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pinocchios daring journey

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  1. Cal

    If Disney starts listening to every single person that complains about a Disneyland or Disney World attraction then there won’t be any rides left! You could probably find fault in almost every ride somehow and in someway but should that mean we should change them all? I don’t think so!

    1. B

      It’s Disney World! Based on Walt’s imagination and his films. If people don’t like it, then they really aren’t fans and just shouldn’t visit. If they change everything, is it really still Disney? They would be straying from his works, from the classics that started it all! Next thing you know, they’re going to want to get rid of Mickey cause they don’t like mice!

      1. Sheri

        Disney’s Pinocchio movie is based on the novel Pinnochio by Carlo Collodi about the life lessons young children often face while growing up. Maybe the people complaining about the Disney rides should read the book so they can also learn how to grow up.

        1. Kenken

          Like this!

      2. Next thing you know they’re going to come in Disneyland and knock over the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse!!! These people that are complaining about everything probably don’t hardly ever go to Disneyland, they just want to complain.

      3. Ken

        Well said!

        1. I believe Disney should keep Pinocchio’s daring journey as it is because it is one of my favorite ride at Disneyland, it is my favorite movie of all time, Pinocchio teaches us to be a good boy and never be a bad boy and that is the message that Pinocchio has teaches us.

      4. BMcG

        “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

        Change is a vital and expected part of Disney’s DNA.

        1. Yea, expansion is great, but reanthem is not.

          1. Janet

            Well said. Make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other gold!

      5. DENEEN COOK

        Exactly ! It’s also ironic that the suggestion for replacement was Beauty and the Beast ! Hahaha!!!! He held Belle against her will and tossed her father out, helpless in the dead of night !

        C’mon ALL fairy tales AND nursery rhymes have a “dark” side!

    2. Richard

      If you don’t like the ride get on something else there are plenty of other rides in the park.

      1. kathy b

        I agree 100%

    3. Sandy

      I agree completely! I don’t understand why these people keep thinking every time they don’t like something, Disney should get rid of it!
      They sound like spoiled rotten brats who have to have things there way!
      It’s not all about you!
      Easy fix, don’t ride it!

      1. Janet

        Splash Mountain is Journey into Your Imagination all over again. Mr. Toad too. Same thing if it ain’t broke dont fix it!

        1. Stop wanting to retheme everything. This is getting ridiculous. Simple if you don’t like Disney then do everyone a favor and stay away. I am sick of all these people trying to get rid or retheme classics.

    4. Dopey01

      People are absolutely ridiculous!!! They need to stop acting like fools and enjoy life as much as possible. Unfortunately, it sounds like most of the complainers are miserable and they just like complaining about everything.

      1. Dopey01, you are absolutely right!

    5. MrsWeasleysTwin

      My thoughts exactly Cal! If people don’t like a particular ride than they just shouldn’t go on it.

      1. Shawn Fields

        Look, if you don’t like conflict, you don’t like stories. Stories don’t exist without conflict, without something difficult to overcome, without drama. So you can cry for those things to be removed anywhere you see them, but that just weakens the story and cheapens the achievements of the hero, the protagonist. Btw, it’s called Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, not Pinocchio’s Happy Little Jaunt Through Very Little Struggle.

    6. Ken

      Absolutely agree with you!

      1. Kal

        The messages had very similar wording. Sounds like a campaign. There are organizations fighting child slavery daily like Exodus International that they could help. Maybe they should consider making a difference in the real world instead of a stink in Fantasy Land.

        1. Ch

          All well said. It’s fantasy land
          You go have fun. Escape the world
          And relax. Stop trying to change

    7. Marie

      I agree. Stop being offended by such things that are not offensive. Its all done in the name of joy and fun. If you are so offended, then you have the right not to partake. Leave MY RIGHTS to enjoy Disneyland as it is alone. It is just getting out of control. I seriously think these people need to take a step back because they are really losing sight of the true issues. Disney Parks are awesome as is!!!!!!

      1. JC

        The people that complain are getting what they want by reading all of your responses. Do not address the issue, even though your opinions are valid. If you give attention to these complaints, in favor or in opposition, you are appeasing their plight.

    8. PW

      Agreed, this is ridiculous. You can’t please everyone. Grow up, there are way more important things in life.

    9. LOL

      Seconded, Disney makes minor changes to rides and attractions so they can relate more to social and acceptable norms. The reason Splash Mountain is the exception is that the ride draws attention to a film made for children that not only shines a light on racism but was also mired in controversy into its release. You will notice Walt didn’t put Uncle Remus or Johnny ANYWHERE on the ride. James Baskett himself wasn’t allowed to attend the film’s premiere due to his skin color. Walt knew this and focuses only on the animated characters, but it wasn’t enough. People still watch song of the south BECAUSE this ride exists (I personally found a copy because I was curious due to the ride). Walt was smarter with Pinocchio, a light hearted story featuring a dark segment about the consequences of abandoning your education. In short, a modern fairy tale. Pinocchio lacks the racist roots and features that Song Of The South displays.

      1. AW

        Just FYI, Walt was long dead when Splash was created. Those involved did their best to utilize the characters least related to the overt racism.

        1. Janet

          have you even seen the film? cuz I have

      2. DisneyGirlArianna

        Bro I’m sorry but half of the people ON splash mountain don’t have any idea what the story is does splash mountain the RIDE really show racism if you’re going to complain about something complain about REAL slavery in Africa and how does song of the south become racist because a black person is talking to two white kids

    10. Ken

      I totally agree! If you don’t like it, don’t go! I’m offended that this person is offended. That offends me the most. No company should cave to no one. Once this liberal whiney ball started rolling it’ll be tough to stop, but it can be stopped in November.

    11. Brooke

      I haven’t seen anyone bring this up but those “themes of child slavery and abuse” are very much presented as very bad things in the ride. Like something awful he needs to find a way to escape from. So I don’t think they’re promoting it by any stretch of the imagination. Quite the opposite actually. And it’s part of Pinocchio’s development as a character and key aspect of the story. Yes, it’s dark, yes it’s uncomfortable and it works. Of course if something makes you extremely uncomfortable or is triggering then it would probably be best to choose another of the many attractions there at Disneyland

    12. DisneyGirlArianna

      Exactly!! Disney is acting like the people’s little puppet!

