Heavy Police Presence Spotted Outside Magic Kingdom Gate

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Numerous outlets are reporting a heavy police presence spotted just before 5 p.m. ET outside of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park.

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Although what exactly is occurring at the Disney World theme park remains unclear, numerous police vehicles and uniformed officers have been spotted just outside of one of Disney’s most famous parks.

It appears that a young person was being arrested for unknown reasons, although at this time we do not have more information to report. Note that at the time the police were spotted outside Magic Kingdom, their vehicles were pulled off the main road and traffic did not appear to be affected.

This is a developing story, so stay tuned to ITM for the latest news regarding the situation at Magic Kingdom as we receive updates.

Other Disney World Incidents

This is not the first time this year Orange County police have responded to a situation on Walt Disney World Resort property. In February, prior to the park’s temporary closure due to the coronavirus, a heavy police presence was spotted at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

Following the incident, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department explained what had happened on social media.

The Florida Sheriff’s Department wrote:

Deputies were at the Disney Beach Club Resort in reference to a suspicious person. Someone thought a man had a gun under a jacket. Deputies determined there was no threat. Guests at the resort are safe. We take all threats seriously and will always respond and investigate.

Furthermore, in April of this year, during the closure, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department arrested a man for camping on Disney’s Discovery Island. According to court records, he was later charged with ‘trespass on property other than structure or conveyance.’

discovery island
Credit: Discovery Island photo/Abandoned Florida

Most recently, there was a loud altercation among Disney World Guests on Tom Sawyer Island. Although it does not seem as though Orlando police officers or Orange County Sheriff deputies were called to the scene, the situation sounds like it could have resulted in charges, depending upon what exactly occurred.

At this time, however, no charges have been filed in connection with the Disney World incident.

What are your thoughts about the police at Magic Kingdom right now? Are you onsite at Disney World to see the situation?

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