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once upon a time


  1. Kimberly A Albrecht

    It’s my all time favorite show. I’ve been hooked since 2018. Unfortunately when the season ended is when I learned of it. After that I have watched it everyday since. Restarting the amazing series all over again. It’s so amazing. I wish they would’ve never stopped that show. It makes real life shift and I will not be sick of it. Thanks Disney plus for streaming since Netflix is cutting it off.

    1. Ernika

      Me and you both

    2. ernika

      Me n you both!!! 🙂

  2. Bradley s

    Netflix is losing the rights to it I’m sure.. that really sucks. Who wants to pay for another streaming service? No thanks Disney+

  3. Shrie Robinson

    I can hardly wait to see “Once upon a time” again. I have forgotten some of the people. I am glad you finally ok it. ???

    1. Michelle Nelson

      What time will it be available. It is the 18th

  4. This is my favorite TV show. I heard it was being taken off of Netflix which is sad, but I’m happy it’s coming to Disney+. I love how this show spreads hope and promotes all kinds of good traits and nicd behaviors. It also helps people if not multiple than just me get some perspective about how not everything is black and white. Or good and evil?. I love Once and I’d recommend it to just about anyone?. Enjoy!

    1. Morana Rivera

      You needed a tv show to tell you life is shades of grey and not black and white? I’m going to hope you’re not an adult. And this show promotes family but all of the family storylines are not “good traits and nice behaviors”. Most of the characters were extremely flawed (which is a good thing and I say that as a compliment to the show). In fact, the self-righteous Charmings were insufferable until the fact that they stole Maleficent’s baby came out. Then they were just classic high-and-mighty hypocrites.

      1. anonymous

        And for the record, the charmings were not self-righteous. Only Isaac and the villains are. Even Emma was for what she did to Henry and Violet. And you know!

  5. Michelle

    Can’t wait I was just in the middle of watching it on Netflix again for that second time and very upset I have to wait now to watch glad will be on disney though

  6. Madison Hunter

    I’m so excited I love Once upon a time. I have been watching it since I was 9 years old. I love the difference from to cartoon to the live action show. I love that Snow White is not a perfect princess she is a kick butt women. The plot to the show is to cool. I hope we will not have to pay to watch it. All I want to say is THANK YOU for putting this On Disney Plus so many memories will come back. BIGGEST FAN OF ONCE UPON A TIME EVER ?

  7. this will bring back so many memories like it is so fun to share it with some other people like if you never watch it then i don’t know what to say but it is such i good movie but WHYYYY NETFLIX but i still watch it. but Disney+ i never watch it on that one but hopefully you do not have to buy it cause what ya saying that you have to buy it on Disney+.

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