    13. Sammie

      I totally agree!
      Honestly they really need to stop listening to people in general. You can’t please everyone. It’s lasted this long with things the way they are right now.
      They start changing rides and other stuff to please the little wussy PC idiots out there your going to lose a huge crowd of the true Disney fans!

  2. This is so sad to see, Pinocchio is my all time favorite it as it highlights the challenges of childhood. It’s a story about a young boy learning to navigate through the harsh reality of life and is able to learn life long lessons through his journey. The attraction is named daring journey for he faces some harsh topics. When I ride this I don’t jump to the negatives like some people do, I see the journey this young boy went through, I learn the lessons through those tough scenes. However, some people will chose to look past the lessons the story of youth and instead find a way to complain about things. If people no longer want this attraction or any other at Disney then don’t go, or don’t ride it no one is telling you that you have to. I truly hope Disney does not listen to the close minded people say they are open minded yet complain about everything.

    1. B

      Yes! Exactly. I agree with everything you have said. I think people are not paying attention to what is important. You have to truly watch and understand the film in order to observe the lessons that were being taught in it. That is what I always loved about Walt Disney’s classic films. Yes, they were dark, but it was teaching morals to children who watched. There are consequences for wrongdoings. Unfortunate and scary ones, in Pinoccio’s case, but that is why it is showcased. You can’t shield it from youth because then they become ignorant of the world’s dangers, and God forbid, fall victim to it. You have to think deeper when you watch the film, it’s not just some no lesson no moral cartoon. I hope they do not change the ride either. I haven’t even ridden it yet.

  3. Garth

    Boooooo to cancel culture! So tired of these safe space millennials trying to change everything so their feelings don’t get hurt!

    1. Justin

      I feel like the same person wrote at least the first two messages. They read very similar and even made the same happiest place on earth comment.

      I find these complaints reaching and this should not be placed in the same category as Splash IMO.

      1. J

        I was thinking the same thing! The wording sounds to similar on all the messages. One person rewrote them several times to make it look like a lot of people share the same opinion. If youre so “sensitive” to it, then dont effing ride it and stfu.

      2. Christopher Shepp


        This seems like a ploy from the alt-right to me. Remember the James Gunn firing incident that happened in the back lash against #metoo? It was orchestrated by an alt right blogger to try and get people to be against the #metoo movement.

        I think that because Disney decided to listen to some legitimate complaints about racial sensitivity in a ride, someone is trying to capitalize on it by going after a classic ride, pretending to be a social justice advocate, in order to create a straw man about leftist “snowflakes”.

        The theme of child slavery also lines up suspiciously well with the current Q-anon conspiracy theory.

    2. Dopey01

      Amen to that, Garth!

    3. jane

      Even I, a feminist punk chick, am tired of this! The pendulum is swinging too far its gonna break!

      They won’t be satisfied until they remove the W from Walt’s name plaque at this point because it reminds them of Dubya bush

  4. Robin

    It’s a popular movie.. you can’t change the facts!!! If people didn’t like the movie, it would of been a flop!!! People need to stop trying to change things…if something or someone offends you, then avoid it or them.

  5. Andy

    Sounds like the same person wrote all 3 of those emails complaining about the ride.

    1. C J

      Exactly! Like it was a Bot …. or coming from a change.org “I can’t handle dark rides”

      Honestly? They probably never read the Book, nor saw the animated Film!

  6. Joseph Balli

    People quit whining and complaining about every ride …” Oh child slavery ” oh boo hoo its change Splash Mountain because of riots .. Oh change this change that boo hoo hoo. Get over it.. Quit ruining things or attractions or characters because the 1% have nothing better to do but whine and complain… You always have to pick apart everything Disney does.. Grow up worry about your life not the rest of us

    1. It’s getting way out of hand. Everyday some has something that offends them now. Do they wake up in the morning and think about what they don’t like and complain. Get over your selfs

  7. AG

    Is this some kind of joke?

    1. La Banks

      Pinocchio is one of the great moral tales of children’s literature. To change it because it makes people feel sad is to miss the point. Just like Hansel and Gretel, the point of the story is to scare the crud out of our kids and remind them that there are consequences when we make poor choices.

  8. Eric

    This is so awful to see things like this happen. These people are just doing this just because they can. If they want to re-theme the ride then fine but it shouldn’t be because it’s racist or offensive.

    1. Ahnsael

      I was ALMOST with you, as I also appreciate the classic attractions. We can’t change everything from the past, or pretend it didn’t happen. But when you said “it shouldn’t be [re-themed] because it’s racist” you COMPLETELY lost me.

      Racism doesn’t bother you, Eric? That’s troubling to me. Pinocchio doesn’t involve any racism. Splash Mountain? Well, that’s subjective as to whether it’s racist or not, so I’ve stayed out of the conversation about changing it because I get both sides.

      But for you to come out and say it that a ride shouldn’t be re-themed just “because it’s racist” is a HUGE red flag for me.

      Do you think Disney should be in the business of intentionally offending people, or being racist? That’s just NOT a good business model.

  9. Pirate Social Justice Fighter

    Im very upset that pirates are incarcerated in the POTC ride.. I think they were profiled and incarcerated for doing nothing. #PirateLivesMatter

    1. MrsWeasleysTwin

      @Pirate Social Justice Warrior I love your comment ! Haha

  10. Michelle

    This cancel culture generation is the worst generation ever. They need to be dumped on an island somewhere all by themselves.


    Cancel culture needs to stop. This is rediculous. Btw… It is so obvious the same person wrote those letters. Nobody that knows anything about Disney refers to it as disneyland company.

    1. EZ E

      Don’t they understand that is the point of the ride and story? It doesn’t condone child slavery it opposes it. Get a life cancel culture losers

  12. Laura

    I think a lot of people need to visit a physcologist if they have problems with the Pinocchio ride! I have enjoyed it for years with my family and see nothing wrong with it. People are too sensitive!

