Take Your Sims to Batuu!

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The Sims Go to a Galaxy Far, Far Away!

Good news out of Gamescom today for Sims and theme park fans alike. The Sims 4 will be getting a story driven DLC that transports your characters into the would of Batuu. “Star Wars: Journey to Batuu” will be available for download on September the 8th for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 at a cost of $19.99. So get ready to take your Sims characters to the planet of Batuu to explore everything the Black Spire Outpost has to offer them.

Bringing the Theme Parks to a Video Game

In the official trailer released today, we see many details of Batuu brought to life in the Sims virtual world. The characters are shown at Oga’s Cantina, helping Vi Moradi, and wielding lightsabers. We even see Kylo Ren and The First Order lurking around the outpost. It is exactly what you would expect to do while visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World or Disneyland! “Star Wars: Journey to Batuu” looks like it will bring the excitement of Black Spire Outpost into our homes. One question remains, can our Sims characters have blue milk? We will be waiting on September 8th to find out!

The Perfect Setting for a Game

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a great setting for story based game gameplay. Black Spire Outpost is interactive and immersive when you visit in real life. The more interactions you have with the characters, rides, shops, and environments the more your experience on Galaxy’s Edge becomes tailored to you.  The Sims 4 is a role playing game, and with so many role playing elements found at Galaxy’s Edge it should be a natural fit.

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