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With more and more families looking for ways to entertain themselves at home or engage with one another virtually while they can’t physically be together, online puzzles have skyrocketed in popularity.

There are Disney jigsaw puzzles that can be done on the web, but the real challenge comes with doing a virtual escape room!

Escape rooms can be tough even with a group of people in the same space, so puzzling one out virtually is a worthy goal. Today, we’re sharing a new virtual Disney World escape room in which players have to get out of Magic Kingdom park.

Magic Kingdom in the rain
Credit: @thrillgeek

The game can be accessed here and begins with this message:

Welcome to our first virtual escape room! In this scenario, you’re stuck in Magic Kingdom. You need to solve clues and complete tasks to find the key and get out.

All of these tasks can be done on your computer/phone, but you may find it helpful to have a piece of paper to sketch down ideas and clues on.

A correct answer will take you to the next task. An incorrect answer will give you a hint and ask you the question again. If you still are stuck, take a guess and you will automatically jump to the next task.

You may want to take along these items in your ‘backpack’. Everything you need is given in the backpack or the clues – you will not need to Google anything. But, there might be some extra information in your backpack that you don’t need! Keep your backpack open in another tab, you’ll want to refer to it during the escape.

Your escape game backpack can be accessed here. It includes items you’ll need as you’re trying to escape from Disney World, including an old receipt from Le Chapeau, a number substitution cypher, a panel of hieroglyphics, loose change, and a Magic Kingdom map found on Tom Sawyer Island.

magic kingdom map escape room
Credit: The Mouselets Escape Game/Disney

To give you an idea of how gameplay works, these images were taken from the first page of the Disney escape game.

The story begins:

After a long day in Magic Kingdom, you head to Tom Sawyer’s Island before the park closes. Before you know it, it’s 10 pm and all the guests are gone. Magic Kingdom is officially closed, and you are trapped on Tom Sawyer’s Island. As you make your way around the island, you notice some items on the ground (a park map, some loose papers, a Sorcerer’s of Magic Kingdom playing card, and an old receipt). Are these clues to get out of the park?
disney world virtual escape room
Credit: The Mouselets Escape Game

As the first page of the online game progresses, players are asked to solve their first puzzle. Solving it correctly will advance participants to the next clue within the virtual escape room game.

virtual escape room puzzle
Credit: The Mouselets Escape Game

This fun escape room experience can be played online or via PDF. There are instructions for how to play in-person or virtually with a group. Don’t forget to check out this link to play!

Are you going to try this Disney World virtual escape game? Tell us if you make it out of the Magic Kingdom successfully in the comments!

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