  13. Steve Eldredge

    People need to just take a deep breath and relax…

    Cinderella depicts witches in a bad light… I bet that hurts the feelings of witches.

    We should ban the Seven Dwarves because some of them have names that might offend someone. (Dopey, Grumpy) And once again, it depicts witches in a bad light.

    It seems like the majority of Disney Villains are female, why is that?

    Aladdin’s Jafar reinforces negative middle eastern stereotypes.

    Not Disney, but, should we ban Shrek because of the way it depicts short people? (Lord Farquaad)

    I am sure that there are many more examples. Once we are done removing everything that might even remotely offend someone, what will be left?

    I don’t even think it is necessary to retheme Splash Mountain. While there is no doubt that Song of the South has strong racist overtones and depicts Slavery in a positive light, the ride itself only shows the animal characters from the African folk stories that Joel Chandler Harris based his Uncle Remus books on. I looked up info the movie and books after Disney announced the retheme) Stories about a rabbit, a fox, and a bear? Racist? I do agree that it might offend foxes. I am 58 years old and I don’t think that I have ever seen the movie or the books, I know that my kids haven’t. I doubt that most people going on the ride today have any idea of the tie in to a very old movie that that they have never heard of or seen.

    I see a lot of this censorship of our racist past as a way of hiding from our ugly history, instead of learning from it. How will we ever learn from our past mistakes? How will we ever fix the systemic racism that exists today if we fail to understand the causes and history of it?

    Lighten up people!

    I don’t even want to talk about HBO’s The Wire or just about all of Quentin Tarantino’s movies…

  14. Matt

    I don’t have as much of an issue with the rides themes. I personally think the ride is boring and outdated, so it were changed to a different Disney fantasy movie, I would welcome the change. I feel that the majority of people who ride it is because it usually has a shorter line compared to some of the other fantasyland lines.

    I understand people’s nostalgia for rides, but if Disney routinely changed out their fantasy land rides out every decade or so, what’s the issue? Disneyland esp is tight on space, so I wouldn’t mind seeing different movies take over each ride. Why not have a Cinderella ride or a sleeping beauty ride for a bit? I don’t get people’s need to keep everything at Disney the same…

    1. Anita

      Disneyland needs to stand up and not change every time someone cries about something they dont like..

      1. Matt

        you sound boring

        1. Damion

          You sound entitled.

          1. LZ

            Says the one who apparently wants no changes (feeling entitled to it…)

          2. Damion

            lol nice try LZ, I never said anything about not changing it 🙂 I’m guessing you’re probably part of the cancel culture entitled millennial community with extremely sensitive feelings! 🙂 I’m sure there’s an app for that.

  15. Trudee Pie

    If you don’t like the Ride don’t go on it it’s that simple stop complaining about every ride at Disneyland

  16. Captain

    Good news for all those that want the theme replaced. You no longer have to protest this as an advocate for enslaved donkey boys! They don’t exist.

    1. Devin

      Pinocchio is a story, a narrative that requires conflict to be effective. Yes, child slavery and abuse in the real word are horrific conditions that cannot be allowed to continue. However, within the narrative of Pinocchio, we should evaluate the purpose of this conflict as it relates to the lesson Pinocchio ultimately learns. Many people are so afraid of discomfort. It’s through discomfort that growth, understanding, and s self-realization are possible. We can’t eliminate conflict from every story we tell and expect to be able to learn and grow from having experienced them. The good news here is that if Pinocchio’s Daring Journey makes one uncomfortable, they simply don’t have to ride it. Ask yourselves if the ultimate themes and morals presented in Pinocchio are worth experiencing the temporary discomfort of watching a ‘boy’ being forced to accept the consequences of his actions. I believe they are. The lessons of honesty, respect, and trustworthiness far outweigh the discomfort that makes these lessons possible. Let’s learn how to separate the real world from children’s fiction.

  17. Brett

    This has to be a joke or?? The US is in serious trouble if Pinocchio is too scary and offensive for children. Sorry.

    1. Devin

      Pinocchio is a story, a narrative that requires conflict to be effective. Yes, child slavery and abuse in the real word are horrific conditions that cannot be allowed to continue. However, within the narrative of Pinocchio, we should evaluate the purpose of this conflict as it relates to the lesson Pinocchio ultimately learns. Many people are so afraid of discomfort. It’s through discomfort that growth, understanding, and s self-realization are possible. We can’t eliminate conflict from every story we tell and expect to be able to learn and grow from having experienced them. The good news here is that if Pinocchio’s Daring Journey makes one uncomfortable, they simply don’t have to ride it. Ask yourselves if the ultimate themes and morals presented in Pinocchio are worth experiencing the temporary discomfort of watching a ‘boy’ being forced to accept the consequences of his actions. I believe they are. The lessons of honesty, respect, and trustworthiness far outweigh the discomfort that makes these lessons possible. Let’s learn how to separate the real world from children’s fiction.

  18. Brian


    1. M

      Why am I not surprised the suggested rethemes were PRINCESS movies? Interesting how the Princesses have gone from SJW punching bags to the only thing “acceptable” to them as far as park attractions. And either way, Disney needs to ease off on the Princesses.

    2. Cary San

      I will say that snow white snd pinnochio are the scariest rides at the park. I would say they are adult rides. My child always hugs me and closes his eyes when i make him go on these 2 rides. I like them tho. Snow white is being made less scary so maybe they can just make Pinocchio less scary. These rides were there a long time, they have history. Thus i would not want them rethemed. Its easy to hate on older movie rides. On the Pinocchio ride the donkey says “mama” and it always makes me sad. I would like that part changed. Its fine as is tho its like walking thru a cementary at night you know its dark and scary but gives a thrill. I am surprised disney went with a dark theme to these rides instead of glossing over, I consider them gothic rides. Not all rides can be sing song happy. Disney is just showing some range. Dont like it dont go on it.

    3. No Dude. Like Splash Mountain. I don’t want to see this ride to be re themed. It’s to expensive to be re theme.

  19. Tacocat

    Give me a break! When is this madness going to stop! Get a life!

