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Reflections A Disney Lakeside Lodge


  1. SG

    Ok so the hotel planned for Bay lake is either on hold or completely canceled. Not surprising. But is Mary Poppins and Spaceship Earth still going forward?

    1. EricJ

      It was a Mary Poppins RETURNS attraction, and you know why it isn’t anymore.
      Spaceship Earth doesn’t have the accompanying new ground building that was supposed to go next to it, but the sparkly interior makeover for Egypt’s still up in the air.

      1. Davis

        Actually sse hasnt see a rehab in 10+ yrs and its a dame shame the festival building is still happening but on hold was never attached to sse it was a separate project to go where fountain was in central like epcot hub! Sse needs a rehab more than uk needs mary or we might loose sse for good! Btw this article says both are stilll in plans i am dvc and so is reflections its just yellow lit more than green!

  2. Tanya

    Bay Lake is already crowded with hotels, so I am happy that they will not add another one (for now). Part of the magic of Disney is that feeling of solitude or serene when at the resorts/hotels. Adding yet another one just makes it seem more like a developing city than a magical escape from the everyday.

  3. Diane Montfort

    Too many alligators

  4. Matt Brewster

    I am shocked that, after decimating the magnificently landscaped site of the former River Country- the first water park ever built- that Diz would cancel the hotel it planned to build in its place! Not only did they remove hundreds of magnificent oak trees, but they destroyed Cypress Point, perhaps the most beautiful natural spot in all of WDW!!! What will happen to the giant gaping hole in the shoreline that the bulldozers have left?

  5. Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore

    i have to say, as a very big fan of Fort Wilderness campground, i’m relieved that they will not be shoe-horning another hotel into that area of Bay Lake. It would have totally up-ended the magic of camping at WDW.

  6. EricJ

    It was a DVC, so…no loss, really.
    Too danged many of them as it is.

    1. lydia

      speak for yourself saratoga is the only room i can ever get they might be alot to you but never from my end!

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