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the last jedi


  1. Kelvington

    Mark Hamill was crying on set because of the things they were doing to his character. So I’m going to say… YES! It’s bad, so very, very bad!

    1. Ryan

      Yet this is what George was gonna do

      1. Daniel Dabrowski

        GL was going to have Luke struggling with himself, but turning into a cowardly sniveling quitter was NOT going to be a part of that struggle…no I cant guarantee that just like you cant guarantee your speculation…but I’m very confident he wouldnt have done any of that to Luke. You dont have to destroy a legacy character and have him swing wildly outside his preestablished traits just to show hes slipped or is having an inner fight.

  2. Darth Critic

    1) How about where a Star Wars movie starts with a Yo Mama joke?
    2) First line of opening crawl: The First Order Rules! How? They took over the ENTIRE galaxy in a day? after the last movie ended with their huge scary Starkiller base blowing up. Gee, that’s impressive. Imagine if Hux weren’t such a total idiot that a Yo Mama joke cost him the biggest baddest ship in the fleet.
    3) Thank goodness Poe knew Maz Kanata too somehow or else she wouldn’t have shown up just to tell them to find A GUY with a PIN at a casino. Who they never found. But found somebody with the SAME skill set in a jail. Lucky!
    4) Yay for Rose and Finn (unlike all the other Resistance fighters) could just leave (and come back) whenever they wanted. Too bad they didn’t put any of those other escape pods with hyperspace to good use.
    5) Why did Kylo start calling the Resistance by the name “The Rebels” halfway through the movie? It’s almost like somebody wrote it in a script that way and nobody noticed.
    6) Awesome! Dead Yoda can suddenly conjure up lightning and beat old Luke with a ghost stick! That’d be so helpful if… um, gee, what can’t an indestructible ghost NOT do? Oh right, be helpful.
    7) Why wasn’t an entire paragraph devoted to the strategic planning of Admiral Purple Hair? You know, the one who berated most of the crew until they mutinied against her, when all she had to do was call a staff meeting and explain what she was doing.
    8) Oh neat! Finn learned how to pilot a spaceship while in a coma!
    9) Luke needed Rey to explain to him what Chewie just said. Thank goodness she was there! Who wouldn’t do the same? Y’know, pay attention to the girl you’ve never met rather than listen to the person you’ve known for almost your entire life.
    10) A fleet of star destroyers can’t catch three ships that they can SEE from their front window? Makes sense.
    11) Those red guards protecting Snoke sure put up a good fight AFTER he was dead. Wonder what their job security would look like if they HAD defeated Kylo Ren. Maybe instead of fighting the new guy in charge, maybe they should’ve been like, “Well, I guess you’re the new guy in charge! Want us to kill her for you?”
    12) Captain Phasma!!!!! Wooooo-YEAH!!!!!!! Back FROM the dead and back TO the dead in 6 minutes flat.
    13) Still no mention on the passing of Willford Brimley on ITM, and he WAS in Star Wars a long, long time ago…

    Yup, Last Jedi… it’s a movie (insert adjective here)!

    1. Kelvington

      Exactly! All of this comment is 100% correct! ALL OF THIS! Thank you for taking the time to spell it out. Very well done! (Tips Hat)

      1. Ryan

        All he said was nothing important thirteen times

    2. Ryan

      1. It’s fine. Lucas did similar enough

      2. Nobody asked how? about ESB.

      3. Hacking isn’t rare in the SW universe eso a shady casino lol

      4. In the film

      5. The Resistance are the rebels. Duh.

      6. Nitpick

      7. Literally in the film

      8. Even neater? Anybody can pilot a ship in SW with no experience. Thanks George in tpm and anh.

      9. Rey is established as speaking Wookiee. Luke is established as not. You’re a real genius, huh?

      10. Literally explained in the film

      11. Nitpicking

      12. Like Boba Fett

      13. Yup literally nothing to do with TLJ

      So you literally had zero issues. It’s just that you don’t understand the Saga. Thanks for letting me clarify your word salad.