  20. This is getting ridiculous. If Pinocchio makes some people feel that uncomfortable, what about the Evil Queen trying to murder her step daughter in the Snow White Ride, or Peter Kidnapping Kids in Peter Pan. How about those “H***” Scenes in Mr. Toad’s. Also, lets not forget Alice and the different drugs she takes in Wonderland. The List can go on and on. Some people just need to relax and enjoy the parks. If they can’t, than there are always alternative amusements parks.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I couldn’t have said it better myself💖

  21. Steve Falk

    I am offended that toads are depicted as bad drivers.

  22. Gordo

    You guys are so offended by everything. If this ride is giving you nightmares you’re a sheltered five year old. You obviously dont see the story being told. Get a life and grow up.

  23. Diane

    Disney needs to stop listening to all these whining babies. If someone is that offended they don’t need to go to the parks. Now if Disney decides to make a change or upgrade and for all the RIGHT reasons, fine, Walt said Disneyland would never be finished as long as there is imagination left in the world…that’s why Sleeping Beauty’s castle is not “finished”. But these people that need to whine and complain about anything and everything truly need to get a life!!! And stay out of ours!!!

    1. LZ

      You literally support their case to change – “never finished” and always a work in progress – that likely means Walt never would have wanted to rides to stay the same…

  24. M

    P.S.: Yes, Wreck-It Ralph is now a “princess” movie thanks to that stupid sequel and that overblown memetic scene (you know what I’m talking about).

    P.P.S.: I don’t hate the Princesses, just the fact that Disney is relying on them so much. And again, how ironic the very people who would most be against them are all for “problematic” rides being rethemed to them.

    P.P.P.S: I admittedly would love a Wreck-It Ralph ride, but only if it acknowledged the first movie and featured (or even mentioned) ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from the sequel.

  25. Dani

    He’s a PUPPET..not a child SLAVE..please people.find a hobby.We could start saying all the princesses are controlled by men..Or complain that they don’t have PARENTS…OMG..RELAX..GO On another ride!
    In complaining that there’s not enough ppe at work! Nurses and people are DYING.kids need to get to school. unemployment is raging..AND you’re worried about PINOCCHIO?!

    1. M

      “We could start saying all the princesses are controlled by men..Or complain that they don’t have PARENTS”

      As I said earlier, the Princesses have always been an object of ridicule for SJWs. Now those same people are cheering Splash Mountain becoming a Princess ride and pushing for the same to happen to Pinocchio’s Daring Journey (notice the suggested alternatives were all Princess movies).

  26. Anita

    Disneyland cant change everything just because someone doesnt like it ! If you dont like it then dont go!

  27. redjen

    This is ridiculous! I’m already disappointed in Disney’s decision to re-theme the iconic Splash Mountain attraction. I think “Princess and the Frog” could be incorporated into the parks in some other way, rather than taking away a beloved ride theme that millions have loved and enjoyed for many years! Hearing complaints about Pinnocho’s Daring Journey now is just utterly ridiculous. As another commenter put it so eloquently – “these people need to get a hobby!” If you don’t like a ride, don’t ride it – it really is that simple. There are plenty of other attractions to keep you busy during your visit to the “Happiest Place on Earth”, I guarantee it!

    1. JMR

      I hear that! I loved The Princess and the Frog but being older I also loved America Sings in my childhood. (You want to talk a mistake in removing/rethemeing a historical ride!). The figures from THAT ride were used in Splash Mountain. I rode to see those figures. The kitty’s in the hay wagon were once in a Model T. The singers on the boat were part of the finale.
      My daughter took the soundtrack for America Sings to school. The brats actually protested listening to Elvis!! This is what all this is doing, erasing history and destroying icons!

  28. Jennifer

    This is ridiculous! You can’t change history! People are going to find something wrong with everything! Please don’t Disney! If you lose a Disney fan over this, you will gain many more for standing ground.

    1. G

      “Not the happiest place”

      I submit that both of the negative comments were written by the same person

  29. CrosswalkX

    Thank you for the article Re-Theming Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Ride.

    To the Inside the Magic Staff, I want to thank you for writing this article “Some Now Calling For Re-Theming Pinocchio’s Daring Journey” You surprised me putting some of my past comments on this article and I thank you for it.

    I understand some of the people in the comments section don’t want the Pinocchio ride to change due to nostalgia but times have changed since the 1980s and I have nightmares and fears about that ride especially with portraying the mistreatment of donkeys in cages and child slavery as I’m autistic and I’m an animal lover and I care about what happens to kids on screen and in real life.

    I absolutely agree Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Ride does need to be rethemed and I hope the official Disneyland staff will listen to my request to retheme the ride to remove the child slavery scenes especially with donkey boys in cages that I don’t want to see anymore.

    Besides that this ride is traumatizing to kids and sensitive people as people don’t like scary clowns and this ride is too much like a Halloween ride. I hope the parent groups take notice of this article as this article is very important for Disneyland families.

    Once again thank you for this Disneyland ride article, I’m glad you written it as I wanted to spread awareness of the child slavery and donkey cruelty scenes on Pinocchio’s ride at Disneyland.

    I don’t know if the 3 Pinocchio rides at Disneyland California, Tokyo and Paris will be updated which I hope, as it’s now too negative for sensitive park guests. Hopefully it will get replaced with a different Disneyland ride and all I can do at this point is wait.

    1. William Patrick Wells

      Here’s a thought, don’t ride it.

    2. Jon

      You need to quit being so sensitive. Believe it or not, the whole world doesn’t revolve around your feelings. That is one of the classic Disneyland attractions and literally millions of people ride it and enjoy it every year. Saying that the child slavery makes you uncomfortable is literally the point. Those parts are supposed to be bad. It’s the bad guys that are doing those things. Just because you can’t separate your feelings from logic doesn’t mean that other people also miss the point and feel entitled to change the world just for themselves.

    3. Damion

      You do realize it’s an attraction that you don’t have to get on if you’re so offended by it. I’m curious to know how you came to the conclusion that since you’re offended that nobody should be able to ride it. Most of us are grown adults and capable of making our own decisions and don’t need a complete stranger telling us what we should and should not be able to experience.

