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Disneyland Cast Member Killed

Credit: GoFundMe


  1. Chris

    The even sadder part about this is that there is the very real possibility that if Disneyland were open, she wouldn’t have been in that spot at that time, meaning she would still be alive today.

    1. Sam Tucci

      I’m telling you that you are correct. Such a bad bad thing that happened

    2. Ann

      This is so sad. Idk if it would have made a difference if the park had been open or not. Life is full of maybes. I feel so bad for the family and i pray the little infant girl makes it and is happy and healthy. To take a woman’s life and a husbands wife and a child’s mother is one of the worst things i can imagine. I feel so bad for them. Weirdly, i feel bad for the woman who did this too. She will have to live with this every day (and rightly so!) That she literally killed someone because of her horrible choices. It’s bad all around. So so sad.

    3. No the sader part is that it’s her 3rd dui if she wasnt drinking and driving the woman would still be alive. Bot that if Disney was open living proof you are a real moron

    4. Matthew J Edwards

      This is why men should walk closer to the street then women. My pregnant wife would never be closer to the street then me

  2. Kelvington

    Here is a small consideration for the site. Perhaps on pages that deal with death, you run that page without ads. Just out of respect maybe?

    Just a thought,

    1. Erika

      Good idea.

    2. Two previous dUIs this is a tragic accident and this poor woman out for a walk with her husband is now dead and the drunk they killed her is still alive we have got to figure out a better system to keep these drunks out of vehicles when it’s too late enough my condolences to the beautiful woman’s family and I will donate to your go fund me page Sad feelings from the sunshine State

      1. Linda Bott

        This was no accident. After two DUI’s, this is murder. The problem is that a DUI is not considered a serious enough crime and has very lenient consequences. When the second DUI, she should have been in jail for an extended period of time and she should have had a mandatory rehab program after she got out. With her license suspended, her car should have been taken from her and sold and the money given to DUI victims and families. Her rehab should include facing families of victims of DUIs. The statistics for DUI injuries and deaths is too high and the only way to deter it is to have tougher consequences.

        1. Jose

          This is a cause of California court system not incarcerating repeat DUI offenders. DUI Offenders are released 12 hours after they sober up. People can get up to 5 DUI before they start doing some county time. This includes drunk drivers that might crash against a parked car or those that cause bodily injury. California want to loosen criminal punishments by abolishing bail which will allow all first time and non violent crime offenders to walk. Wake up people vote no on SB-10 this November.

        2. Susansusan

          I agree with your ideas of consequences. I think consequences should Be given according to the crime. Just having prison sentences lacking any sort of restitution which is related to the crime are meaningless. And serve very little purpose. If there were more punishments that fit the crime I think we would have less people who reoffend again or the ability to do so is taken away (such as taking an offenders car from them

        3. Jc

          Yes it is murder such a tragedy prayers to her family.

  3. Jake LaMotta

    May Courtney Pandolfi never have a moment of rest. I hope the DA office seeks life in prisonment so she can suffer for the rest of her murdering life. That child will never have her mother’s love because of your selfish actions.

  4. Misty

    This is why punishment needs to be steeper for DUI. Someone with even one previous DUI needs to be ankle monitored for life, and if they still drive drunk, that second should get them behind bars for life. Maybe that would make people think twice. There is absolutely no excuse, and no justification.

    1. Erika

      Agreed. More must be done to prevent DUI including harsher penalties under law. May her soul rest in peace and watch over her beautiful baby girl. Such a tragedy and such a young woman herself. I pray this child makes it so that she can ensure her mother’s memory and the memory of other DUI victims are never forgotten.

  5. Alison M

    Hope she faces a lengthy prison sentence for the life she’s taken and the family she’s destroyed with her selfish behaviour. No excuse for her getting behind the wheel and that must be reflected in the sentence given.

    1. D Moore

      So how much money will DISNEY contribute to her GoFundMe ?



  6. TacoCat

    But, yet, Disney sells and encourages drinking alcohol all day at their parks, and then, drive home when you leave. Doesn’t make sense.

    1. Bars do the same. You can drink but you need to be responsible. If you’ve had too much you take a cab. This isn’t Disney’s fault.

      1. TacoCat

        How many people take cabs home from Disney after drinking? There are numerous places to drink while on Disney properties, Then, will drive their cars to leave the parks. Which means DUI driving. So, yes, Disney contributes to the situation.

  7. DADA

    If this woman was coming out of downtown Disney where they serve alcohol then that would be Disney’s fault. Disney area is a place for lots of kids, teen and mothers there’s no excuse. They should have a Rangers checking into the parking lots for drunk ppl and making sure they don’t drive drunk.

  8. big Al

    My condolences to the family, especially the husband. I feel so bad for you but happy that you still have your daughter. I’m sorry that our laws are so pathetic that it keeps the public at risk.

  9. Steve

    Hay to all you idiots that are saying what a sh as me if Disney was open it may not have happened . Does the fact that it’s her 3rd dui ring as bell. It wouldn’t of happened if she wasnt drinking and driving .

    1. I don’t think you really need to call others idiots on here, especially, given the tragic day that these comments revolve around.

  10. Chan

    This is heartbreaking, she wasnt even able to hold her own child and her baby is in critical condition. This story makes me sad but also infuriates me. i agree they need stricter laws for DUIs and i doubt Disney being open or closed had anything to do with the Disgraceful woman responsible for screwing over 3 innocent lives. A woman is dead, her child is clinging to life and her husband is not only a widower but inches from being alone if his baby girl doesnt make it. i hope and pray she lives.



    UNTIL that becomes the way of it, THE LAW, all I can do is fantasize about that disgusting human being getting put out on the street at the location of the accident

    That pathetic excuse for a human does NOT deserve to spend another day in this world.

  12. Charles

    If Disney was “so sorry to hear” they would cover funeral expenses for her. They’ll make that money back in less than a minute

  13. Yo

    So y’all want to reinstate prohibition?

  14. Randy

    Yes, reinstate prohibition! And let’s see if that works again.

    1. Mickey

      Like gun control?

  15. GK

    As a former president of MADD, this infuriates me and my heart hurts for this family. Senseless….no accident, this individual made a reckless decision to drive, knowing they were intoxicated. To this point, the establishment, friends, family who ever allowed her to drive is responsible also. Speak up and stop someone from driving drunk. As I said, this makes me so angry, there is not an excuse in this world that will cover this senseless tragedy.

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