Comments for Nearly 900 Universal Orlando Employees Losing Their Jobs

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Credit: Universal


  1. cindy caine

    Yep thats for all those whom think universal is better than disney! A few friends of mine came back from covid to be fired! Its all money to everyone! Everyone is in dire spots but as my friend put it there is more
    important things than this i am alive for one while others didnt have that!

    1. rosie

      Exactly folks are lucky to be alive like your friend said and besides all these companies are realizing money is the root of evil not happiness APs to both parks dropping out its a sad time but at least we are alive and healthy!

      1. rosie

        ps. My family members are in tx dealing w laura aftermath and they are blessed to be alive too! Lifes too short!

      2. Kaya

        Loews employees are NOT Universal employees.

      3. Tina

        Check your facts. These are LOEWS employees, NOT Universal. And Hard Rock is open….

    2. Cindy caine

      tina and kaya i am letting you know friends of mine got fired too in all this so i sympathize sorry if it didnt come off as such!

  2. Jennifer

    We have annual passes for universal and always stay in either Royal Pacific, Hard Rock, or Portafino. We spent 3 nights at Royal Pacific about a month ago and the cost was outrageous. I feel if they would lower the cost more people would be willing to stay especially with people being layed off and struggling financially right now.

  3. More winning from governor Ron DeathSentence!!!!

  4. Dayen T Brandon

    I’m a universal employee and it sucks wat happened to us ,my hotel closed down for 3 months I was out of a job,,then they reopened in June and they called back a few of us i was one of the lucky one but they had to close back down again in August…But u know wat it’s fine because we all still have our families and we are still alive thats a blessing on its own..So it’s not abt whoever believes that Disney is better we should all be grateful and stop pointing fingers….im happy that disney still stands tall..But its fine thus too shall pass and we will get our lives back and it will b bigger and better 😊😊😊

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