far it’s basically just Future World in EPCOT!

  2. Mike C

    The film Tomorrowland gave us so many magical concepts that could be incorporated to revamp that entire section of the park. I know the film wasn’t that popular, but its Calatrava-designed architecture would be an excellent replacement for the 70’s/90’s version of “future architecture”.

    The WEDway (I refuse to say TTA) could certainly be spruced up merely with the scenery, replacing static mannequins and static signs with dynamic digital ones. The inclusion of fiberoptic and LED light schemes would also be useful, and wouldn’t be expensive or difficult to implement.

    With the financial resources available to Disney, a complete revamp so that Tomorrowland actually looks like Tomorrowland would be nice.

    I also love the idea of Coco instead of the Three Caballeros, mostly because I (finally) recently watched those South America designed compilations and it just seemed like it could have just as well been called “Donald Duck Tries to Get Laid in South America”

  3. janie

    did you really call walt disneys own cofp out of date! Honestly its about tech through the yrs but thats the show do not like it do not go! I love coming to mk at world just bc dl is gone and its tragic!

    1. I said the last scene is outdated, which it is! The attraction should 100% stay but it would be great to get a new ‘future’ scene added at the end 🙂

      1. davis

        at least horizons is still alive in some way! Btw ryan thats all epcot could have done for horizons but instead we got a death trap! At least horizons had a line all the time!

  4. Jay

    A big improvement would be to get rid of the idea that we need to keep changing things just for the idea of change. If they want to add something new that is fine but if you keep trying to change everything then you will not longer have anything original left and then WDW will not longer be “ the most magical place” and become become “the most like everything else place”.

    “Growing old is mandatory
    Growing up is optional”

  5. Mark

    It’s a Small World def needs a revamping. Never looks like they do anything to that corny, old ride. I don’t think they even replace the burnt out light bulbs anymore.

    1. lydia

      like what they have in dl where they added characters that belong in the scenes aka moana in hawaii!

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