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The Owl House

Credit: Disney


  1. harley

    as a mom whose catholic but believes we should all love each other a bit more… this show is not only a great show about friendship and life in general…. luz spoiler alert gets to the boiling isles bc she doesnt want to live in reality but she finds her own reality w real world situations in this magical world! Nothing to me is against the grain if you think this you really havent watch the show w open eyes! Wiccans arent devil worshipers they protect mother earth! Second they handle and continue to handle the bi point very professionally! They arent 100% a couple. They still talk in friend/crush terms and treat it like 2 teenagers figuring stuff out. As a parent to a tween i think its a perfect way to handle things as your giving the community what they want but correctly and not offensively… like the gender neutral craziness giving the true community that only wanted laws to change so they can love each other a bad name! Why are we sheltering love! In the honorable wrds of my kid “gay is not wrong its beautiful bc its about love and they are happy! Just like i love you mommy and i will love my wife and kids one day”.

    1. Michelle Anderson

      The Bible says gay is wrong. God determined right and wrong, not us. He made us. We’re not to make our own gods or our own rules.

      1. Jasmine Dapena

        As a catholic teen I belive you are completely wrong god made us to be who we are and to be what ever we want to be your being completely homophobic being gay,bi,transgender etc isnt wrong it is perfectly ok

      2. mark

        where in the bible are you serious!? Please show me Bible hugger i am catholic like harley N i dispise you other vhristiamd whom are blinded by stupid! God told us to love so glad your spreading your hate! If jesus was around now he be disapointed in you not me!

        1. Michelle Anderson

          Romans 1:24-32

      3. John

        If you don’t like don’t watch. She made the show how she wanted, she got the green light from Disney, so you either watch or you change the channel. No reason to go into the article to post about the bible that was written by man, not your god

      4. King is my boo

        thank you john besides quoting a book thousands of yrs old proves even more you do not watch the show you just came to preach stupid! The bible also says we have gifts from god which includes protecting life nature and a gift of clairvoyance as long as we use them appropriately so tech wiccan is okayed by bible standards! Proves you should open your eyes see the world around you and not judge bc judging is a one way ticket to hell! Oh and mark is right Jesus was around to spread the message of love to this world he died to love us that man loves ALL! DIED FOR ALL! So please get off your high horse and remember its 2020 AD not 200 AD!

      5. monica

        dana is not only bi but was raised catholic she might not practice now but every sunday so far after the lessons from the lastest eps then i sit in church on sunday cant help to feel she lined them up w the gospels for sunday on purpose! Everything else including amity being gay is just fluff to me even the might king of demons is just a dog! Its fun but underneath is a lesson and its well done! Like harley said and i agree w john do not like it do not watch it but do not tell others they can not!

      6. Noah Wright

        Show me the exact line where the Bible says you can’t be gay

    2. cindy caine

      Your son is awesome ty for spreading the rainbow love to him you raised him right! It is good to see you around still on a rare occasion harley! Us whom are your hhn friends miss our chainsaw princess! Its no suprise you love owl house! Dana is an amazing artist and writer i am glad shes getting her due! Luz represents me bi proud and hispanic! Though like you harley i am catholic too and see nothing wrong too many closed minded not enough of whats important to love one another but thats the world!… one min it wants a hug the next f you!

  2. Mark

    watch someone has a problem w this! I am catholic taught to love and treat others how i want to be treated! I am gay single parent and my neighbor happens to be wiccan and we can coexist bc life is too short to judge and cause more problems! This show on the outside might look werid to folks but on the inside from the start to this point are the real lessons you can learn from it by being unique and different are awesome and thats real not reality everyone else wants for us but what we make of it! And if you @ me i will throw my duck sock at you and have my revenge!

    1. Harley

      My sons favorite episode!

    2. Michelle Anderson

      Wow, 2 “Catholics” on here who both have Wiccan neighbors. What are the chances? The Catholics I’ve known (I’m a Protestant) don’t joke about revenge. The Wiccans I’ve heard of do practice witchcraft. You can play with semantics, but it doesn’t mean reality is “magically” what you say it is.