    4. Steve Eldredge

      I feel that it is both thoughtless and selfish of you to think that the entire world should bend to you because you are “sensitive” and you think clowns are “scary”.

      You write much better than a 5 year old child, so I know that you are older. On an emotional level, you have the maturity of a 5 year old. How do you ever get through the day?

      My guess is that you probably shouldn’t leave your house because someone or something out in the world will hurt your feelings, make you sad, or make you feel scared. It would be best for you to stay at home in your safe little bubble. You probably shouldn’t go to theme parks or anywhere else for that matter.

    5. Equality rules

      Crosswalk X, are you that self-absorbed that you would force everyone to lose a ride that they have loved for years?
      Are you out of your mind? just because you got some kind of psychological issue does not mean that everybody else in the world should have to suffer. Too bad if you’re offended. I’m offended by you. Thinking that you are so damned important that everybody in the world needs to stop and cater to your whim. You are a slef-centered ego maniac. Inconsiderate. all I ever hear is to work tolerance. How about you have some tolerance for those of us that are tired of catering to stupidity. Leave things alone. If you don’t want to ride the damn ride, don’t ride it. It’s that simple. Enough is enough and to censor and theme park ride goes too far. how about the people that are so offended just stay home to begin with? Because I’m sure something in the theme park will offend them. Probably several times throughout the day. Just stay home and bury your head.

    6. David A

      I think people like you are scary but I haven’t asked for you to be banned

  30. William Patrick Wells

    Grow up!

  31. kathy b.

    people get a life….. you don’t like the ride pass on it. There are plenty of other rides and things to do at Disney or maybe just stay the hell home!!!!!

  32. Bill Jacobson

    Those that think that Disney’s Pinocchio Pleasure Island sequence celebrates child slavery, child abuse and child labor completely miss the point of that sequence and quite perhaps the overriding theme of the entire movie.
    The Pleasure Island sequence drives home the fact that those who would forgo education for constant recreation turn THEMSELVES into jackasses that run a particularly difficult life and are good for little more than tough manual labor. The solution provided is to follow your conscience to educate and better yourself so that you don’t end up there. The sequence does not comment on child slavery or child abuse at all but yes, it is meant to be disturbing to drive the important lesson home as it did with Pinnochio… eventually.
    This would appear to be a particularly important lesson for today’s snowflakes who rather than complain about what they don’t properly understand, should seek to understand the lessons presented. Leave Pinocchio’s Daring Journey alone!

  33. Oz

    You triggered SJWs are ruining Disneyland.

  34. Jane

    He’s a puppet. A freaking puppet. It’s not a real child. It was made in the 60s. We can’t let snowflakes change classics. Instead of getting rid of the old rides that are “problematic”, make new ones that are progressive and MOVE ON

  35. C J

    Puh-lease! Those post were ‘so cut and paste’ fake and probably by some #wussyanon group!

    Read the classic book!
    Watch the classic animated movie!
    Enjoy the classic Fantasyland ride!

    Or don’t bother going to Disneyland if you’re traumatized by everything! I’m sure they have a Theme Park for just you called Emoland!

    What’s next? It’s A Small World represents child sweatshop labour? 🙄

  36. Sheri

    The Disney movie Pinocchio is based on the novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. It’s about the lessons children learn on their way to growing up. Maybe the people complaining about the Disney rides should read the book so that they can grow up.

  37. Andi

    There are 2 kinds of people, those who think about things, and those who feel about things. As a result, the latter group is trying to change everything that makes them feel uncomfortable. Life is tough..if you can’t handle “The happiest place on earth” stay home. My 3 year old grand-daughter loves it❣

  38. R

    Where in hell do these people come from. Do they go looking for things to complain about. If you don ‘ t like a ride, DON’t GO ONIT idiot. Gezzzz!

  39. Edward McGowan

    OMG! Don’t change it!
    Stop listening to every person who has a problem with an attraction or movie. If someone doesn’t like a ride or movie DON’T RIDE IT, DON’T WATCH IT! It’s that easy. Let the rest of us enjoy it.
    You will never please everyone so don’t try. These rides have been around for a long time and all the sudden people are offended. Some just want to see how far they can push you. Every time you give in they take the next step and won’t stop until you take a stand.

  40. Jay

    Come on people leave Pinocchio and Splash mountain alone as well as all the other attraction they want changed. If you don’t like the attraction then don’t go to it or stay home. Don’t ruin the magic for everyone else.

  41. Bod Oblong

    Change Peter Pan’s Flight! A man, who acts like a boy, who kidnaps children from their homes!! Get rid of the Tea Cups! A Mad Hatter is clearly someone struggling with a mental illness, how can we dare ride this! Get rid of Alice!!! It’s clearly promoting the use of drugs!!! Get rid of Haunted Mansion, it glorifies death and the afterlife!!! Get rid of Jungle Cruise, We are showing children it’s OK to laugh and keep animals in confined spaces and promotes a image of Blacks as violent hunters. Get rid of Casey’s Train, Circus’s are torturing animals!!! I’m sure every ride is going to make someone upset…

    1. janet

      Space mountain is offensive to Extra Terrestrial Americans, Thunder Mountain is glorifying train disasters, Star Tours glorifies hijacking airlines, Indiana Jones is too bdsm with that whip, The Tiki Birds is mocking religion, The country bears is offensive to simple hill folk and bears, Winnie the pooh glorifies stealing honey from bees, and Mr Toad is about DRUNK DRIVING!!! and there is a scene of the DEVIL!!! IN DISNEYLAND!! OH NO!!!!!! A CARTOON DEVIL BASED ON A STEREOTYPICAL LAWYER!!! AHHHHH!!! NO ITS ANTISEMETIC NOW!!!!

      Also finding nemo subs show sea pollution too.

  42. Dopey01

    People just want something to complain about nowadays!!! People need to grow up and stop being so dang sensitive to everything. This dark ride sounds fascinating and I wish I could ride it. There’s good and evil in every story., whether it be fiction or non-fiction. Are people really comparing the old fantasy story of Pinocchio to child slavery and the trafficking of today? Wow! (I’ve decided to write a dark children’s book just to see how many complaints and boycotts I get. Stay tuned!)