      1. Darth Critic

        1) Say what you want about humor in previous films. This film was riddled with Marvel-style “Yo mama” humor that doesn’t flow with what was previously established. If it made you laugh, great. Some made me laugh, but it wasn’t a fit for SW.
        2) In ESB, the Emperor, even though the Death Star blew up, ALREADY controlled the galaxy. We can assume he had a massive army and the Death Star was the icing on the cake. What did the First Order have?! We don’t know. But somehow it took over the whole galaxy in a few days because TFA establishes that they were a rising power, not an already dominant one.
        3) Alright, whatever. If your argument is that hacking is SO common that you can find a top-level dude in a jail, you mean to say the Resistance doesn’t have one high-level hacker, that they have to go one a mission across the universe for SOME guy?
        4) Rose was guarding the escape pods so that nobody would abandon ship, therefore, let’s assume very few abandoned ship before she showed up to work. It would have been super smart of our heroes if all their ships and escape pods hyperspace in 10 different directions. Can’t catch ’em all!
        5) No, the Rebels were rebelling against the Emperor. After ROTJ, a new republic meant no need for Rebels. Leia called her group the Resistance, and nobody in TFA refers to them as Rebels, but somehow half-way through this movie, they get a new name. It’s just sloppy writing.
        6) Ok, agreement, goofy Force Yoda can suddenly do things we’ve never seen a ghost do before, which is fine, but sure raised a lot of questions about what ghosts can and can’t do. Most of which, is again, played for a joke.
        7) Sure, Purple hair talked to everybody in generalities, but never explained “We’re going to a planet that has a base where we can re-establish as per Leia’s wishes.” She didn’t tell Poe, or Billie Lorde, or others, obviously, because they wouldn’t be asking her, “What are we doing?” over and over. And likely, had she said this, there would’ve been no disruptive mutiny. You might think that’s good leadership, but generally it’s not.
        8) Major plot point in TFA was that Finn could NOT pilot a ship. PLOT POINT! It’s why Poe escapes. It’s why he was hitching a ride later. But, in TLJ, he wakes from a coma, literally days after the last move ended and can suddenly fly ships. Again, seems sloppy.
        9) Maybe it’s in a book somewhere that Rey speaks Wookie, but where is it established in the films? And how? She’s a junk-rat from a desolate planet. And it’s not a big stretch to think that Luke, after a whole lifetime of being with Chewie, might have picked up a few words from one of his best friends.
        10) Yes, explained. Poor explanation. And it’s easy to think of ten different ways they could’ve caught them. Like, an obvious one: tie fighters1 It is established in this movie that they CAN catch them. But suddenly, the First Order cares about it’s Tie Fighter pilots and recalls them because they can’t protect them? Gee, I can think of about 7,000 tie pilots who are right now going, gee, wished they cared about me a bit earlier.
        11) Who were those guards protecting AFTER Snoke was dead? Who did they work for after Snoke was dead? I assume it’s a “The King is dead; Long Live the King” for them, and they’d be working for Kylo. And if we assume Kyle is just “protecting” Rey, then he could have said, “Stop! She’s mine now.” It just didn’t make sense other than a cool fight scene.
        12) Fine, like Boba, which everybody agrees could’ve done more and been killed cooler. That said, is THAT what you want to imitate, Rian?
        13) I know! Poor Guy. Still no mention on ITM.

        This was fun. Play again sometime.

  3. Ken

    If you have to ask the question your in the wrong field. YES its bad I have over 8000 movies at home and its the only 0 Star one in the lot. he took a character Luke Skywalker who took on the greatest evil in the galaxy and says Yeah I can turn one back to the light and beat the others.Johnson has him crying in his beer and after seeimg his nephew go to the darkside he does not try to save him no he runs away from everything and lets his nephew loose on the galaxy. When I saw Looper is was glad they selected him as director. whow knew he was a one horse pony director and would be such a poor director.

    1. Ryan

      Crying in his beer was Luke’s plan though. TLJ Luke is the culmination of the character of you remain true to him. If things are difficult he runs.

      But eh you’re dumb if you think tlj is a zero star and your opinion is invalidated by such an absurd statement.

  4. EricJ

    I remember summing it up to a friend this way:
    Imagine if Rian Johnson had, as a screenwriting experiment, decided to use “the Batman/Two-Face approach” to writing the screenplay–Make it up as he went along, and at every point where a character had to make a decision, FLIPPED A COIN as to whether the character would do the good thing, or suddenly betray and do the bad thing, with almost no other motivation whatsoever.

    And he flipped the living heck out of that coin for two and a half hours, to the point that I needed a scorecard to remember who was where, walking into “Rise of Skywalker”.
    Fortunately, JJ had the good sense to ignore it.

