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It’s not a Paradox, nor a pair o’ Dorks, it’s a slew of new Jungle Cruise merchandise! Sailing into World of Disney at both Downtown Disney and Disney Springs, this skipper-infused line is a cut above the rest. Tune into the tees, bags, accessories, and yes, even Christmas decorations available now! Hit it, Skip!

jungle cruise merchandise
Credit: ITM Bailee Abell

Jungle Cruise Merchandise & Apparel

Lead Jungle Cruise skippers from all over will want to don this men’s cut tee in skipper khaki. The “World Famous Jungle Cruise departing daily only in Adventureland” poster shirt depicts a Skipper telling some great jokes to a Hippo who’s having a lot of “pun” in the Jungle on the backside… of shirt. The front has a side chest Jungle Cruise logo and costs $36.99.

Jungle Cruise Pun shirt
Credit: ITM Bailee Abell

In a slimmer cut, this shaped ringer tee features a lady skipper hawking the 8th wonder of the world… the BACKSIDE OF WATER! (You’re not allowed to just say it! You’ve got to declare it!) Also available on shopDisney, the ringer shirt goes for an adult price of $36.99.

backside of water ladies shirt
Credit: ITM Bailee Abell

In a short-sleeve baseball style, this raglan top is a straight cut and has a logo touting “65 years” of the Jungle Cruise shirt is a slim price of $29.99. The logo shows a Jungle Cruise skipper sailing around a spraying elephant, a trash-the-camp gorilla, sleek tiger, and a dead-tired zebra.

jungle cruise mens shirt
Credit: ITM Bailee Abell

This “little squirt” tee is for kiddos, and is also available from shopDisney. You, too, can share the elephants in their trunks with friends and family while you recite all the script puns for this show scene. The heathered peach tee is $24.99.

jungle cruise kids shirt
Credit: ITM Bailee Abell

This second Junior Skipper option has a blue base and depicts the “Field Guide Checklist” of sights to see while aboard the Jungle Cruise. Can you check them all off your list?

jungle cruise kid shirt
Credit: ITM Bailee Abell

Jungle Cruise Accessories and Home Goods

If backpacking Cast Skippers are your spirit animal, then you’re set up for success with the Jungle Cruise Skipper knapsack. This double buckle backpack features tiki masks on either side pocket and has a light maroon-ed (see what I did there?)¬† liner with palm fronds. You’ll be ready to captain the ship with this pack for just under $50.

jungle cruise skipper backpack
Credit: ITM Bailee Abell

New Jungle Cruise home goods abound this season, with a full set of Christmas ornaments to decorate your palms. The five ornament set includes icons from the ride such as the Jungle Cruise sign, the bathing elephant, the temple tiger, and a few explorers hiking the rhino pole. This set can be yours for under $40.

jungel cruise ornaments and water bottle
Credit: ITM Bailee Abell

The bottom shelf in the above photo shows a very cool merchandise addition of the BACKSIDE OF WATER BOTTLE. A clear bottle with a screw-on plastic top, the bottle features the same cartoon-like characters you can find on this entire Jungle Cruise merchandise collection. The far side of the bottle has the waterfall on it, so you’ll be drinking in all that backward goodness. Stay hydrated in punny style for $19.99.

Next up in the Jungle Cruise merchandise home goods department, we’ve got a VERY COOL cookie jar that looks like a Jungle Cruise ride vehicle. Featuring a Skipper, all the tiny details of the boats make it onto the side of this treat jar. Sadly, the boat has no name (which would have been fun!) but it will keep your cookies fresh with the gasket-ed lid. Cost is $55.

jungle cruise cookie jar
Credit: ITM Bailee Abell

For other Jungle Cruise aficionados, we’ve got the Complete Guide to the Jungle Cruise as well as a hot discussion on the reimagining of the attraction due to the upcoming movie of the same name. The film should release in late 2021 to theaters everywhere.

Which of these Jungle Cruise items are you collecting? We’ve got a few on our list! Leave us a comment below!

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