Comments for Disney World Brightline Train Station Update


  1. Judy

    I’m not sure I like the name Brightline. I am excited though about the high speed train. America needs more rail system! Please don’t name it Disney…we only think of central Florida for that. We are also a state of a lot of tourism and Space launches.

  2. EricJ

    Why Orlando/WDW?
    Apart from most of the discussions being badly-remembered telephone-game versions of those plans to try and “bring Japan’s hi-speed rail to the US” between the empty Las Vegas/Los Angeles corridor that NEEDS it, and extend the line to Anaheim.

  3. Jenn

    Where exactly would the drop-off at WDW be?

  4. SG

    Oh I’m so excited to hear it’s past the planning stage and onto building it! I live near Tampa and have been waiting so long for this. Past governors keep canceling the project! Imagine the short drive to the train station and in no time you’re at WDW! No annoying and dangerous drivers whizzing past not to mention wear and tear on your car. Just sit back and relax ?

  5. Khaliah Clark

    I love this idea.especially if u live in florida.i live in miami and going to orlando takes about 4 in a half hours.getting there faster is a plus

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