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Mulan Disney+


  1. C Rickards

    No, not for $30.

    1. EricJ

      That’s what we said about just about every OTHER “home premiere” movie Universal hoped to sell us since 1983, just that their Trolls movie happened to be new and trendy with the Lockdown.

      This was one of the movies that Disney had to put in theaters to make back their budget (pref. Chinese theaters), and someone’s got to pay the piper.
      Those waiting for Marvel’s Black Widow, prepare also for a shakedown.

    2. Matt

      Lol that’s silly. Go to the theater and you will be paying more than $30, if you are going with more than one person. Seems like a good deal to me.

    3. Emily

      Yeah but going to theaters would be more than $30

  2. rroe

    Another Disney ripoff to try to make up ground for all their closed parks. I pay now for Disney+ and refuse to give them a dime more. Disney is notorious for raising fees at will……let them suffer like the rest of us.

  3. Thomas

    When my local Cinema opens it would cost me £5 to go and watch it, and from the clips I’ve seen it needs the full Cinema experience to really immerse yourself in the movie. I have Disney+ but I’m not a fan of streaming, I like having a DVD which I can hold and watch and own forever, Disney+ it will be on until the database is full then they have to remove it for a year or so. And just like the current Covid thing, I fully expect in the future that the entire Online/Internet thing will crash for a long period of time, because people rely too much on it, and I will still have my Disney collection on DVD and watch everything while people panic thinking OMG I can’t get Disney+ or Netflix how can I watch something now! They should still release it to Cinemas even if they do an online rental thing too, this is Disney after all, they might as well maximise on box office receipts too.

  4. Faithful Friend

    That price ($30) is too high for a movie you can’t even own! Typically, DVDs are more affordable and you can watch them regardless of internet access.

  5. Suzan Phipps

    I am alone so $30 to watch something would be too much for me.

  6. SG

    $30, no way! My husband and I would go to the movies on half priced Tuesdays $6 a ticket. Movie popcorn at Publix ~$3. So $30, no way. As it is now we watch Disney+ & Netflix. We don’t need to rent movies. This is a test and rip off.
    And when I heard there’s no original music and no Mushu that made my mind up – that ruined it for me and I love the idea of live action.

  7. Jo A Steele

    Highly likely, prefer to enjoy in the comfort and safety and be free from cellphones, people talking, children who are fidgety and the smell of foods permiating the air.

  8. Ken

    LOL, ripoff… I dont know about that… If you had a family, this would be an amazing deal than paying for normal priced tickets for everyone (yes, I get that places like AMC had like $5 tuesdays, but most people see movies opening weekend, where you would pay full price).

    And if you want Disney to make money back on the movie, how would you suggest them release it? I think $30 is very fair, considering that you get to watch it as many times as you want on the app. Trolls 2 had a rental cost of $20, and you only had the rental for like 48 hours…

  9. Annie

    This one film is the cost of multiple months of streaming, and, as another commenter noted, this live action version has no music, no Mushu (and what of the other comic characters we loved?) I sympathize with Disney’s predicament, but their audience is also having money crunches. I think their pricing is tone deaf.

  10. Van

    Will be purchasing it since we have an awesome
    Tv and sound system plus can pause when we want. Looks like it may not be a 24 hour rental fee but will stay in your library for some time. Not a bad deal if you plan to watch more than once

  11. Patricia

    I’m a senior and a widow, so that price is just not worth it for me. I’d pay that if they were sending me the DVD, but not just a rental on top of what I’m already paying.

  12. Rebecca Hindle

    No it isn’t where I live it’s 4.99 per person 6 people could watch mulan for 29.99 infact of you add the monthly fee on top 7 people could watch it for 29.99 rip off

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