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the little einsteins

Credit: Disney


  1. My wish came true.

  2. EricJ

    Okay, where should we start with this?:
    1) Disney doesn’t do LA remakes because fans “wanted” them (they’re Disney’s entry in the “House franchise trademark” competition between cutthroat 10’s studios, ie. pretty much the same reason Paramount did the Dora movie),
    2) The property is owned by the producer of the Baby Einstein videos, and they’d decide whether the brand needed to be revived or not,
    3) When will we STOP getting news stories that some fan created a looney-neato fanboy petition on Change.Org, where nobody ever notices?
    4) “When I get a job with Disney, I’M going to make this!”…Your witness, folks.
    5) But for the fact that someone else had posted the idea, shouldn’t this be another blue-sky “Op-Ed” armchair-Imagineering article?

  3. Mmluv

    The Little Einsteins was a great show but a live action remake of it (just like every other live action remake) would not be nearly as entertaining or as magical as the original.

  4. Sky neal Jr.

    Little Einsteins was a great shpw. Now a live action remake of it (just like every other live action remakes); that would be pretty cool.

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