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  1. rebel orange bird

    Make it a horror movie not another dumb comedy justice for the fans of millions signatures and petitions wide that believe all it is one giant horror movie lost at a theme park… though sadly then the pc police will want to change mansion! So maybe our stories are left better unsaid but issue is it needs to be done right… its bad enough last time i was there the lights were on so high it gave away the pepper ghosts and leotas strings and completely blured out little leotas face at the end like daylight!

    1. Tim

      First off I would like to say I am very excited to hear about a new Haunted Mansion movie but Disney needs to make this right like they should have the first time around. For one especially for fans of the attraction at both Disneyland and Disney World original cast members who worked for the company had made up very good storylines for many of the ghosts you see within the attraction. What I would like to see be done, would be to bring those stories to the big screen. Go into the storylines of Master Gracey how he was viewed by the cast members and even the original imagineers who created the ride and how he inherited the mansion and came into contact with Madame Leota and so on. There is a great deal of history within the walls of this amazing attraction. And definitely make it a bit more horror related vs cheesy comedy. We can atleast slap a bit more horror into the mix since this was officially one of Disney’s first dark rides.

  2. rebel orange bird

    ps. To my last message if it ever posts is if you dont like mansion is scary and is a horror movie your in a minority to the fans! Also this is a disney attraction thats been at the park way before mk became kiddie kingdom hell! And adults need some attraction there!

    1. Matt

      Wow, another disgruntled fan… Cool. Your PS post does not make much sense. I can’t tell what you are complaining about. The park attraction isn’t scary enough? That the magic kingdom is a kiddie kingdom hell? I don’t get it, but sounds like you have lots of feelings that you need to express online.

      1. Davis

        everyone calls it kiddie kingdom hell where have you been! Esp cms! Haunted mansion is that dark N i agree w rebel the lights have been on too long! Give adults their rides mk isnt just for kids!

  3. Darth Ideas

    First, it is impossible to improve on the Eddie Murphy version in any way. That man is a genius.

    Second, if they MUST re-do the movie, it should focus entirely on the ghost host committing suicide. Suicide should be the main theme as later we find out all the other ghosts in the house committed suicide too.

    This would dilute the impact of the body hanging from the rafters on the ride. Petition problem = solved!

    1. janie

      Petition is horror movie not another dumb comedy are you ridiculous???? Eddie murphy is a drunk drugged out fool! And was never funny! And to think i thought you were funny and had good ideas you killed it here! Are you a fan?

  4. Nick

    The model should be “Poltergeist.” Scary as h*ck, but not in a slasher-flick kind of way; you feel the warmth the whole way through what is at its core a haunted-house story, with some light comedy in the right places to keep it family-friendly-ish.

    And, hey, look: franchise!

    1. Ghost nation

      most of the real stories from the mansion are scarier then that movie!

  5. Beth

    Any thing Disney does is incredible but I do like the idea of making it more like Pirates of the Caribbean and giving the viewers the back ground story on all the other ghost. More of a real movie with suspense and thrill with less silly comedy. I didn’t like the original for younger viewers but it could be re-made for older viewers.

    1. Rosie

      That movie to fans should have never happened its not a comedy nor is pirates! Thats not even just stories or an image in fans heads its the stories walt and wdi put there!

  6. Think before you post

    all those whom say too many passionate fans making mountains we got robbed out of a proper movie! And also we are a huge majority of people whom love mansion and visit mk just for mansion and all the vintage attractions! You do not like it thats fine but do not negative our passion yes its a ride but so many rides have their days in the sun and go one more bombed movie we might get disney thinking mansion isnt worth it! Heck we are already have lack of merch etc lets not have gone attraction want to see folks leave disney just ask the save horizons gen or save gmr etc what happens next!?

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