Comments for How Will ‘Mulan’ Direct to Consumer News Affect Theaters?

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  1. EricJ

    I “love” watching how many of the current generation see AMC struggle, and think “Is this the end of the industry? Are movie theaters everywhere DOOMED”?

    One truth I grew up in my small town knowing is, AMC =/= “All movie theaters everywhere”.
    Overbuilt 15-screen chain plexes were the relic of an overconfident corporate boom from the 90’s that was just waiting to bust with studios’ sudden pullback to only making a handful of blockbusters every year, while local theaters and even new makeshift drive-ins have been rediscovered by folks trying to get out to just any old movie.
    The pandemic has cleared the ground for our troubled theater industry, now it’s a question of what we build on it.

    (And while I can’t imagine there are people who WERE waiting for live-action Mulan with the fervor they might have been waiting for Black Widow or Wonder Woman, no power on earth will combat the public image Artemis Fowl created–
    Namely that any movie that gets “busted back to the Minors” on streaming probably had it coming.)

  2. Thomas

    I for one will be going to my local Cinema as soon as my local branch has opened, and will be doing so on a weekly basis. Do I want to rent something for over £20 when I can spend £5 (£10 if I decide to buy refreshments) to see it once, decide if I like it enough to pay £10 for the dvd when it’s released around Christmas? As someone with a low income the £5 cinema immersive experience can’t be beaten, and I don’t rely on streaming services for my entertainment because one day the internet will crash for at least a year and when the world panics I’ll enjoy my movies how I always have.

  3. You bastard! You ruined Mulan selected in U.S. cinemas! It’s not good.

  4. Mary M West

    I wont pay 30.00 to see Mulan. I didn’t pay more then 10.00 for current movies where I live when the theater was open.

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