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haunted mansion

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  1. lydia

    the haunted mansion is no joke i am tired of it being one!!!! The only mansion movie i want is by a true fan whom knows that its not a joke… del toro! We need a horror movie not a kids show isnt the new queue that never wrks and the lights sometimes on bad enough???? When is mansion going to get just!!!!????

    1. Mark

      here here he even has half his house dedicated to mansion and has a script… that ironically disney finally approved of and said yes to so sadly who knows where it puts this article but your right tired of mansion not being the true swinging wake it is!

      1. Uncle Theodore

        He has had that script for 10 years with no traction, and every time he was asked it was always “I want to make sure I get it right”…By the time he “gets it right” we will BE the ghosts. I gave up on him a long time ago, its time for a new writer. I like Parks and Rec and perhaps GB2016 was just a fluke. I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, if I don’t like the trailer or initial reaction then I simply won’t spend my money.

    2. John M

      Agreed. And imo. Just my opinion. I am not a Melissa mccarthy fan so the heat and ghostbusters was not for me.
      Would love a more horror haunted mansion

      1. lydia

        All haunted mansion is horror del toro script was okayed by disney and it was green lit after scary stories came out proving del toro can do horror and pg13! Right now i rather a horror movie then another comedy that does not = mansion!

  2. Davis

    the eddie murphy movie bombed bc it was a comedy we fans deserve a horror movie! No more crap from foolish mortals!!! If pirates can be pg13 and live so could mansion in all its disturbing story glory!

    1. cindy caine

      not to mention the new GB movie that came out mentioned in article also bombed! Why would disney do this to us twice!?

      1. harley

        Bc sadly we see ourselves as ghosts and we are truly foolish mortals all along!

  3. Thomas

    Instead of a movie, Haunted Mansion would work better as a kind of Twilight Zone style TV series. We already have a load of characters in the ride, from the ones featured in the stretching room, to Madame Leota, to the widow and the busts outside as you go in. The underlying theme being that any of the newcomers to the mansion eventually join the 999 Happy Haunts. So much could be done that way rather than a movie I reckon.

    1. Lydia

      actually most of us whom have death certificates probably did that! Wrote there own stories horrible deaths reliving it every swinging wake like its a party!

  4. EricJ

    So, not just another comedy, but a chik-flik female-remake comedy.
    Well, at least it’s not the Country Bears Movie again.

    (Back when Disney always made 90’s-00’s bulk-movies in threes, Haunted Mansion was the third player, along with that Pirates of the Caribbean movie nobody thought would be a hit.)

  5. Uncle Theodore

    We are all forgetting that del Toro announced his HM 10 years ago! The last ‘update’ was from 2012 and it basically he was “making sure we are getting all the details, I want to get this right.”

    If we wait any longer WE will be the ghosts. I dislike GB2016 as much as the next person but I did like Parks and Rec, lets give this one a chance. Worse thing to happen is Disney doesn’t get out money.

    1. harley

      He updated it sent to disney and it was confirmed a yr or so ago disney greenlit it! So this is all heresay as much as it all is! I doubt disney will loose money esp now on another comedy! Though tg we all got crimson peak which del toro admitted was one of his mansion drafts!

  6. Linda Ruffini

    I truly hope the new “Haunted Mansion” movie is better than the 2003 version. That was a big disappointment for me. It had a little plot and poor acting, way below the standard that we have come to expect from such a superior company as Disney.

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