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  1. Nan

    We would absolutely would bring our kids to Walt Disney World Resort and parks if there was no mandatory face mask. If you feel you need one then you wear one. It is to Hot and humid to force people to wear one. It should be our choice to or not . We already cancelled our August trip and now waiting to see what is happing for Christmas and if the park is not back to having parades, fireworks, meet and greats, and character dinners we will cancel again also no mask. We did visit Disney Springs on Saturday and that didn’t last long there was low attendance but I refuse to wait in lines to get in a store to shop in that heat we ate and then left and will not go back until everything is back to normal. It is to expensive to not get the whole Disney Experiences.

    1. DaddyPiranha

      “Hot and humid to force people to wear one. It should be our choice to or not .”
      Umm… you do know you have a choice to go or not, right? If you don’t like the conditions set forth by Disney, nobody is forcing you to go.
      “We already cancelled our August trip…”
      Oh? You do know? Then I’m confused why you are complaining.

    2. Jen

      And most of us who are sane won’t go to the parks without masks!

    3. Stan

      Should it be your choice to drink and drive too? Masks aren’t about just you, but protecting everyone around you.

      1. Rita

        Hahahahaha. Protecting yall from what exactly?!!?! Okay yall are a bunch of mindless sheep following the herd. Yes COVID is real but its not as bad as the media and government is making it out to be. People like you will believe anything. Yes I know there are really people who have died from it, but the number of cases and deaths do not add up properly if you calculate them along with each states population and also there is a large number of people being diagnosed with COVID who did not even get tested for it and people dying from other illnesses and its being put on their records thst they died from Covid and they didn’t even have covid. I just cannot believe the hype. If I’m supposed to get covid, I’ll get it. Nothing you do will prevent you from getting it if you’re going to get it. A mask is just a sense of security for you. That’s it. I don’t believe what these so called studies say. There are so many articles out there with false and half ass information. How can you believe any of it?

        1. K Mommy

          The numbers are all fake and a lie??? Ask those who have lost loved ones and friends. You can say it is not so – but that does not change the facts. This is real and the numbers are real – the numbers may even be understated. The best we have heard is – maybe you don’t believe a pregnancy test – maybe you deny the pregnancy – but the baby will come no matter the denial! Masks are proven to be effective. Look at the Kansas studies – counties who required masks, the counts are down – counties who did not, the counts are up – huh?? Disney’s place – Disney’s rules. If you don’t like them – as another said your choice is not to go!

          1. Melanie Durham

            Amen! Thank you!

        2. Melanie Durham

          And, who made you the expert?????

    4. RW

      Good for you! I absolutely agree with you! We have a trip planned for next fall and if it’s not back to normal we won’t be going. Especially since it’s my kids first time going.

    5. Alexa

      I feel the exact same way! I’m not making my kids wear a mask..outside..in this heat. Nope

  2. lydia

    i hate to say this but half the world are a bunch of anti vaxxers the kids whom got sick and died were anti vaxx kids i can see the concern! While this does not have a vaxx its good to have your kid vaccinated bc it could make the system help fight what it needs too thats why for adults since the begining they were saying make sure you have a flu shot its not the flu but its something to help your bodies immune system fight! Also remember its a bunch of dumb celebrities that do not know any better that started that movement! I have a psych degree i can tell you mental health issues are mostly genetic and can not be caught or give to someone autism and any other mental health issue can not be give to someone through vaccinations.

    1. Alexa

      I don’t know of any ex vaxxers that have passed. Literally none… unless it was From a vaccine which has happened and it’s not uncommon. You sound very uneducated. All of the “anti” vax parents I know have some of
      The healthiest kids. No autism, no allergies, no reoccurrence of ear infections, no flu, and if they do get sick it’s very mild and doesn’t last very long. Who told you building a healthy immune system was a conspiracy theory now? I used to be just like you until my child suffered injuries from his vaccines. I can’t believe I was ever this ignorant. It’s disgusting. The movement dates way back before celebrities( which by the way no one in the “anti” vax community even listens to because they’re pedos. We DO listen to doctors that have done the research and seen the damage vaccines cause firsthand. Autism isn’t a genetic issue either.. if there was we could do testing and find out before birth. It’s heavy metal overload. Sorry you paid so much money to learn so little in school.

      1. Jamie

        Every single child that had died of this was anti vaxx you uneducated troll i hope you and your uneducated mind dies just like everyone whom thinks its a hoax!

      2. Melanie Durham

        O…..M…..G…..!!!!! Just stop!

  3. Gern Blanston

    I have been to both MK and Epcot twice and have not had any issues with wearing a mask and the heat. The only issue I had was that I actually forgot that I was wearing it and tried to take a bit out of my bratwurst pretzel roll.

    And at Disney Springs we have been able to walk around socially distant from others with no issues. Any lines that we’ve seen, to get into stores have been at WOD when they open and at Co-Op/TrenD for those looking to buy masks. If you wait a bit and hed back to WOD later there is no line but there always seems to be a line for those wanting to buy masks.

  4. Tyler Sillberg

    When did Americans become such pansies? We brought the kids there and it was fine. Nutt up or shutup

    1. Rob

      I’m sorry you’re insecure.

