New ‘Star Wars’ Ruggable Series Arriving at a Galaxy Near You

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The Ruggable brand has become extremely popular in recent years. The company produces stylish, machine-washable rugs in a wide range of styles, so no matter how your home is decorated, there’s sure to be something that suits your space.

Now, on the heels of the release of the very popular Disney Ruggable collection, the brand has announced that a Star Wars Ruggable line is out, see the full line here.

star wars ruggable 1
Credit: Ruggable

The new Lucasfilm, Disney, and Ruggable collaboration will feature 20 rug styles and multiple sizes, detailed below:

  • Sizes: 2.5×7’, 2.5×10’, 5×7’, 3×5’, 6×9’, 8×10’, 6’ Round, 8’ Round
  • Prices: $109-$399

The full Star Wars Ruggable collection will launch next week on August 11. Some highlights include the following styles:

The Rebellion Rug
Credit: Ruggable, The Rebellion Rug


Darth Vader Rug
Credit: Ruggable, Darth Vader Rug

Both ‘The Rebellion‘ and ‘Darth Vader‘ are obvious Star Wars designs, with modern black backgrounds and the Millennium Falcon and Darth Vader’s helmet, respectively, printed in a “greige” hue.

Star Wars Toile Rug
Credit: Ruggable, Star Wars Toile Rug


Dark Side Damask
Credit: Ruggable, Dark Side Damask

On the opposite end of the spectrum, ‘Star Wars Toile‘ and ‘Darkside Damask‘ are so subtle, they barely even register as Star Wars rugs at first glance.

Upon further inspection, however, the elegant ‘Star Wars Toile’ features scenes from Dagobah, Bespin’s Cloud City, and other Star Wars Skywalker Saga landmarks. ‘Darkside Damask’ features stormtrooper helmets hidden amid a traditional Victorian damask design.

Smugglers Geo
Credit: Ruggable, Smugglers Geo


Corellian Ikat Rug
Credit: Ruggable, Corellian Ikat

Finally, for those who like geometric rug prints, ‘Smuggler’s Geo‘ and ‘Corellian Ikat‘ are great options. This writer is particularly obsessed with the navy version of the ode to Han Solo’s home planet.

Both of these styles from the new Ruggable line feature Millennium Falcon prints.

Ruggable is the ideal area rug brand for busy families. They have the following easy care instructions for both the Ruggable cover and pad on their website:

Yes, our Rug Covers are machine-washable and can fit comfortably in a standard or large load washer.

Our 2.5’x7’, 2.5’x10’, and 3’x5’ can fit in a 2.2 cubic feet washer while our 5’x7’, 6’x9’, and 8’x10’ rugs and both 6’ and 8’ round rugs can fit into a 3.8 cubic feet washer.

The Rug Pad should be spot-cleaned only.

ruggable 2
Credit: Ruggable

Visit for more information about rug cleaning, the perks of the company’s area rug styles, and how versatile these flat rugs are. Whether you want to use them in a kids’ room, your living room, or a nursery, the Star Wars series will add a little Disney magic to your entire living space.

Learn more about the Star Wars Ruggable rugs collection here, along with their Disney Collection here.

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