  43. P

    If you don’t like it, don’t go on it!! I am so sick and tired of these people trying to ruin Disney for the rest of us who truly appreciate the classics! Where do you people get off?! Do you just go around trying to find something that makes you “offended”?! Do you feel good about yourselves ruining everything for everyone else?!?! Thanks to you overly sensitive snowflakes we lost a beloved attraction! Why now?! Why all of a sudden?! Walt Disney has probably rolled over in his grave because of all you snowflakes for ruining his creation, I’m sure he is absolutely not happy with what has and is becoming of his theme park!!

  44. Evan

    Disney over time has made changes to Pirates of the Caribbean to be more culturally acceptable, both in song and characters, but it still has a ways to go to be totally non-offensive. WDW management team please note, the rope being used by the pirates in the jail scene trying to lure the dog with the keys in its mouth is tied with a hangman’s noose style knot. Please change that to a bow line, half hitch or common slip knot or the boycott will start. No need to call the FBI yet (NASCAR played that card) but the ASPCA may need to get involved if the dog is ever caught and not handled with care. (Sarcasm…if you don’t recognize it)

  45. Sue

    If things in Disneyland bother you then don’t go if you don’t like the ride stay off of it stop ruining it for the millions of people who do like it. Next thing you know they’re going to come and Disneyland and knocked over the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

  46. Ken Rohloff

    Absolutely ridiculous! We can’t just retheme every thing based on a few unhappy people! I’m so tired of the cancel culture we’re living in currently! I’m against the Splash Mountain update. I love THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, but Splash Mountain is the home of Brer Rabbit and friends. It’s cool to have our own views and opinions on things, but we need to be careful about changing beloved or traditional things in our lives simply to please a few. There are probably always people who disagree with YOUR opinion on something, too – beware, because that thing YOU hold dear or special might be up for removal one day, too

  47. Rich A

    Disney needs to create a snowflake ride for all the snowflakes that imagine threats to their sensibilities at every turn and with each step. Make it a big room with plush stuffed animals and pacifiers so the snowflakes will feel safe.

    1. DisneyGirlArianna

      Then they’ll say “Oh no they are abusing the stuffed animals and promoting children to being kidnapped re theme it” am I right 😂

  48. Mei

    Honestly it reads as if the comments quoted at the beginning of this article were all written by the same person. Same writing style, same objections to the rides written in the same way, with just a tiny bit of variation.

  49. Paul

    I wish I could post the meme image of Michael Jackson sitting in the movie theater and eating popcorn, with the phrase, “I’m just here for the comments!”

    Really, people, just relax. I would be very surprised if Disney, some time before the latest BLM activities, didn’t already begin looking at each and every intellectual property, including their park attractions.

    They will either make changes or they won’t. As we learned about Splash Mountain, Disney had already decided and began working on changing it to Princess and the Frog themed well before the current BIPOC activism.

    But, all the wailing and gnashing of teeth from y’all is funny as heck to read. Or it would be, if it weren’t so sad as a statement about how far we still have to go for anything resembling equality and cultural sensitivity.

    1. Damion

      LOL if you really think Disney was in the process of retheming Splash Mountain to Riot Rapids before all the BLMers started looting and burning down their own cities. You’re funny Mr. Alter.

    2. EricJ

      Given the reason we first lost Captain EO, I fear Michael Jackson memes might be unproductive in the thread…

  50. Why not take a national pol to ask everyone what should be changed at Disney ? This cancel culture is out of control !
    What happens when a petition is started to make Disney free for everyone ? That way no one will be unhappy and Disney will truly be a magical place and let the snowflakes pay for it .

  51. Dan

    (In a sarcastic tone): “oh no. Think of the children..”

    Man, I guess it’s a good thing those people never got the actual stories. Had Disney not made any changes. Well, let’s say some would really complain. Like instead of the Little Mermaid’s happy ending. You would get the true ending.

    I say keep the ride as is. Not everything needs to be so toned down that would too kid-friendly. Plus the idea to replace it with Alladin? Had these people not see the real version? It’s not kid-friendly either.

  52. Steph

    This is hilarious. The original suggestion in the article says Disney should replace the “child slavery” theme with Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast.

    Sounds great. Cancel culture will be responsible for replacing child slavery with more child slavery and girls with Munchausen syndrome. I wish sarcasm had a font, because I’d be typing this is all caps.

    People are literally THE WORST right now. Disney would roll over in his grave if he saw what today’s generation of entitled brats are doing to so many pieces of his creative genius. We’re just chipping away until there’s nothing left.

    People are so stupid and everyone is so offended by everything, that by the time we’re done dumbing everything down to the most inoffensive flavor of vanilla we can find, there won’t be much left.

    Also, I’m offended by the heat of Florida at WDW. Disney should be more considerate and move the parks further north where it’s not so hot and I’m less offended.

  53. Kathy

    We live in a world that currently celebrates and rewards bad behavior.

    Pinocchio is a story that has a moral – bad behavior is punished. That’s why Pinocchio cannot become a real boy. His greatest wish comes true when he is selfless, shows love, and obeys his father.

    The boys who were destroying Pleasure Island (sound like the modern news?) were punished for doing so (unlike the modern news). Their behavior showed their true character – that of jackasses.

    The ride does focus on darker elements, but what a great teaching tool for parents. That is still your responsibility, parents – teach your children to discern right from wrong. Teach them to show respect to others.

    Very quickly, in our society, right has become wrong, and doing wrong has become right. Let’s not sanitize the fact that our actions have consequences. Use this story to teach your children right from wrong.

    This ride (and story) is not about child slavery or trafficking. It’s about a boy who needs to gain maturity and wisdom. He needs to listen to his conscience, which is hopefully grounded in truth. He needs to choose doing what is right and honorable over being lazy and seeking pleasure in doing what hurts others.

