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Magic Kingdom Returning to Normal


  1. Kim Strickland

    First, great article. I, too, come from a place of optimism.
    I wholeheartedly agree with opening everything back up. With everything open, dining plans should be able to return. I buy the dining plan not so much for cost saving, but to have the ease of prepaying, utilizing the magic band to pay, and not having to feel guilty and obsess about food prices while in park.
    My biggest complaint is lack of FAST PASSES! Bring those back. Wait times are climbing overall in excess of previous year at the same time from mid-October on. Example the 3rd Saturday in October saw overall increased wait times over the same Saturday in Octiber 2019. Their current system is not sustainable. Bring back fast passes and run rides at normal capacity. Keep the social distance markers throughout ride lines. If airlines can return to filling all seats, so can Disney! Just like the airlines, Disney has also adopted a total mask policy (everyone age 2 and up are required to wear a mask- no exeptions). So, stop running the rides at 30-50 percent capacity!
    Additionally, social distancing on the buses simply cant be done (6ft between every party). Reliance needs to be on facemasks, extra cleaning of high touch areas, and hand sanitizer available at the entry/exit doors. On the disney buses, even sitting across from someone isnt 6 ft. Allow people back on the buses.
    Bring back the parades. Perhaps increase the parade route so that people dont have to congregate in certain areas to see the parade.
    Open all restuarants and all attractions. Even meet and greets can be opened! Place the princesses in a beautiful scene. Allow kids to be places a little over 6 feet in front of the princess scene (install a bar with plexiglass at the bottom part). Parents may take pics.
    Covid policies will be with us for some time to come. Through the magic of innovation, we can continue to experience the magic at Disney World we have grown to love!

  2. Meyder Suarez

    My last experience at Disney world this year was awful….I’m not going back until all this covid fake thing happens….there were to much exagereded restrictions….hey i don’t get it if our Florida governor shutdown all restrictions why u guys are keeping it…….my son of 4 years old doesn’t wanted to wear the freaking mask because it’s hard to breathe and we all know that…and they were so rude!!!!…i swear if it doesn’t couse i paid a spensive tickets entrance….!!!!believe me….this people were annoying all the time remaining u about the face mask covering ur entire face…..horrible!!!!

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