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EPCOT aerial image

Credit: Jonathan Salazar (IG: @TheDisneyPilot)


  1. Paul

    Gorsh, Mr. Toro sure seems like a nice guy.

    Let’s all hope he has a zippity-doo-dah day.

  2. Terrible situation for all. Did security work and was trained to call for back up regarding any tense situation. Take 2 steps back and let customer voice his opinion while waiting for assistance.

  3. Barry Moss

    I’m sure that Mt. Toro, in additional to what ever criminal charges he faces, will also have a lifetime ban from Disney properties. Nice to know I’ll never see him on a future visit.

  4. Brad

    No Cast member should take physical or verbal abuse if you want to visit a Disney store or park follow the rules or don’t come.

  5. SG

    Well said. I remember reading a post from a cast member being both excited about getting back to work and also terrified that this would happen. What an awful role model. Glad CM pressed charges.

  6. prince charming

    Disney waited to take Mr. Toro and then after they had their$ they decided to confront him. Disney saw the condition of his mask and took his money and let him and his family in the park. Disney is such hypocrites!

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