      1. Jackie

        wow some moron christian going after 2 catholics your obviously blind to see the pt its people like you we can not coexist they are right and you are wrong i hope your happy in the hell you made! I am wiccan i see your lord as a great prophet whom preached great wisdom and i do not worship the devil bc i do not know the devil! This is a show about moral values of teenagers i agree and want to know whom hurt you as one!? You had to go after 2 people God also teaches you as i know to not judge or be predujice aganist anothers religion… and yet here your making fun of mine bc your so closed mind and 2 people whom share the same God as you!!!!! And i as a wiccan is closed minded and do witchy things at least sorry but you failed to note what my religion is too bc of that! If you want to know watch frozen 2 elsa is one of us! and its people like you i have stayed away from commenting. Just bc people do not share your views its not right to believe your the only person whom exists!

        1. Jeff

          “Moron Christian” way to coexist…moron

      2. Harley

        i do not have wiccan neighbors i had friends whom were i also had buddist, muslim, jewish and i love all! Sorry thats so wrong to you but then again i do not judge!
        Have you ever watched the show or just came here to do what vent and troll on a really great show… i do not get it!

      3. Corey

        It’s been assumed by many for quite a long time that Mark and Harley and several other posters are the same person.

      4. harley

        corey i have not been around i do not know anyone outside of here and by many comments that come out of this always negative like i am a horrible person for living is why i left and the folks at itm reached out to me! I only came back to share my opinion and love for this show! If there is support or comments back and forth oh sweetie thats what comments are for…why would i answer myself genius!? Can i ask you that? Or write in twice? There are plenty of people here that yes i would agree may or may not be the same people but as you can see this is my first comment in months! I am a single mom so obviously i have a life! And i already wasted my time answering people like you!

  3. Lydia

    the way they have it playing off that amnity has a crush and luz is oblivious and just good friends i doubt we can call this a relationship but what teenager really has one and knows what that means really? So they are playing it right! And in the end it showed growth in the character of amnity whom was just a **** i was like omg please let her be their friends or write her out! As a bi female i can tell you many people hate the community bc its getting too aggressive i for one am just happy we are represented its all i wanted i didnt ask for the rest!

  4. lydia

    where is my comment itm unlike michelle showing her wraith again i said nothing wrong as always my comment goes missing!

    1. Hey Lydia, thanks for shouting about this. Just found it still pending for some reason, have pushed it live. It wasn’t approved because of the language, I tweaked it slightly for you. In future, yours should just go live so long as there isn’t language otherwise the system will automatically put it into the review section.

      1. lydIaia

        sorry about that ryan! I will watch my language though its very hard for an italian like me!

  5. Rebel orange bird

    hey michelle you know its a tv show your ranting off on right??? Nice way to give your fellow christians a bad name! There is nothing wrong w the owl house its just fun! And its good to see you back on a rare occasion harley! and you and mark need to just hug your kids right! Yas queens!

    1. Harley

      i think its bc i was raised right and in nyc where all of this was part of my growing up! Jewish russian neighbors… gays as my best friends bc i was a theatre person! Mom taught theology so i grew up knowing about all the other religions and not to shut them out! I hate i have to defend myself or a great show like the owl house like you said its a tv show and great one at that! Hope nyc is doing well queen!

  6. Davis

    love me some owl house lumity and king are the show for me! it feels good to be the cool one at wrk finally!

    1. rosie

      actually lumity is the problem i have w the show if they do not do fan service and keep it the way it is and not shove a relationship where it doesnt belong…. like harley says above and i agree they do it right its not in your face they are teens figuring out life! The scene and picture in ? Is a dance sequence to kill a monster bc thats what friends do help each other after Amity was announced as bi not luz she still has no clue whats up w her and amity is seen like having a crush if this stays i watch if not i walk! Shows have all been ruined due to fan service enough is enough! You got your wish their bi now lets move on!

