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oscar martinez carnation cafe


  1. JeffC

    Why don’t the whining, complaining SJW’s just sit down, and STFU!

    1. Jillian


    2. Ahnsael

      What’s wrong with honoring Disneyland’s longest-tenured cast member as a tribute to their years of work? How is proposing such a thing a “whine” or a “complaint?”

      The only whining and complaining I see is from you. Why is it that you have a problem with this long-time fan favorite cast member being honored?

      Or is this just a boilerplate reply that you leave all over the internet just to stir the pot when you can’t think of anything of substance to add?

    3. Wendy

      Why don’t the whining, complaining bored men just sit down and shut up?

      In all seriousness, why does a petition to do something sweet for a seemingly nice man (I’ve never met him) evoke such a vitriolic reaction from you? Might want to reflect on that.

  2. EricJ

    Oh, whew, a Disneyland fan-petition changing an attraction for a GOOD reason!
    (Is Carnation still sponsoring them, btw?)

  3. SG

    Great idea! Walt would be proud.

  4. Beter idea would be to add his name to one of the Disneyland windows as has been done for other legendary Disney employees…maybe add his name to the window at the Carnation Cafe!

  5. CJ

    I think it’s an incredibly sweet idea! One of the first employees ever and was loyal to Disney all of these years? I think it would’ve a beautiful sentiment.

  6. Melanie Durham

    I think this is Fantastic! Can someone please drop the link to the petition so I may sign it? Thnx

  7. janie

    oh please honor our dear sweet oscar disney do the right thing!

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