    On a side note, this ride is not for the very young. I would not take a child younger than 9 on this ride. And, read the story first. Talk to your child about what they are going to see, and why. Children will feel far more comfortable if they know what to expect.

    If you don’t like the ride, I encourage you to find another that you do like – there are so many. But please, don’t take away this beautiful story of a boy, who makes poor choices, hurts others, and is redeemed in the end when he chooses to do what is right.

  54. Don’t listen to theses jerks. They are making Disney losing some classic attractions in the Disney Parks that we all love. Like Splash Mountain. Trust me don’t let them ruined Disneyland.

  55. BG

    I can’t handle it If Disney decides to change every classic because a few people complain. You give an inch and they take a mile. I hear people say…“Well it’s still the same ride” and no it’s not. Technically, sure. But the memories that are tied to these rides are deep. And by changing classic rides you are are destroying memories, emotions, and the feeling that people have when they ride these.

  56. Syn

    That person would probably go after The Haunted Mansion next. Sterile is not fun, even for a kid.

  57. Victoria

    Don’t change it. Maybe the scenes are disturbing to some people, but they don’t have to ride it. Teens and adults also go to Disney, and some of them might enjoy a darker ride that doesn’t have a bunch of screaming preschoolers. It doesn’t support child slavery either. It’s just a ride.

    1. Shannon

      It’s funny to me that the suggestion was made to change the Pinocchio ride to an Aladdin or
      Cinderella theme because of the depiction of child slavery when those other movies also depict “slavery” in some form or another. Cinderella was made to work endlessly for her stepmother and stepsisters with no pay and no hope for an escape. Genie was enslaved and Jafar ended up enslaved. Cinderella and Aladdin also deal with themes of parental abandonment and orphanism, poor treatment of the homeless, child abuse, forced marriage, lying, theft, deception, and the list could go on and on. There’s bad everywhere you look for it. The easier and better thing to do is to avoid the rides at Disneyland that upset you and use it as a teaching moment for your children as to why you are avoiding that particular ride.

  58. Why don’t these people instead create their own theme park instead of rewriting beloved Disney attractions like POTC which got rid of wench auction to put in a strange scene instead.
    Even the fat woman looks clueless as she no longer can show off her starboard side.
    Pinocchio is a dark story, and Disney based a lot of his earlier animated features on grim fairy tales.
    Cinderella herself was an abused person and the fact that Belle is in love with a beast doesn’t appeal to me either.
    I refuse to go on Splash Mtn if it changes its laughing place theme which is the backbone of that attraction.
    What are we suppose to do? Jazz it up down the waterfall because they changed it to Princess & the Frog.
    And why don’t these complainers suggest a Hercules theme park ride??

  59. Rob

    It was the same person who emailed those comments, not a single doubt in my mind. Just changed the words around a little bit but they all say the same exact thing to a T…. Absolutely Ludicrous!!!! Im offended that that person is offended and I think they shouldnt be allowed to email disney anymore. Maybe we can Retheme them to “Karens Happy Place” and let them visit that theme park. For the love of God with these people.

  60. Danny

    Of course people are complaining about that, but they aren’t complaining about actual things like Peter pans flight with its portrayal of native Americans in the movie, guarantee if another CERTAIN race was depicted badly in the aninmated peter pan movie, that ride would be gone the next day.

    1. Bluesun

      Oh they complained about that

      1. Mmluv

        Oh yeah, they’re complaining about that one all over the place. I wouldn’t be surprised if Peter Pan is targeted soon for a modification. (Hope not). But really the characters in Peter Pan are not Native American. America is not in the story anywhere. Wendy and family are from England and the ‘Natives’ are from Neverland, which is technically a star. So maybe they’re Native Aliens? (Ha ha)

        1. Margie Johns

          Does not everyone realize these are fantasy stories and attractions of times before now. It is our fantasy. Not the video games that are so violent. Think about it, these attractions have a message: Not to lie, but tell the truth -Pinocchio. Splash Mountain– The Song of the South- treat everyone equal, Zippidy do da- A happy carefree song, of childhoods a time before. Why not make additional attractions—that is what makes these Parks so . Is everyone ashamed of our history!

  61. DSoto

    I say leave it alone. Why change anything? Ppl are finding any reason to changing anything and saying its racist. Regardless of change or not ppl will continue going to Disneyland Resorts. Its the Happiest Place On Earth🙂💯

  62. Janet

    It is a so beyond ridiculous. If you don’t like the ride then don’t go on it. It is a classic tale come to life. These bored ignorant people need to get a life. You will never please everyone.

  63. Aj

    Im tired of these scumbags who have nothing better to do than cry about everything they don’t like

  64. E

    this is why you don’t give these type of people anything or anyway to put there crap into anything at all once you let them do something on anything they never stop trying to destroy everything else cause they will play the it makes feel bad or anything along those lines its a ride you don’t like it go ride something else or just don’t go there where all sick of this junk get out of your safe space bs and grow the heck up

  65. Bluesun

    I agree with the comments here. The sad thing is, the sad thing is, the spineless people at Disney will listen too the one karen over everyone else so they won’t offend the perpetually offended.

  66. Janet

    This is a joke right? haha funny It has to be a troll….right?

    if not are you aware that conflict is something that happens in stories? like there has to be some negative thing to happen to overcome right? Otherwise it’s just like watching a bunch of regular people doing everyday things who wants to see that?

    I really think disney should have just remade song of the south maybe have uncle Remus escaping on the underground railroad and to give his nephews hope he tells them about Brer Rabbit escaping Brer Fox and Brer Bear.

  67. LOL

    AW, you are right. Walt was long dead by the time both rides were created, my mistake. I still stand by what I said though. The intent of the boys turning into donkeys, actually MULES, was to show how not getting an education leads to being worked like a mule in a dead end job. So stay in school kids. To be honest that scene terrified me as a child but it did it’s job, I was taught how important pursuing my education was. Aside from comedic and borderline offensive depictions of Germanic people, Pinocchio still stands up to current societal standards. The material that splash mountain is based on does not have that luxury, and as I previously argued the ride also makes people curious about the source material giving the movie further attention. As is the argument for Confederate statues, one should not forget, but also not GLORIFY the crimes of the past.