      1. davis

        that was not to promote fan service i am sorry i just think the name is clever! And i agree too many shows some great ones like ouat loose what they were when fan served! Stick w putting out a great show thats that!

      2. Noah Wright

        No Amity was confirmed as lesbian
        And luz is bisexual

        My proof comes from Dana Terrance herself

  7. Paul

    Because someone believes in mythology they think they should be able to control what other people believe, think, see, and live.

    If you want to believe in your twisted interpretation of the original word of Jesus, yea and verily go forth. But picking out a few lines from all of his words about peace, love, forgiveness, caring for those less fortunate. Yeah, that’s hypocrisy at the highest level.

  8. Paul

    p.s. you knew this article would bring out the religious whackadoodles, right?

    Not complaining – it’s great entertainment.

    1. Rebel orange bird

      The only wacky one here is you bc your not making any sense to say we are right and shouldnt fight bc we are sadly the same faith but then you call us names for it!? Really you and michelle should go in a corner and just not comment at least we are making pts about the show what did you come here to do…. prove your unfaithful and stupid?

      1. Paul

        Your make-believe “religion”, such as it is, is incredibly at odds with what Jesus taught. Not the centuries of re-interpretations of his teachings through the church(s), but the closest to his original words as what were written. And even that was what, ~300 years after his death.

        But go ahead and cherry pick a few words from Romans and have your hate. The rest of the world is passing you by. It must feel good for you somewhere deep inside.

      2. Jamie

        paul jesus never wrote the bible it was written yrs after his death! Do you michelle or anyone else believe jonah got eaten by whale…. i mean come on! And i agree w rebel so off topic! I think your all insane its a stupid children tv show and this is old news … SO believer non believer …. GIVE IT A REST and lets all shut up! Itm needs to learn articles like this will bring out the crazies in the worst way! And to not leave comment open! Do any of you have real lives or just must comment no matter if you understand the topics here???? Are any of you disney fans or just like to rant And hurt others feelings in the process???

      3. jackie

        paul your the made up religion! And if wiccans did spells which we do not bc we do not belive it is right to harm i would curse you!

      4. Cindy caine

        nice seussism there rebel! btw paul get a real life!

  9. Geri

    Not appropriate for little children

    1. mark

      How is any show meant for teenagers appro for little child? go watch disney jr and pbskids and complain somewhere else w the rest of the people whom just came here to vent and do not watch like that moms group admitted they didnt! One thing is for sure its publicity for disney good or bad and its also one of the top shows on a channel meant for kids so take that for what its worth!

    2. Jackie

      Geri but i bet you let them watch frozen right?!

  10. ghost nation 4ever

    i sent this to the shows writer and she sent love and blessings back…
    i share w you now while we are sharing…
    1 corinthians 16:13-14

    1. Michelle Anderson

      Cherry picking Bible verses won’t negate the whole Bible in context.

      1. Lydia

        Michelle you and YOUR BIBLE are trash so sit down! You just came here to vent at what? do you even watch the show? Do you believe everything in the bible happened including the parables? If you do you are in need of serious help that God can not even given you! So please take a seat and bring it somewhere else! Ghost nation beautiful quote love!

  11. MomOf3

    As a parent who is not a christian, I very strongly believe that ANY portrayal of sexuality on a children’s televison show is inappropriate. It is up to me as a parent to discuss sexuality with my kids when I feel it is time, not have to explain what it is because it comes across what should have been a show for kids. As far as “if you don’t like it don’t watch it”, I did not previously need to monitor the disney channel when my kids were watching it but now I’ll make sure to. It honestly just seems as if the creator of this show enjoys the controversy she is stirring between this and the friendly demonic themes(which idc about). Whatever she can do to draw any attention to her show.

  12. NotQueer

    That’s it Disney. Cave and bow just like you did to BLM and the queers . You’re telling the kids that its ok to be a weirdo and have impaired judgement. Disgusting. Disney has gone to hell in a handbasker fast.

    1. Bubble Bomb

      shut up

  13. I don’t watch owl house it is nothing but trash it promotes pervision

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