Comments for Josh D’Amaro Confirms Which EPCOT Projects are Moving Forward

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Credit: Josh D'Amaro via Instagram


  1. lydia

    ok but those were the only projects going forward must be open before/on 50th or am i missing something everything else even cast knew wasnt getting done before 2022! Even here it was announced 2022 for everything else they have time i rather not see them rush like universal!

  2. Darth Notices

    So when are we finally going to get our Israel and Equatorial Africa pavilions we’ve been promised since 1982?!

    1. EricJ

      We had Israel, in that little “audition” pavilion during the Millennium celebration.
      Like Scotland, it, um…didn’t go over with the crowds.

  3. Paul

    I think the title of this article should be, “Comments for Josh D’Amaro Don’t Really Confirm Much Of Anything We Didn’t Already Know About Which EPCOT Projects are Moving Forward”.

    You say in your article, “…but does it also indicate that it’s not yet known when all of the other projects previously slated for EPCOT’s overhaul will be progressing?”

    Really ITM? I know you need us to click on your links so you can get your advertising views, but this is pretty tacky.

    1. Ben

      Thank you Paul, you beat me to it. My thoughts exactly. I’m tired of fluffy pieces on ITM that really don’t give much “news,” and definitely seem to just be there for clicks.

      1. mark

        oh wow people whom actually think a fansite is going to be news worthy … keep drinking the koolaid!

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