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Disney Parks Measures

Disney Parks Measures


  1. Michelle Anderson

    I heartily agree with this article. More enjoyment than stress. What a great idea! Common sense would dictate that both park attendees as well as employees would benefit from feeling like humans rather than cattle. Morale would be better for all, especially children who pick up on the stress that their families feel. Greed has gone too far. This could help to reign it in.

  2. lydia

    i agree w the latter ones safety is always a benifit covid or not plus mobile ordering bc lines at some quick services are insane! Though others NO and heres my 2 cents:
    virtual queues mess w schedules plus guests assist (das) folks need to wait twice which is insane bc most das folks have it to not wait or wait minimum bc for medical reason they need the access! Thats kinda hard to ask esp if a child is autistic or an adult can not stand long but does not need WC!
    Fastpass needs to go it only makes lines longer unless your going to give us back old fp where we didnt have to wait for long then sure fine if not i am taking my chances w just stand by! Actually sometimes i wait longer in fp now then i ever did when it was just stand by!
    And finally advanced reservations aka park pass no one at wdw knows how much that screws up plans i am an ap and like my day trips i like to get up and go maybe i will go to mk today then park hop epcot for fireworks and dinner! I can not do that! Right now w capacity limits fine when back to normal i am not playing the oh right i need to see if i can even get into that park game!!!! Second whats the point of park hopping anymore, emh, and the like if we can only get a park or barely one knowing dhs is out for the rest of the yr!
    The future will really suck if we have to pick a park and it might not be the park i wanted! Then why go? Disney will loose more guests that way and before you get nasty and say why go bc some of us love wdw no matter what and wo us know they have no guests!

    1. Tracy McBride

      I agree with you. I am an ap at Disneyland I pay and like the idea that I can start at Disneyland have my fun go over to DCA(Disney California Adventure) for a corndog at Corndog Castle and back to Disneyland for Fantasmic and fireworks.

  3. Natasha

    Ummm no! Who the hell wants to make reservations when You’re an AP holder? I don’t think so! Reduced park capacity, yes! But that could be done just in general, by limiting the amount they let in daily by putting a cap on attendance permanently but not through reservations! And no to temp screenings! I’m guessing whomever wrote this is not in her 40’s experiencing premenopause which makes most women spike a higher that normal temperature! These temp screenings used now are already unjust and unfair cause when I get hot flashes, my temp goes up! This is all nonsense bs! The only thing I agree with is the max pass which is already added to the Disney app for a price but should be free like WDW fast pass selections are. Other than this.. these other suggestions are a very bad and very unfair idea. No thanks!

  4. rebel orange bird

    i think the park pass will go away as soon as disney is allowed to get capacity back disney will want the #s no doubt besides NOT ONE of the 4 parks has gotten to capacity in all my yrs of visiting unless its new yrs! Which is when i seen it! I been there even during christmas and easter not bad at all its crowded yes but even spring break has a larger crowd then and capacity maintains clear!

  5. Marcel

    Definitely agree to keep the temperature screening. I have seen families come in with sick kids because they paid for their vacation and aren’t staying in a hotel just because one of them is sick. Also like the limited capacity because you can do most everything without waiting sometimes over an hour for a ride. Much more enjoyable.

  6. Ryan LeFebvre

    As a healthcare professional, annual pass holder, and longtime Disney fanatic I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree. Every single thing you list above is entirely realistic and could be adopted without major disruption given Disney is a company familiar with implementing cutting edge technologies like FastPass+, mobile ordering, and boarding groups. Keeping all of the systems highlighted in this article in place permanently would lead to a more streamlined and ultimately optimal guest experience in the long term as well as more efficient operations for Disney in the long term as well, especially since it’s all being developed and essentially soft-rolled-out as we speak. Great article.

    1. J Barnes

      As someone else who has worked in Healthcare, mobile ordering is not an option for a lot of people with food allergies. Disney does a great job handling food intolerances and allergies, but you NEED to speak to a real person. A lot of times the chef comes out to speak with people about the food allergies, even at quick service.

      1. rosie

        also as a health care prfessional you do not realize how boarding passes and virtual queues screw up someone w das! Just bc of fp having a lane everywhere i wait longer w das and i can not medically when it was gac they found a way to get me in wo waiting long! Its all screwed up for a medical professional you really can careless about medical issues beyond covid!

  7. Tom Shriver

    Great ideas. We booked a room at the Dolphin Resort, and got moved to the Swan Resort, due to the MLS. What really upset us, was the fact that we didn’t get daily housekeeping ( which due to the pandemic we knew ), but we still paid $ 30.00 per day resort service package fee , and $ 25.00 per day to park. Each morning we had to take the bags out of the waste baskets in the room, and take them down the hall to find a housekeeping person. They cut out so many of the amenities, but still charge for them.
    We’re Annual Pass Holders, and it was great to get back the parks after 5 months.
    Disney is doing an awesome job of keeping all guests and Cast Members, safe. Plenty of hand washing /sanitizer stations, throughout the parks.
    Cast Members were making sure guests were properly wearing their masks.
    We’re going back in September, but won’t be staying on property.

  8. lydia

    mine too do not worry rebel

    1. rebel orange bird

      its back and now these look silly …. lydia you had alot to say! But very positive!

  9. Tracy McBride

    My take on this reservation system is I paid to be able to go anytime I am not blocked. Which is only 2 weeks a year. I understand changes need made because of what is going on in our world. But should I not be compensated for money I paid?? My suggestion is change all passes to flex pass since that is what it basically is let us keep our current benefits free parking, max pass, discount, etc. Then for the difference in price extend our pass to equal the difference. Most devoted Disney fans would go for it and Disney would benefit because they wouldn’t have to come up with refunds. The rest of the article is pretty on point. I love mobil ordering my husband has several food allergies and hasn’t had any problems yet.

  10. SG

    Ok a BIG NO to pay for a Fastpass! Please Disney don’t be like Universal!
    And mobile orderings ok but, we’re at Sunshine Season, EPCOT right now and we both miss the cafeteria style of choosing what you want, fountain drinks, bakery items – there are two, ok only two desserts, no cupcakes!
    I LOVE the minimal crowds and short wait times. People are wearing their masks. We’re having a great time. I just miss the food experience. Only two restaurants. But some of the Food and Wine Festival treats are available.

  11. prince charming

    Temperature screenings dont work now because if your temperature is high they keep testing until you “magically” pass. The boarding pass will not work because all the people in the line will now overcrowd the middle of the park. DVC and AP pay a fortune to have the right to attend whatever park they want. If you eliminate DVC and AP guest, you are left with the family that visits every ten years. When Covid-19 is no longer a concern, Disney will return to the system that made Disney super rich.

    1. lydia

      you have to walk from the parking lot bc of no trams but then take a temp check and its not going to be over my normal oh please… so agree! What about folks or kids whose temp are normally high your going to not let them in? Bc its not going down if thats normal for you! I do not get no trams your in the open area N you can put guards up or every other row. I live in st aug thats how they are running the tour trams now.

  12. Edward P Giering

    The new security check is a good advance. Not having to go through evryone’s bag by hand would really speed things up.

    1. davis

      Please do not make my life harder!

  13. Cynthia in San Diego

    Magic band implementation is loooooooong overdue at Disneyland. And use of reservations systems like those used upon opening and throughout Galaxy’s Edge attractions are no-brainers both for metering park attendance and increasing the customer experience.

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