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universal disney attendance


  1. cindy caine

    we opened first duh! I do not think we should play this game ever my park is better than yours let alone now w covid!

    1. Nole

      Honestly it has to be because of the strictness from Disney with masks….disney doesn’t even let you take masks off for a quick picture while social distancing ….and they make 2 yr olds wear masks….. that’s the reason we chose not to postpone our universal trip, but canceled the disney portion until later date. Nobody wants nothing but mask pictures.. The surveys they sent out only asked if a mask would make you feel more never asked if you’d still go if you had to wear a mask or your opinion on not wearing a mask….I bet more people would go with less restrictions…vs those choosing to go with the restrictions ….I mean they need limited capacity right now though so I gjess that’s why… I wish there was a way to open up the parks on sertain days for those who don’t want to wear a mask…many younger kids especially those with autism do not have the option to go now…..many have already had the virus or arn’t afraid of getting sick..people know the risks and still want to go….cant we just be smart about it and keep 6 ft away even while outside..put masks on inside, and quarantine at home after vacation 🤷‍♀️ of course this would only be likely to accomplish well with those who are driving :/ honestly I think they would have too many visitors to be able to keep 6 feet away if they lowered restrictions so you really can’t win either way I guess.

      1. Edward

        The REAL Reason that Universal is faring Better than Disney now and eventually in the Future, I believe is that for Example, I have been a Disney Annual Passholder since 1990 and a Universal Annual Passholder since 1992 (Family) and just for a reference in 2010 our Dis pass was $200 per person Andy Univ was $150 for comparable passes. This past year when I renewed my Univ passes they were $900 for the Three of us and Disney was $2300 How can a family of Four afford to take their kids to the park at that price? $1000 is pushing it but it’s better than approximately $3000 for Disney!! Then you have to keep in mind the Food and a Hotel. God Forbid you decide on a Hotel on Disney property. The nice ones are $400-$1000+ per night to sleep while the nice ones at Univ are $200-550 per nite, it’s a sad state of affairs when you are no longer able to take your kids to Disney??

      2. cindy caine

        Neither do we at universal! So take your rant elsewhere! Just bc you got away w it doesnt mean theres no rules…. rules have been at the parks since day one covid didnt create them! Sorry you anti maskers have a death wish!

      3. davis

        nole the picture w the folks in masks in the bushes is from universal p.s. as security team we got together w other parks as a group and went over procedure so we all have the same outline and plan nothing is different! So we call out more people about masks big deal its not like your not wearing em at universal!

  2. Rich A

    Glad to hear that the park that isn’t pandering to the PC crowd is doing better.

  3. Art B

    Nobody is going to Disney because the Disney experience is very much more watered down than the Universal experience.Disney has waterparks closed,Universals are opened,no park hopping at Disney,you can at Universal,theres no concerts at Epcot,Disney is known for parades and fireworks,both gone,the only fireworks in Orlando are at Sea World.Also Universal doesnt require reservations,Disney does and they’re hard to get for passholders,I see 90% of passholders canceling Disney.

    1. Monica

      universal also has deaths at their water park and no one wants to go to it and their rides are unsafe i rode on a ride w the screw loose on the lap bar the other day told the team member screw in my hand btw … was like talking to a brick wall ride went on and i went to manager!
      Whom btw gave me the best reaction…. so what? Snatch the nail from my hand and just stood there never closed said ride never called matience nothing!!!!
      Tell that to disney or anywhere else n that ride is down for months what went wrong! Or at least the car is take off! Oh and at disney they get you back on the ride love to see universal care! And i am not a disney fan either but they are all buinesses neither is better if you do not get its all about money your blind!!!!

  4. Matt

    Disney would have better attendance without their current Passholder policy. They are limiting themselves with their “reservation” system. Disney’s Passholders WANT to go more but cannot get the reservations. Universal has not limited their Passholders and are gaining the local customers who were once loyal Disney.

  5. michelle collier

    Maybe because there is no insane reservation system at Universal? As a platinum plus passholder I would go more , but can’t get in to Disney , so we just go to Universal …

  6. Donna

    Universal takes way better care of their guests, and passholders. Plus they workers are much happier. Atmosphere is happier. No messages being blasted thru speakers as often about how to behave.
    Its almost normal feeling. Disney could use a lesson or two from them.

  7. Ken

    I am not at all surprised at this. With the cost of vacation and Disney charging those prices with a huge decline in what you get for it. I am giving Disney some time but of things have not changed for the better ie cost of restaurants no character I will book our next trip with 4 days at Universal, 4 days at Daytona Beach.

    1. mark

      universal is outragously priced for only 3 parks so please stop bc thats big buiness neither is better than the other! The reasons why other places are less is seasonal operations cost less then full time! I love it when money is debated but is not understood!

  8. Robert

    With reservation system, no park hopper, cost of tickets, change in park hours, loss of experiences (characters, nighttime shows) and the fact that Universal is more of a locals park than WDW this isn’t surprising in the least

  9. Hilary

    We went to Orlando, from IL, June 30-July 5. I agree that Disney’s strict rules, cannot take a mask off for a photo, no gaiters, etc. are part of the reason. BUT in my opinion the biggest reason is because of the lack of park hopping, being forced to make a park reservation and the fact that staying onsite doesn’t guarantee entry. At Universal if you stay onsite you are counted for entry even if you don’t, you don’t have to make a reservation and you can switch parks at will.

  10. Joyce

    I am an Ap to both parks and enjoy both for what they have to offer. However, with Disney only allowing 3 park reservations at a time, it becomes a issue. They need to allow more than 3, or at least place an amount according to the pass level. Many times I can’t get a reservation until 7 or 10 days ahead. And then they complain about low levels. Those that stay at the resorts always have openings and it’s the same with purchasing tickets. I’m sure the statistics are off travelers vs locals.! If they let the locals in, it would show a huge difference!

  11. prince charming

    The diffence is that WDW relies more on out of state visitors whereas universal is more geared to the Florida residents. Due to quarantine rules not laws, most of the visitors are locals.

    1. davis

      Keep talking bc you know nothing all secuiryy at every park in fl had a meeting we all have the same rules so disney is a bit more strict doesnt mean that we are not following the same rules!

  12. rosie

    disney is for families and children and us kids at heart whom do not want excitement… while universal is for youngins whom like roller coasters and adults whom want to run scared and get drunk!!! I think its even!

  13. cindy caine

    I am sorry that all of you whom think we had it together and are better bc we opened 1st is out of their brain… besides that does not make us better! We screwed up by not waiting my whole section at wrk just went back after 3wks! There been people getting sick and universal does nothing! Oh wait they fire people! But wdw what they do whats right put capacity limits on so people are safe…. cut hrs so did we! Got rid of events so did we! Need to wear a mask oh wait we might be asking folks to wear sheilds yea so much better…. talk the talk but to say one is better than the other…. seriously loosing your minds!

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