    2. Rob

      Tyler, I’m sorry you’re an insecure “tough guy.”

      Grow up.

    3. SG

      You are right on about that!
      I’m an American and I have no problem wearing masks, heat or not. You don’t want to wear a mask or make your children wear theirs? Then don’t go. We don’t want your germs. This virus will keep spreading from person to person if you don’t wear a mask, keep 6ft apart and wash your hands. Some Americans are babies and/or feel entitled to do whatever they want. Yes you are free, but there is a cost whether or not you believe it.

  5. Natasha

    I don’t understand this article stating they surveyed people? I was never surveyed and I’m sure if many were, more people would agree to go if the dang park would open! Disneyland or WDW should have never closed! Wdw opened with the numbers even worse in July then they were when they first closed! The whole thing is asinine! Masks have been proven NOT TO WORK! They do not reduce the viral load! The virus particles go straight through the mask and sit on the outside of it so when you touch your mask to adjust it you’re spreading the Rona anyway! It’s so stupid! People can’t see the virus particles getting outside the mask so they think it works, but they do NOT! That’s why you have to distance yourself from others because the masks don’t work effectively enough to enforce a mandating to wear them! This is all hypocrisy!! The masks protects mole! No yourself or anyone else around you! When you sneeze, those virus particles are landing on your masks where you touch it! The fact we’re told to wear them is actually making us sicker by making us feel this false sense of security so we think oh we’re safe! You’re not! Take the masks off and then you will see people not getting close to anyone! With that said, Disneyland needs to open up! This dragging out the closures is nonsense! Why is it ok to open some parks and not all of them when their numbers aren’t that much better than ours in Orange County??

    1. Stan

      I wish people like you could get smallpox or polio. I bet your opinion on PPE would change REALLY darn quick..

      1. Amy

        Well stan, thats right christian of you. Guess your mama never told ya that if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all.

        1. Kimberly Childs

          Well, Amy, that’s right Christian of you to assume everyone is a Christian.

      2. Melanie Durham

        I totally agree Stan! These are the people that NEED to get the virus or, like you say, polio or smallpox! Then they will be crying for their mommies! They are so stupid!

    2. Mara

      The CDC has recommended the use of face masks to slow the spread of the covid-19. Honestly the reason people are uncomfortable going to the parks is because people like you can’t be trusted.

      1. SG

        True dat!

    3. Paul

      I would love any of the folks like you who claim that “masks have been proven not to work” to show the real, peer reviewed, published research that supports this. Not the blog or commentary by some person with no expertise, but the actual research. And yes, the research has repeatedly supported that even cloth masks, when properly used, are about 60% effective in reducing the spread of the virus. How? Droplets that you exhale, cough, or sneeze out are effectively trapped. Aerosols not so much, but most of the transmission has been shown to be via droplets; aerosols more when indoors for extended periods.

      Here’s a clue: if, as you claim, the virus particles are “sitting on the mask” then, by definition, they HAVEN’T spread off the mask, right? Bingo! The mask works. Now, learn to keep your hands off the mask (grab it by the straps). If you do touch the mask, wash your hands or use sanitizer. See? It all works?

      Sigh. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    4. Melanie Durham

      Oh, I was surveyed, because…..I WENT TO WDW….WITH A MASK ON! BECAUSE…IT….SLOWS….THE….SPREAD!!!!

      I suppose you think you’re an Epidemiologist now???!! You know everything about COVID-19??!! We should just do what YOU say???!!! I don’t think so!!!! If you want to get sick than go ahead, but don’t infect the rest of us! IDIOT!!

  6. travis

    We were not polled. We will go when they open. Here to live my life, not hide in fear. Hoping the California Governor allows Disneyland to open soon, so those of us who still want to experience life can do so.

  7. Aaron Herrmann

    Didn’t seem to be an issue last week when we went to the parks with our kids. Maybe you should poll the people that are actually going to the parks instead of reporting this.

  8. Pam Thompson

    Good if u don’t want to wear a mask please stay away
    Less crowd and less wait time for me

  9. Anna Lee

    I couldn’t agree more. We canceled our trip for August 12 not for fear of covid, but the only haunting I want is from 3 grinning ghosts on the haunted Mansion attraction, not some cast member telling me to pull up my mask. I’m not paying full price when live shows, character greetings and fireworks are not available.

    1. Ahnsael

      Well, at least your honest about being selfish and not caring about anyone around you when you say you don’t want to pull up your mask to prevent the spread of a deadly virus. I’ll give you credit for that. You made the right call. If you’re too much of a wimp to wear a mask during a pandemic when masks can stem the spread, DON’T GO. Everyone who IS there on August 12th thanks you for not being there.

  10. Ecxon

    Good. More room for the rest of us who work hard and need some time off

  11. SG

    True dat!

  12. Tara

    We cancelled our annual passes after almost 10 years. We will start again when there are no masks. My friend caught Covid while wearing a mask. So no, it is not effective.
    I have been forced to wear a mask for 2 months at work and I NEVER forget that I’m wearing it.

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