Comments for Universal Orlando Closing Two Hotels Amid Tourism Struggles

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort and Aventura


  1. Very unfortunate! Beautiful hotels. We need for COVID to go away so that we may enjoy a wonderful vacation again in Florida!

  2. cindy caine

    then thats lowes cutting back not universal!

    1. It’s not “Lowe’s” the chain store, lol….,it’s UNIVERSAL’S named hotel/resort. It is owned and operated by them and has nothing to do with the home renovation store, lol. You made me crack up.

      1. cindy caine

        so i mispelt something give me a break ok… they are not owned by universal but by the company they are subsidized to be there! I work @ uni so do not @ me!

  3. Matthew Brewster

    You didn’t mention the Portofino Bay Resort!

  4. Matthew Brewster

    What about the Portofino Bay Resort?

  5. Ben collins

    When I went to Disney world we would be off site at the Marriott in downtown Disney, we would drive to the monorail station.

  6. EricJ

    Whew, we still have Royal Pacific and Cabana Bay.

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