  68. Rg

    No. Stop re-themeing all the rides just because someone i “bothered” by an image. When you see an image in print, you choose not to read it. Hear it on the radio? Simply turn the dial. Tv? Turn the channel. If it bothers you don’t go to the park or just skip the ride. But for gods sakes stop screaming to re-theme Disney classics.

  69. Beverly Petersen

    I agree if things offend you then don’t watch the movies or ride the rides. I have Native American, in me but I don’t get offend by western movies. I don’t watch them! I like all the rides at both Disney parks. Leave them alone.

  70. Equality rules

    Changing the theme of the ride in the first place was a stupid idea. Catering to ignorance has gotten out of hand. everybody’s offended by every damn thing. How about this how about you leave splash mountain the way it is. There was nothing offensive about it to begin with. one of the strangest things to me about people who complain about these characters is that these characters were actually created in African American communities. there was nothing offensive about splash mountain to begin with. It should be left alone. No one put the vote out to the people, Disney was afraid of being called racist so they immediately went and changed the ride. It’s all nonsense. I personally loved it the way it was and I’m frustrated that they’re changing it and I won’t be riding it. The movie it’s now being based on was and is NOT considered a Classic. It was a knee-jerk reaction to begin with and now it’s being used again. No one considers it a classic. Hell, the minute the movie was made black people were complaining about it as well. Saying that it was offensive because the princess started out in a position that reminded them of slavery. You can’t win by pandering and catering to people who are constantly offended. Tell the stories you want to tell as artists. Stop censoring yourself and to censor a theme park ride is out of control. Leave things alone. If you don’t want to ride the damn ride, don’t ride it. It’s that simple. Or better yet just stay home because everything in the theme park is going to offend you at one time or another.

  71. DisneyGirlArianna

    Disneyland was my happy place it was my dream and my childhood 💞 but y’all BLMers are ruining the Park! I don’t know how many times I can say this GET. A. LIFE!! Why on earth would you ruin fun for generations and generations! Heck I want my kids to go on those amazing rides you whiney babies are ruining our lives just because it’s a fairy tale wth! You guy’s brains are lost if you think Disney is your puppet I will object to any re theming and then crush all the Disney haters that don’t like one ride so they need to suddenly re theme the whole park where’s your humanity people every story has a dark side just a few more words for you all NO BODY CARES ABOUT YOUR COMPLAINTS splash mountain the RIDE has nothing racist about it (although the country bears might be offended)

  72. Sue Stilwell

    This is ridiculous! Here:
    If you run into the street, without holding your mamma’s hand, you get hit and killed by a car…
    I think Pinocchio’s story is simply an action/consequence lesson!
    That’s what it was MEANT to be!
    If you raise your children with only happy pink unicorns and cotton candy, they will not be warned of the dangers of going to the “dark side”… P knew he was going astray with smoking, gambling, going off with that terrible friend. Yes, bad things can happen when you go to the dark side…it’s a very good lesson! Keep the ride as is!

  73. Kali

    Sounds like the same person writing the same comment over and over again using different wording.

    1. Donna Webb

      Mask are giving people the virus…it is so sad…i feel this is germ war fare from other countries…to take over our country..shamefull!!!!May God Bless ya’ll..💜💜💜👁

  74. JMR

    Personally I was shocked at the comment that there was someone suprized at the images in the ride! Had they never seen the movie? Never read the book? Never been on the ride ever? It’s these bunch of goons that are wrecking the parks. You have a choice on where to go, which rides to ride, etc. Grow up!

  75. Sheila

    I agree with so many of you. If you don’t like the theme of a ride don’t go on it. I don’t like ToT or GOTG so I just don’t go on it. I don’t want them to get rid of it or complain to people about it. I have choices, like everyone else, and I just choose not to go on those rides.
    PS I also don’t stop people who I’m at the park with to not go on it….I go shopping instead.

  76. Scot

    I was born with only one testicle, it offends me and I have nightmares when everyone refers to men as having “balls” because of this, all my failures in life and all of my hardships are because of the trauma I suffer every single day when you ask refer to men having “balls”……….. Pretty ridiculous huh, sounds insane that I would say such a thing….. Your RIGHT!! Sadly, if I wrote to the right source, people would be getting fired from their jobs for referring to men as having balls!! We are living in disgusting times and the media writing our story. When do or did the opinions of the. 00000001% ever matter before, but now we should change the way we live because the. 00000001% feel they should be heard. Just shut the hell up, stay home and keep making your tictok videos believe me, the world is a better place without your concerns.

    Loved the comment that a group will be coming to tear down the Walt Disney statue next!! Haha cracked me up.

  77. Deanna

    Then don’t go on it you big baby! So ridiculous! Stop pandering to these fools. Not everyone is going to like everything in life. It is not Disney’s job to cater to everyone

  78. Ken G

    Many years ago – like in the 1970’s – I knew someone who like me was a huge Disneyland fan (he even would build miniatures of the castle). Well, due to his family’s religion he would not go on Haunted Mansion because of the occult aspect. Did he want it changed? Of course not! He knew how much folks enjoyed it and how great of an attraction it was. It was just not for him.

    It is getting so ridiculous that these ninnies who don’t like something want it changed just for them.

    Hey folks, I don’t like Lima beans! Let’s get rid of them!!

    They would laugh at us in other countries for sure!

  79. David A

    If Disney continue to listen to the PC / Woke / Cancel Culture Crowd they may as well get the bulldozers in and raze the theme parks to the ground because if they look hard enough they will find something offensive about everything. Man up Disney executives and get the imagineers to come up with some great new rides / attractions instead of changing our beloved theme park attractions. Leave Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Pinocchio etc alone or you will find that the people who have supported you over the years through park attendance and merchandise purchase might just decide enough is enough. Before anyone asks, yes I have seen the movies and although I live in the UK I have been on 20 Disney holidays at a cost of a few thousand pounds a time and spent thousands on Disney merchandise so I think I have earned the right to be totally fed up (being polite here) at the current goings on within the Disney organisation

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