Comments for ‘Moana’ Themed Rooms Coming to Disney Resort!


Credit: Moana


  1. EricJ

    Between this and the planned Water exhibit at Epcot, sounds like they’re planning to do a Princess Tiana on Moana, and “force” it back into exposure at the parks, so that the audience remembers it.
    Beyond the character, the movie hasn’t had a great deal of shelf-life.

  2. Paul

    Mixed feelings on this. Does everything have to be themed on some movie IP? The Polynesian is awesome with its current theming.

    As I read from someone else not too long ago, what happened to letting the Imagineers just create new concepts – like Pirates of the Caribbean, or Haunted Mansion. The movies came *after* those highly successful attractions.

    What’s next, re-theming Contemporary Resort to The Incredibles? (wait – actually, that sounds kinda cool. Don’t tell Disney)

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