    1. Ryan

      Imagine watching RoS and thinking that standing by all of Rian’s choices except reclaiming the mask was somehow going against tlj even though the entire film reaffirms it lol

  5. Ryan

    You’re lying to yourself if you own 8000 did and think this is the only one. The proof is accusing Rian of one horse pony directing when his only bland film is Brothers Bloom and the others are all four or five stars.

    Much of what you’re crying about is things Dave Filoni knew George even planned for the franchise.

  6. John Mueller.

    Objectively the writing is bad, the structure is a mess, and the jokes are catastrophically unfunny. Also Luke is a hero from ancient mythology, it is objectively bad to make him real.

  7. Swarovsky

    Yes, it was very bad

  8. Red

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi injected a fresh energy into the series.

    Yes… by throwing out everything that makes Star Wars, Star Wars.

    Visually appealing I grant, but that lightspeed ramming scene, is part of the terrible goofiness you talked about, and is so horrifically terrible that it makes you wonder why they didn’t just hyperspeed into the 2 Death Stars.

    Takes a beloved character… And dumps a nonsensical jadedness on him that is never explained, and has no reason for being there other than to piss off fans.

    Finn and Rose were done dirty by the writing of this film, totally agree.

    All in all it was the film that killed the trilogy. Making it impossible for whatever came after to be any good. All because it decided to snip all potential plot threads.

  9. Drew

    I’m gonna say this as someone who is quite young and a representation of the younger audience.

    I’m gonna guess whoever wrote this was older. One thing I have noticed is that the older generation that hasn’t grown up with CGI and other visually impressive tools generally believes that this was a great movie.

    Because back then in about the 70s to the mid 80s movies were focused on the plot because the technology wasn’t there yet to be able to make extremely great visuals.

    So when Star Wars first came out it in 1977 it was a wow factor in visuals and slowly but surely movie producers generated a focus away from the plot and put their focus on visuals and making scenes that weren’t thought of before.

    Well continue to today and after about three decades of this focus there have been huge strides in technology and for someone like me who has grown up on it. Unlike generations before me visuals just aren’t enough anyone.

    As we get older we’re starting to see these big franchises continue on the same focus for visuals and it doesn’t impress us anymore.

    I know MCU añade success off of visuals but Superhero movies never have had complicated plots so the expectation was low for the plot lot for these movies.

    But even then I could hear a lot of people my age say that they aren’t into Superhero movies. I’m surely not.

    Now I love the old trilogy of Star Wars because the focus was still on the plot but Star Wars was that movie that started the shift in focus.

    But I think what we are going to see more and more is younger fans who are criticizing the plot or to focus on a good storyline aka Breaking Bad instead praise visuals and the focus is going to start to change and our generation will voice concerns with previous franchises.

    Because The Last Jedi didn’t have a good plot yes it was visually appealing but the plot was very bland. The characters weren’t very developed their powers weren’t defined. Their intentions were blurry and the plot was more geared toward storytelling instead of showing us. E.g. in the movie we see smoke say that he was behind the force interactions between Rey and Finn. This should have been foreshadowed earlier in the movie with the audience seeing him tinker with these interactions but instead we get snoke saying that he did so we are left with taking his word for it.

    Plot is going to be the focus again. Luke wasn’t made real. Yes we saw him struggle but we never saw how his character change We just saw his actions we never saw what changed him.

    The side plot with Finn it wasn’t made with a plot with purpose. You can’t even call it a subplot because if you just took the plot away it wouldn’t affect the main plot at all. So you have wasted air time to maybe explain the snoke force visions or luke changing character.

    In the end we’re left with what… great visuals…

    So is a good Star Wars movie:

    Star Wars: maybe

    In general movie terms: no…

    The plot just isn’t something that speaks art to me. The characters and the interactions between them are plain. The story isn’t unique.

    One myth I want to bust that this article mentioned is that the expectations for the writers from the fans are impossible to meet.

    No it’s quite clear what the fans/audience expect and isn’t impossible at all. In fact it’s been done before in the old Star Wars triology. They want a focus on a good plot. We’ll that seems like a mighty take now doesn’t it. So how?

    Harry Potter, Star Wars (5-6), Hunger Games, 13 reasons why, and twilight succeeded how? Two things are true but only one is needed to make a good plot. One thing is that they were all books at one point. But the second thing is passion it’s why the office was so good and why Star Wars the new(2015-2019) trilogy failed.

    It’s something that Disney won’t need to think about now necessarily but if they don’t think about it in the next decades then their gonna see more disappointed box offices like they did with solo.

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